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    The ability to edit another cachers log by the cache owner is a bad idea and has the potential for considerable abuse. Before we get into a heated discussion as to why one of your logs was deleted, if it was, a polite email to the cache owner to discuss how or why the log should be edited is usually the next best step. There are other reasons a log may need to be deleted by a cache owner, and no credit given, such as a cacher who didn't actually find the cache and the owner confirmed it or someone doesn't follow the guidelines for verifying a virtual cache. Remember it's only a game, and by the time you get several hundred finds, hopefully the numbers won't mean as much to you as all the new places the game has taken you to.
  2. Where's Criminal when you need him.
  3. I'm sure you're not. Like I said it probably is just my imagination.
  4. I find it interesting that many of the folks involved with opencaching are the ones that seem to always be stirring up the pot here. Makes me wonder if there is a conspiracy floating about. My feeling is that if you are involved with something else because you don't like this site, then you should put your energies there and butt out of this one. But, then again, maybe it is just my imagination.
  5. Navdog


    Last time I checked I could edit my "found" cache logs. Not sure what you are talking about. As a cache owner, Also, I am entitled to delete any log entry from my own caches. If someone logged one of your caches and called you a s&%@head, wouldn't you want the ability to delete it?
  6. Yep, your'e right, it was actually a SW wind that morning. But, it's really depressing seeing roses blooming in December, at least if you live in the Northwest.
  7. Shadow from the south vane is on the west vane. If it was noon there would be none and if it was afternoon, it would be on the east vane.
  8. Judging how the sun is shining on the face of the west and east vanes, and the north vane is facing away from the sun, I would say he took the picture at approximately 10:00 AM with a light NE wind blowing and he must live in the southern US because the roses are blooming. And yes, he put it up correctly. But other than that, I don't get it.
  9. Fixed the second link above, or click here. Yep, a compass can be helpful when you get within 50 feet of the cache. Sometimes it can help you "zero in" on a cache by using the distance and bearing display of the GPS. I have found it is best to use the compass at least fifty feet from the cache as this brings it outside of the normal circle of error of the GPS, so your bearing line will be more accurate.
  10. "Bearing" is the direction from your current position to the waypoint (cache) you have entered into the unit and are looking for. "Trk" or "Heading" on most units is the direction you are currently traveling. If the Heading is the same as the Bearing, you are traveling directly toward the waypoint (cache). Most GPs units won't display an accurate heading unless you are moving for a few seconds. Here is a link that may be useful. Here is another.
  11. Puzzle caches can be fun, but after spending hours figuring one out, the last thing I want to do is find out it is hidden in the local WalMart parking lot. Spend as much time figuring out a good hide as working on the puzzle. I'd rather have a puzzle cache that requires some work in the field, just my preference. Doing all the work at home is kinda like "Couch Potato Caching".
  12. Doesn't the cache hunt start when you walk out the door? Having parking coords to every cache just cheapens the hunt for me. Unless there is a specific situation that requires only one parking spot, I'd rather find my way on my own. I do list parking on a few of my caches, where I feel it is necessary. Sometimes all that may be necessary is to state "park/approach from the north" or something like that.
  13. That's cool Jeremy! Thanks and happy holidays to you.
  14. I think he uses one of these:
  15. Not sure how things worked out for you, but it is hard to say where online addressing coordinates take their readings. You say you took your reading in your backyard, but the address coordinates may be computed at the street in front of your house. Just something to consider.
  16. I forgot to post the link: Thomas Distributing I have a couple of them that hold two AA's. They came with my charger. This is the first time I was able to find more of them. I've never seen them in any local stores.
  17. Rather than call it G.A., maybe it is more like G.G. I think geocaching is in our genes. Weren't we all hunter/gatherers thousands of years ago?
  18. Somewhat on topic: I've been using these containers for my rechargable batteries. My digital camera and GPS both take 4 AA's. They are slightly larger than a film can, and make good micros too. I put a little foam in the bottom and the top to keep them from rattling around. Fresh batteries get stored positive side up and spent batteries negative side up to easily identify the good ones in the daypack. I just recently found these online and may be ordering some. I like the fact that these are flat and would be easier to carry in a pocket.
  19. A quote about the aerials from a previous thread: "Add the text "&dtype=a" (without the quotes) to the Mapquest URL and the photos will usually come back.
  20. It would be interesting to find the forum, if any, the other story is using to promote themselves. Looking at the archives, the last slugfest...er lovefest was back in April 2002 when the winning story had 549 votes. Looks like our geolovers are going to need at least that many or more.
  21. Stopped by the new location on my way home this afternoon after checking on one of my own caches and took some readings for you. New coordinates are: N 45° 34.240 W 122° 33.617 Neat hiding spot!
  22. Actually, a well done physical multi gives you the oppurtunity to do both. With that said, I prefer a logbbook. Isn't that what geocaching is?
  23. I have seen these clear storage tubes before and wondered how watertight they actually are. I think this is the manufacturer of the tubes. They stock different diameters and spare end caps. The nice thing about these is you can cut them to any length.
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