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  1. I'm having the same problem. When I click on the link while using my laptop to go to Lists I get just a blank page, no matter how I try to get there. If I do the same task using my iPhone in safari the List page loads fine.
  2. I'm having the same issue here. I use Chrome on my laptop but I have never had this problem before. It was working fine this morning when I was looking at the map before going caching. I come back, it's still working fine but then suddenly stops. All I have is the grabby hand, no pointer finger. It works to zoom in and out and to move the map around but I am not able to select a cache and get the little bubble window to open up to see the quick view. Just a little frustrating so I hope things get fixed.
  3. I'm dissaponted, but just a little. I get the newsletter and tips, but not the blog. Didn't get this one. But... First day, and know what it is (haven't seen it yet), what's needed, and just looking for the timeframe to solve it (again) without the email anyway. Folks can't get over themselves in conversation I guess. I've gotten over it. I know what is needed to be done now too without having to do the work in finding out. I really shouldn't be surprised that the system is not working for everyone that it should work for. I've moved on.
  4. Not that you're really giving away anything but how about for this one we respect the intentions of Groundspeak and refrain from posting details and spoilers for everyone to see? The initial message for each souvenir is only sent to premium members as a benefit of being a premium member. Basic members and everyone else will get the "solution" to the puzzle on the day the souvenir becomes available. This would be a reasonable point if Groundspeak had actually put some effort into getting these e-mails delivered correctly. I'm a premium member and NEVER got the e-mail for the first weekend, and haven't yet gotten the e-mail for the second weekend either (and yes, I checked my spam filter). I know a number of other premium members who also never got the e-mail. I haven't gotten an email yet either... all required checks have been checked. I get the blog and other emails from them so it makes no sense that this one doesn't come through. Very disappointing.
  5. There is a group of us going over to the island on Saturday, June 7. We have a few seats to be filled if anyone is interested in joining us. We will be using a charter so the cost per seat will be divided between us. Let me know asap if you are interested. Brenda
  6. Creating a new route does not work either. I have been trying this afternoon with no success. All I can do on the map is magnify it with the "grabby hand". It is unfortunate that this option is no longer available. It will make for a very difficult trip planning
  7. Routes are not working for me today either. I can't create a new one and cannot edit an old one. I cannot click on the map... all it does is magnify. The "hand" is there instead of an arrow.
  8. GHAGAFAP in Guelph, Ontario has had 10 years this past September. Year 11 planning has started as far as I know.
  9. There is nothing different to logging vehicle travel bugs. One thing I find often is that I write down the number/letters incorrectly or I can't read my writing My 2's look like Z's or viceversa often. Something to check is if there was a 0 or an O which would make a difference. Or how about a 1, l or I. Besides that maybe you are right, maybe they have not activated it I remember the first and only time I have seen a vehicle travel bug while driving down the highway. It was pretty cool and logged it right away... no worries, my husband was driving our car
  10. This is from one of my caches from back in August 2009. It was on my first cache hide which is now archived because an animal kept stealing it and I got tired of replacing it Even though it is from so long ago, it is still one of my favourites. It makes up for all the "TFTC" only logs. Headed down after soccer to find this cache and found more than we bargained for! After we parked the car, a bunch of fire trucks came down the road behind us and firemen started climbing out and suiting up with harnesses! It turns out they were doing practice rescues by throwing a dummy off the cliffs and "saving" it! What a thrill for the boys! Their mouths dropped open and they were just amazed! We were pretty impressed with the organization and skill of these men...it's great to know that they are so dedicated and proficient in what they do! Thanks to the Union Station firefighters and all firefighters! We had a good laugh at the expense of two muggles...they were cooking on a tiny bbq when the firemen came down the path toward them...to say they were shocked is an understatement! They left as quickly as they could! I snuck off to grab the cache as everyone else was occupied. The cache is pretty wet...tried cleaning it out a little, but ran out of Kleenex! Thanks for bringing us here brendah...what a great experience! TNLNSL! **note... I did go that weekend to fix up the wet container issue. I also met the family at an event after that and was honoured to hear the story in person too. I loved it!
