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  1. On the Play > View map option, found caches with corrected coordinates appear in the original coordinate spot. On the new search map, this is not the case as the corrected coordinates reflect the location. I don't recall what the previous search map did, as I can't seem to get back to it! Thanks.
  2. Are these features lost on the "Your Geocaching Details" page? 1) Box on the left that states "View geocaches you own or have found." 2) Calendar on the left that you could scroll through to find logs on certain days. Thanks!
  3. I have found many of his caches in the Central Texas area, mainly Belton and Temple. Interesting story.
  4. I use this also. Seems to work just fine from the "Play" menu option and selecting "View Geocache Map".
  5. It seems as though the distance attribute has been removed from notification emails, except for new cache notification. Why can't it be included in the other types of notifications? It is useful on maintenance and archive emails as well. Although I can’t remember all the names of the caches in my area, it distance / direction attributes certainly give a sense of where a cache may be. Particularly since West Texas Reviewer is currently bingeing on archiving caches! I’d like to know where these are without having to open a browser or the mobile app. Please add this back. Thanks!
  6. So, will the distance/bearing be added back to all notifiction emails? While the distance/bearing is helpful on new cache notifications, it is also helpful on the other notification emails. Please add this back. Thanks!
  7. Regarding the emails... (no, not that issue) the "New" cache emails contain the distance, but the others (like "Notify") no longer have the distance. Was this removed from these other emails for a reason? The distance is quite helpful for me. Thanks!
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