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  1. Our schools have purchased ESRI's Mapping Our World and with it comes a school license for 365 days for ArcView for both PC (v.3.2) and Mac (v.3.0) We are wondering if maybe we need more than 128 Mb RAM for this. Does anyone have this information?
  2. A tax deductible donation awaits you if you donate your retired GPS to the Scott County Schools in Georgetown, KY. We have recently trained 14 of our teachers with an introduction to Mapping Our World, ArcView, and using a GPS for a scavenger hunt. Working with our local planning and zoning folks we would like to develop an engaging and relevant project that would involved our students in using 21st Century Skills. BUT, we need to find at least 10 GPSs that they can use to do that. We are also working with the University of Kentucky to develop teacher modules that can be used in social studies and math and science classrooms by students. So, if you can help us, please email Leslie Flanders, District Technology Coordinator at lflander@scott.k12.ky.us http://www.scott.k12.ky.us/technology/gis The Student of Scott County Appreciate your taking time to read this.
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