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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I used to have an excel spreadsheet with every puzzle cache with coords, notes and all the goodies, but lost my hard drive. Haven't had the time to rebuild so was using the notes...have no back up for them. As I didn't notice when they went missing, I can't give Groundspeak any idea of when they went missing. I'm still really sore about it, and that is why I hadn't been back yet. 27 days until I leave on my first trip of the summer...some of the puzzles I had solved are eluding me now...all the pressure has my mind blocking the bits I need to remember. Oh well, it really is just a geocache....Q@#$%^$ @#$%$%^&$ &%$%^@@$%# Sarah - not as sad of a Houlagan.
  2. I'm about ready to throw a tantrum like a two year old. I spent all winter working on local puzzles and putting my solved coordinates in the personal cache note area on the cache page. Thought it was a great idea and passed it along to friends as well. Spring has finally sprung and I decided to put a bunch of solved puzzles into the GPS...... Gone!!!! All Gone!!!!! All my notes and coordinates!!!!!!! Back to square one I guess....sigh. Thanks for letting me vent. Sarah - a sad Houlagan.
  3. Saskatchewan souvenir is out..... Snow covered mountains?? Seriously?? Apparently it doesn't have to represent the province geographically. I am somewhat disappointed. Sarah of Houlagans
  4. We're in!! It might pay to post the link to this thread in a note on the cache page, though. Most people don't know the forums exist! Thanks for taking this on El Fudgeeo!! It will be nice for Sask_Girl and Novy to get a chance to enjoy the game!
  5. Whatever day you pick I'll be there!! What a fabulous idea!! I like either option, but as it is winter, and dark early, out of town folk may not want to travel in on a Friday night. That said, our Shortest day of the year event last year was attended by cachers from 100+ kms away... not exactly an opinion, I know... Let me know if I can help out!! Sarah of Houlagans
  6. Well the 60CS is called Gyps because with her wonky compass and slow to find sattelites system we get gypped when group caching as we are far behind the rest with the new toys, but we love the old girl anyway. The Colorado my hubby has is called "stupid thing" by me, as I don't cotton to the newfangled gadgets too well LMAO. That may change in a few weeks when I buy my 62 CS. Our Nuvi in the car is called "naggie" because she nags us to turn where we don't want to turn. Many choruses of "shut up Naggie!" ring out when we are caching! Yeah, we're a little off our rockers, but that's ok! Sarah of Houlagans(SNSGK), formerly SNSGKrieger (I'm not a fan of that change either...LMAO)
  7. My plan with future letterbox hybrids is to drill a hole through the wooden block of my stamp and attach it to the container. I hope this will prevent my stamps from walking off. Just a thought.
  8. Does anyone knwo of a good site that translates cahing pages? I'd love to know what that page says!
  9. Miss Jenn, Does this mean that I should write Magellan and ask for a prize donation? If so is this only applicable for events held on April 28th? We are hosting our event on May 1 to ensure the snow is all gone and the ground is a little drier. Please advise. Sarah of SNSGKrieger
  10. Merry Christmas to our local reviewer onecrazycanadian!! Thanks for all you do for Saskatchewan and Manitoba and also a shout out and thank you to Cache Chameleon who fills in when needed here in Saskatchewan! You both do great work!! May you and yours have a most joyous holiday season!! Sarah, Steve and Nick (and the 4 footed George and Lex too)
  11. Uh oh! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything....If I go missing, please check all nearby ammo cans for my pieces. I guess I'll be my own signature item!
  12. After reading this thread this morning, I thought I'd have a look when I was at our local Wal-Mart and I found that the 18 piece Starfrit lock-n-lock sets that had been previously selling for $19.99 are now on the clearance pile at $9.99. As well, most of the other plastic containers that usually line the shelves in the storage department were gone as well. So I bought 4 boxes of lock-n-locks. LOL I'm good for a while now. Add those to my pile of ammo cans and I should be able to hide for a while yet. I checked out the rubbermaid lock style containers while I was there, and I think that they wouldn't last nearly as long as the lock-n-lock style, so I passed on those ones. I then checked our local Dollarama and Giant Tiger stores for the lock-n-lock knock-offs. They were sadly lacking in those containers. It is a giant plasticware conspiracy to end geocaching, I tell ya!! Sarah, of SNSGKrieger
  13. Just curious...is that a squished toonie?? Very neat signature item!!
  14. This is my favorite thread that I have read so far. Just wanted the OP to know that I have been inspired to do a better job with my logs. I had assumed that it was normal to write short to the point logs, and I actually had edited myself quite harshly when we started caching, as I have always been somewhat wordy. Now I write what I want and I thank you for that.
  15. We have just ordered a self inking stamp in order to do the local letterbox hybrids and plan to use it to sign our geocaching logs as well. As we usually write quite long logs for anything other than a micro it will be a part of our log but not the extent of it. Just our 2 Canadian cents!
  16. But you didn't find it, so why not log it that way? If you go back another day and find it make a new log that says you did. I've done some pretty long multis that I've had to go back to finish on another day because there were so many stages. It doesn't make sense to say that I didn't find the cache when I'm still working it. The FAQ makes it very clear that they used to alert cache owners for potential issues. Why send out false alerts? Ah! Multicaches are a different story. If you go to the final and search and search and eventually quit the attempt, that is a DNF. If you are running out of time and complete say 3 out of 5 legs and plan to finish the 4th and 5th leg, then you'd wait to log either Found it or DNF depending on the end result. That is how we do it. There is a local cache for us that we have stopped at 5 times in the last 4 weeks. Just can't find it, and our logs show that. I have been offered a few hints, and think that we may just be able to find it this next try. It will be great to finally find that one. I think the DNF's are making it even more fun!
  17. In my house, we post any cache we attempt, be it found, or not. If I make an attempt at a cache I log it. I wish more people were no DNF phobic as well. But to each their own, and all that jazz. Just wanted to chime in with a "I agree with you" post.
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