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  1. Also the 'real' ANWB Mushrooms near Washington look GREAT!! Just have a look at one of the ANWB Mushroom waymarks of the 'TMBFamily' on Waymarking.com http://www.Waymarking.com/wm/details.aspx?...59-13835d7ffab1 ALbert+INeke (ALaddIN)
  2. Jeremy, Any idea when the GPX queries will be available? I like to have it, as soon as possible, for all the waymarks of my own catagory to maintain these waymarks. Also the question if there are plans, like in Geocaching, to implement Google Earth. It should be very nice to have it. At this moment the Europe Google Maps shown in the right top of the waymark screen are useless. When will the details on the Europe Google Maps be the same als de USA Google Maps? Thanks in forward for all the answers, Albert Added: Just forgot to say that till now I am impressed about how Waymaking looks and is implemented!
  3. You've definitely discovered a bug. I'll put this on my list. Thank you. Bootron, thanks for your reply. I think that you get the first problem when you create a new waymark within 1 mile distance of an existing waymark. A photo attached to the new waymark not uploaded!? ALbert
  4. Missing photo by approving a waymark when there is a nearby waymark. That occurs when you got the message below 'The following waymarks have been posted within 1 mile of this waymark. Please make sure the waymark you are reviewing is not already on this list:' ALbert example (ANWB Paddenstoelen): http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/approve.aspx...77-87c257486bbd Added: Click on the gallery button of the nearby waymark of the example above gives the message below: image preview on Total Records: - Page: of prev<<<[]>>>next Total Records: - Page: of prev<<<[]>>>next *This gallery may contain images that are hidden due to your present location or waymark settings. There is a non hidden photo present in that waymark! http://www.Waymarking.com/wm/details.aspx?...dc-17e02473f147
  5. + Today we got a photo of the test ANWB Mushroom Geocoin! There are still a few 'Paddo's' for sale by MY-GEOCOIN.COM All customers of the ANWB Mushroom Geocoin (pre)sale will receive a Email next week. ALbert+INeke Aladdin's ANWB Mushroom Geocoin The only real number 1 ANWB Mushroom in Laren (Netherlands)
  6. Hi Marky, I checked the list and indeed you ordered 3 Coins (1 of each metal) ALbert
  7. + End of this week the 'ANWB Paddenstoelen' test Coin will be available. Next weekend I will inform all the Coin buyers. At this moment there are about 40 coins left for (pre)sale at MY-GEOCOIN.COM. ALaddIN
  8. The Mushroom has a heavy weight (2 inch version) ALbert
  9. PRE SALE of Aladdin's ANWB Mushrooms : MY-GEOCOIN.COM ALbert+INeke
  10. The ANWB Paddenstoelen (ANWB Mushrooms) category is up for review. Have a look and give us your comments. ALbert+INeke Extra Mushrooms Information: http://ohbike.org/facilities/anwb/ Extra Paddenstoel informatie: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paddenstoel_(wegwijzer)
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