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  1. Pepper emailed me and asked if I would draw up something to help visualize a few ideas that you guys have been talking about so far. There is obviously room on the state outline side of the coin for some wording also. Permission for logo usage would obviously have to be granted.
  2. The reason I do this RK is to protect the sport that I love. I have yet to see a rule by TBTP that I couldn't live with. What I have seen is a few rebels that want to take over the site and make it what they want. I refuse to let that happen. If you or others don't like this site or they way that it's run, then I suggest that you go to the "Other" site that you are always advertising. I like this site the way it is. You can spew your garbage about how it mistreats you, but I promise you I'll always be here defending what I think is a good site. Until I'm banned I will not let you, or others like you take it over. El Diablo Thank You, El Diablo.
  3. I'm sure this is an insignificant problem with most caches, but maybe the best solution is to have a time limit of 30-60 days before an archived cache is disabled to allow new logs.
  4. What does this have to do with religion? Well, if cows are sacred in India, wouldn't the cowpies be also?
  5. Cheap small Rubbermaid type container...50 cents Small spiral notebook...50 cents Just replace the cache with these and replace as necessary until they tire of it and move on. If your cache is more than just a drive-by, you don't need a bunch of trinkets in it to make others happy. Isn't it more about the hunt? Don't acknowledge them or their actions on your cache page. Please don't feed the trolls. Six months from now they will have moved on. Pumping up your testosterone and their lack of it serves no purpose.
  6. You should post this in the NW forums or the pdxgeocaching forums so the locals will see it. Hope you find it.
  7. Post a note on the pdxgeocaching.com forums. I believe bazzle is the one who orders them. They usually wait for a group order to keep the cost down. It may be awhile till they place another order.
  8. That's funny, I just looked at his last 100 posts or so, and other than the tiff the other day, I didn't see anything sarcastic or demeaning. Kerry has always had a posting style that is short and to the point. He never talked about the politics of caching, just took the time to point out the technical details of GPS systems. His input was always welcome. Posted: May 20 2002, 07:51 PM Geocacher Posts: 1,125 Joined: 6-March 02 quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by leatherman: The Magellan units will continue reading even if you drop down to just two sattilites. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nah, no way known will any GPS continue to navigate with only 2 sats. Cheers, Kerry. Weren't you the thin-skinned newbie back then.
  9. I live in Portland, so I have never stayed in any hotels here. You say you are cheap, but want a nice place. You pay for what you get just about anywhere. Besides, I would think that due to the mad schedule Travisl has laid out for the two days of caching, the only use for a hotel room is to take a shower and fall asleep on the bed before you get back up and do it all over again the next day. Do you really want to drive 10-20 miles to a good deal at a hotel after driving around for 120 miles all day for 12-15 hours? ...and staying up late each night for the gatherings? Here is a link to most of the hotel rooms that are in or near Troutdale. This is where the cache machine starts each day and where dinner is the first night. The first six are all only a few miles and a five minute drive from the starting location and are in nice areas. If you want a memorable stay where you can walk around some great surroundings, play a little pitch and putt golf, sample some great beer and wine, and have only a walk out the door in the morning to begin you caching... stay here
  10. Were they the same as the ones on mine? It looks like it. The other reason I didn't reply was that the return email address was vanou@yahoo.fr or something like that.
  11. I also recieved one of those a week ago. Odd questions. Never replied
  12. Here is a link to the closest campgrounds east of Portland. There is the Jantzen Beach RV Park if you want to go that route.
  13. It's hard to imagine, but maybe he has a bad case of writers block.
  14. Jacuzzi room? I thought you guys were going CAMPING!
  15. Here you go. GP Forest Road Conditions
  16. Camouflaged Ammo Cans Hidden Everywhere
  17. Not really a good example. That cache is over a mile from the terminal, so it really is not close to the airport. It was originally located about 30 feet from the light rail line, but the police forced the owner to move it. I can't believe someone could think it was Ok to put a cache of any type in an airport. Didn't the bomb squad get called to a cache in Disneyland that looked like a cell phone? Please use some common sense.
  18. Take away the twenty some notes logged on your cache and the fact that travel bug hotels always receive more visits tempers your wonderment on the number of visits to it. pop·u·lar [ adj.] Widely liked or appreciated. Human nature dictates that the easiest caches will nearly always get the most visits. This has nothing to do with the definition of "popular". Locationless caches are bound to get high numbers of logs because they are oppurtunistic, you don't have to spend time hunting them, more times than not, they find you.
  19. I wonder if it would be possible to make a cache page visible to everyone, but the actual coordinates would not show unless you were registered. Maybe not as secure as forced registration, but it still leaves viewing the site open to all, and maybe makes it that much harder for the "maggots" as RK calls them.
  20. You're doing yourself an injustice if you think that the caches with the most finds are indicative of a good geocaching experience.
  21. I have seen quite a few caches with a story, and done a few myself. I think what is just as important as the story, is to find a location for the cache that ties it in with the story in some way and does it justice.
  22. Averaging may be good, but as Brian said, if you don't have good sat geometry when you are averaging, you're just averaging bad data. Conversly, if I happen to look for a cahce when the DOP is high, it won't matter how good the hider averaged his cache coords. Here is an example of DOP values for a particular time period at a certain location. Obviously, if I were hunting a cache when the DOP values were spiked, it would be impossible to zero out on the cache location. Here is a graph of the same location/time period, but I have added obstacles (top image) to create the effect of being under heavy tree cover (tall firs). You can see the effect it has on reception. Moving around in the trees may give you better accuracy, but as we know that doesn't help in zeroing in on the cache. Knowing when you will be able to get the best accuracy at a particular time/location is really what will help you to be assured that the coords for your own cache are correct.
  23. Maps! Who needs maps? That's why you have a GPS.
  24. Chad and Brad also have Solid up in the Gorge.
  25. But at least I can download the articles and enjoy what geocaching is really all about, without having to slog through the forums reading how someone thinks it is stupid or wants to whine about yet another trivial matter.
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