  11. A gel pen... they write well on wet log books!
  12. I do like this one! This cache hide is very popular but it can still tricky at times, if done properly. Be careful with doing this kind of cache hide though... it appears from the picture that a hole would've had to been made in the post to put the bison tube end of the bolt into. If this is the way that this was done then it is violating a Groundspeak rule of altering private property. This post, depending on where it is, would be private property. If it is on a crash barrier (which it does look like), one of many posts around a park's driveway and parking, or any other examples like that then the cache would be in violation and should end up being archived due to that.
  13. It should not be assumed that no one person or group is working on the "entity" issue. There may be some one or group trying to and is just not saying publicly that they are. It will take more than a meeting or a letter to get this "entity" to welcome geocachers as a whole. Also, just because our tax dollars go toward an entity, does not give us the right to use the entity for our sport or activity. Jeep drivers pay tax dollars too but do we want them ripping up the trails with their mud tires and ruining the beauty of the hiking trail? Of course not, but it would be the same arguement for those folks or any other activity. We are not "entitled" to access anything just because our tax dollars help pay for an entity.
  14. I agree... and although I don't mind doing power trails at certain times, I have done many including the ET Trail last month, I have seen quite a few "power" trails popping up. Seems to be happening more so since the ET trail was reinstated. I haven't decided if I think this is good or not. There is one near me that I sometimes dislike and like at other times.
  15. I have seen them at times in the Dollar Giant for $1.00 each.
  16. Is that picture of all the geocoins and trackables at the Canadian Maze in Alberta... because I don't see the OGA geocoin in that display. It was displayed because there were 5 discoveries on it, last one being in August. If it is not in the case, where did it go? Just wondering... Thanks
  17. So well said Greywynd!!! I completely agree!
  18. Actually if I was ordering a set I would want one of these, but an 09GC13 would be better, 09 the month I got married and 13 the day I got married. And yes some years it does fall on a friday! If I was ordering one I would definitely want one with the 13 on it. I am not superstitious at all! I was born on the 13th as was my brother! My preference would be 08 13
  19. On behalf of the Ontario Geocaching Association I will be sending something to be displayed. And! on behalf of the South Western Ontario Geocachers, I will alos be sending an item for the diplay. (posting to the thread with two hats )
  20. I'm putting my hand out for some of those free points! And the brain cells to replace the ones I lost trying to figure out what is going on!
  21. I just subscribed... it looks great! Thanks very much!
  22. I have definitely dropped my share of nanos and thought I lost them. Luckily enough, I was always able to find them. Sometimes the search for the container the second time took longer than finding it the first time! The worst almost lost incident I had was just this winter when I dropped the lid into the snow although I didn't know it! I thought it was in my pocket. I spent a long time searching through all my pockets and around my feet. I don't know how I found it but I noticed a tiny hole in the snow and sure enough, it was there! Next time I sure was careful about where I put the lid!
  23. Has anyone from Saskatchewan thought about emailing Groundspeak and telling them that there are no mountains in the province? Maybe they would be willing to change it so that it depicts what comes to mind when you think of Saskatchewan. Wouldn't hurt to try. Opps.... never mind! I see that you did. Your post came up at the same time as mine That is unfortunate that was the response that you received. I don't know if anyone from Ontario can help but maybe providing our support by writing in as well would help. I posted the subject on the SWOG Facebook Page.
  24. Unfortunately I will not be able to get to the final on Family Day but I have been working on the challenge. Just have the one more to do, like everyone else. Hopefully will get there soon though.
  25. In some cases I don't give the attribute of "available in the winter" because it could be used as a hint to a more difficult to find cache hide. I know of other cache owners that do the same thing.
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