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  1. Technically, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the signing of an object, such as a baseball or a wooden log (yuck yuck), didn't constitute a cache. The idea being that the log has to be contained within a larger container. So the toilet seats would work, if they were kept in a large container. An outhouse would be appropriately large enough, I would think.
  2. Mosquito netting. We take our daughters (2.5 years old and a 5 mo old) everywhere caching, but it can get rough sometimes to go out due to mosquitoes. We spend our time worrying they're getting bitten by mosquitoes since they don't know how to brush them off. If it's too buggy, we don't try. They make netting that can go over strollers. We're trying to find netting that can go over a baby bjorn or a carrier backpack.
  3. Other cache listing sites still allow moving caches if that's what you're interested in. Aside from TB shirts, as others have mentioned, Groundspeak also offers TBs that can attach to film cans, so you can stick a log into that, if you're interested in having people sign a physical log.
  4. Is the container in the upper image made of glass? If so, the guidelines warn against using glass containers. They can break or shatter in the wild, leaving glass shards at GZ. Just so you know.
  5. We have several that use that container and have had no problems. We've found some where the plastic hinges had worn out and snapped, but as long as the hiders replace the cap, they should be fine. Ditto on the scouts thing.
  6. No formal geology education. Used to collect rocks as a kid and love geology and the outdoors as an adult. For preparation for my ECs, I work at an academic science and engineering library that houses an extensive collection of GSA, USGS, and Minnesota Geological Society materials. I like to do research, so researching geology topics is a kick for me and easy access to quality information helps!
  7. I agree with this. This probably sounds stupid, but one of geocaching's initial appeal to me was that it was like a real-life video game. In games like Grand Theft Auto, you can do side missions where you go around a city or the country-side looking for certain things to collect. I'd print out maps of their locations, go to that spot in the city... and look for it. That aspect of the game appealed to my goal-oriented personality. Geocaching is better cause its real.
  8. There is no limitation on the Earthcache submittal guidelines. http://www.geosociety.org/earthcache/guidelines.htm You can also create Waymarks while on vacation.
  9. I think someone in the "getting started" forum was just asking about how to not get noticed searching for caches. Maybe we should post this thread in there. I think traumatizing newbies and scaring them off the forums is bad for your karma Pic is no worse than Nudecacher.
  10. On a related note: ... we considered moving out to a suburb for its low saturation (more hidey places!).
  11. Navicaching allows you to see who's watching your caches. Neat feature, but pretty anti-climatic. The suspense is over and then you ask, so what?
  12. You mean like this? That's hilarious. It's wish-fulfillment exacted on all obnoxious people.
  13. On Terracaching, locationless caches "count" differently than physical caches. They're weighted differently.
  14. Thank you for calling it disc golf and not frisbee golf, or frolf. I love disc golf. IMO, more fun and cheaper than "ball golf."
  15. Try here: http://www.geocaching.com/resources/default.aspx Or: http://support.Groundspeak.com/ These would be better resources that the blog. Good luck!
  16. The SA around here doesn't pick up. BTW, we own a Colorado too. We like it.
  17. If you like that one, check out this one: GC223VA That looks cool. I'm surprised no one has found this one yet. In my area, folks would go to the ends of the earth to find the necessary TBs.
  18. I'd like to add, as a librarian, it's getting more common for libraries to either throw out or recycle unwanted books. A lot of people donate old books they don't want to their local library, who may not want them. In days of yore, when budgets were better, libraries would take the time to sort them, evaluate them, decide if they'd like them for their collections, hold book sales, and take part of book donation programs where they ship the unwanted books to libraries that do want them, some of them on the other side of the globe. But due to recent budget issues, these activities are seen as "cost prohibitive" and not worth the time or man-hours to deal with. As a lover of books, I hate those policies. But a lot of books are out of date, the original owners didn't want them so how good are they? Or you can hold a book sale, but what if some books don't get sold? It seems stupid, but trust me, librarians are not the folks who are all about tossing out books or hold book burnings.
  19. One of the best puzzle caches we've done was similar to this idea. Dr. StrangeCache GC1A6EW, which was recently archived, which is a real shame, required finding three different TBs. Each contained parts of the coordinates and had a key. So you needed all three to find the cache and open it (there were three padlocks). The best part, the puzzle cache page and the TB pages don't mention the connection. I searched the entire script to the movie trying to solve the puzzle and was going no where, when we found one of the TBs in a different puzzle final. The TBs' initials provided the a-ha moment. I cannot describe how exciting it was to make that discovery. We quickly hunted down the second TB, but the third was being held by another cacher. We had to network and work out a time to get the final together, which was a common strategy for that cache. A very fun, a very imaginative cache, I can't wait to find another like it.
  20. I thought spraying it with shoe water resistance spray would do the trick, but I guess grubs are grubs and don't care if their food tastes a little chemically.
  21. I have a similar set up and just like yours the local wildlife tore that bird up. I made one that looked like a dead bird on the ground, using real pheasant wings assembled around a bison tube. I coated it with shoe polish, thinking that would prevent critters from chewing on it. The camo worked great, but grubs started to eat the feathers. I guess using real feathers won't last in the wild.
  22. I had a cache migrate over a hundred feet! I caught on that something was up when cachers logged complaining that the coords were way off. Using new coords provided by cachers, I was able to find it in a tree some ways off. The log book was signed by three young kids who said they found it by accident. My guess is that they found it, didn't know what to do and moved it. At least they signed the log!
  23. Well, what Toz was describing would mean that geocaching would be part of something else. Wouldn't the parent site (Waymarking) have to house the geocaching category?
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