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  1. If it's means something personal to you, you are the owner of the cache and have the right to keep it. If not, then leave it in the cache for others to enjoy with the realization that it may disappear along with the cache sometime in the future. To me, thumbing through the old logbook would be more interesting than shuffling McToys around in the cache.
  2. Click here to go to the tacking site for Oregon geocoins.
  3. Why not just post them to a log entry as a note. Then write a line in the cache page with a link to the url of the individual log entry like this recent log directing folks to the fact they are in the gallery. It makes it much easier to preview the thumbnails from there and to decide what picture you would like to look at more closely and it doesn't clutter up the cache page.
  4. I've seen this as a growing trend and it's unfortunate. As a cache owner, it would be nice to control how information is given about finding my cache. There can obviously be a dilution to the challenge you created.
  5. Speaking of scatology... somewhere there must be a micro hidden in the middle of a cow pasture with a hint that reads... "Bring your own spatula".
  6. This website explains what the statue is about. It honestly doesn't look like anything unique. It is a piece of art that the artist is trying to promote as something special. It has nothing to do with real Native American history. The artist saw something in a piece of stone in Italy and thought it would make a good statue. Soryy, I have to vote a thumbs down.
  7. Alas, geocaching is truly a view into human nature. It shows the good , the bad, and the ugly of how we value most things in our society. Fast food, instant gratification, and drive-by/thru caches are becoming synonymous. Lead by example… subvert the dominant paradigm and place the type of quality caches you truly want to find!
  8. The description of the cemetery on 21st and Morrison is as follows: Today, Lone Fir Cemetery is a wooded, landscaped arboretum in the heart of Portland. More than 25,000 people are buried here, from the familiar (Curry, Dekum, Hawthorne, Lane, Lovejoy, Macleay) to the unknown. Decay, neglect and poor record keeping in the early years have led to an estimated 10,000 unknown graves. A visit to Lone Fir Cemetery will reveal the region's rich history. So, if this is true then maybe you are trying to record 45 significant grave sites in the whole of the cemetery? If that is the case, then a regular GPS would work for recording the general area of the few graves you are trying to note. The only problem with the site is that I believe there are a lot of trees in that cemetery, so getting accurate coords with any GPS unit might be a problem. Sounds like a worthwhile project though. If you need any help, feel free to email me.
  9. Since you have a paw print on one side, one suggestion I would make is to change the text to "TRACK ME AT WWW.TRAVELERTAG.COM". Helps fill the circle on that side and fits with the idea of the footprint.
  10. I've felt like an expectant father the last few weeks wondering how the coins would turn out. I finally got my hands on an actual coin yesterday. They really look nice. The depth of field on the front of the coin is great! The epoxy cover definitely enhances the 3-D effect.
  11. Maybe I'm missing something here. Not only does the cache page require you to read and investigate religious text, it is obviously stocked with religious material, read the logs. The cache owner even asks you to leave material of the same theme. My inclination would be to believe the "Rock" has a religious theme to it also. It's pretty much stamped "religious" from front to back. edit: It would be easy to change the elements of this cache set-up to promote any type of cause, where would we draw the line?
  12. I don't know of any publicly available data, but as a geocacher, individual sat data isn't usually what I'm interested in. What I find more useful is a graph showing the DOP values for my location during a particular time period like the graph below. The Trimble software will also spit out a list of all sats and their position for any time of day.
  13. Nothing in the design of the coin has changed. It will look similar to the artists rendition on the order page. The die carving issues were in how to best render the color fill areas and the raised coin material areas of the mountain that will be rubbed with the antique finish. The coin is being done in the same style (antique silver) of the Moun10bike coin as discussed earlier in the thread, which sets it apart from most of the other geocoins. As you can see by the picture above of Moun10bike's own collection, his coin stands out from the rest.
  14. COIN UPDATE The die drawing was approved this week. Then a sample coin will be struck and final approval given before manufacture. With the increased order size of 1500 coins, it looks like the first week of October for the coins to reach Washington.
  15. Oregon geocoins can be tracked at oregongeocaching.com It might be good to place a small note/sticker on the coin container with the website url on it.
  16. Final Revision? Changed number field. Actual submitted design will just have the "WA" and a blank space for the four numbers. Added more detail (relief) to the hiker, the rock, and the eagle. Adjusted front side colors. Five colors as allowed per quote: Blue, White, Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown.
  17. Thanks for the clarification. It's hard to believe a cacher would do that, but then again, hiding a cache in shrubbery undoubtedly will cause some damage.
  18. Why is the date on the photos the same when they were taken on two different days? Why is the angles of the shadows the same in both pics? Why is there more damage behind your shadow on the first pic that looks to be more than just a small hole? Why is the leaf and dirt the same and undisturbed on the second pic near the wooden edging on the walkway? Where is all the green growth from the juniper that should be on the ground if it was torn up the next day?
  19. So there will be no "WA" on the number field? Just room for four numbers? I'll do up a final revision to reflect this. We are also evidently allowed four colors per side with the possibility of five without an increase from the base price. I'll work up a color scheme for the front of the coin. A minimum of five colors would help keep it close to the last #10-2 revision.
  20. Here is an option for the coins to address the tracking info without having to put it on the coin. I made up a representation of some vinyl sleeves I've seen with some other coins. There are several advantages to these: They allow tracking info without having to put it on the coin. There is always a chance a website may change or no longer br available for tracking. Extra info about the coin can be added as well as a picture on the other side. It allows each cacher to customize the sleeve to add any goals or cacher information. Maybe (insert wishful thinking) the WSGA would be willing to have a custom sleeve with the association info in return for not having a large presence on the coin itself, and maybe it would satisfy the gc.com decision about only organization sponsored coins being tracked.
  21. You said it better in one short paragraph than I did in almost a dozen posts! I tend to agree. The current rating system is designed to flag the need for specialized equipment and also highlight the "epic" cache hunt. Also, remember, a rating is designed for the average cacher. Mileage will vary between couch potatoes and triathletes.
  22. To some extent, I can see Jeremy's concern about opening the Pandora's box with the tracking of the coins, however this is a coin that was designed to pay a very large tribute to the home of geocaching.com, so I would think the argument on tracking should be tempered considerably. This may also be an opportunity for the WSGA to step up to the plate and offer to track the coins without a large presence of their logo on the coin, just a sentence inserted in the design to say: "track this coin at xxx.com. Unfortunately the WSGA site has no easily identifiable url, but it's a good way for the association to promote itself and still leave the design as a coin for the state, by the geocachers of the state. Changing the outline of the state for the WSGA logo completely destroys the idea of the backside of the coin. What's more important, showing the WSGA logo or showing the home of geocaching.com? My opinion is that the design as it is now, really promotes what the state of Washington is about and what it means to geocaching. Someone mentioned earlier in this thread that this was not a storybook, but a coin. I disagree, it is a coin that should tell a story about the state and geocaching.
  23. I would suggest using a 3/32" steel stamp for the numbers. This is a little smaller than what Pepper did on her coins and will fit a bit larger number field on the current design. 1/8" numbers will be too large. I'll make a larger number space on the final design as well finalize a color scheme as soon as we here from TPTB about the go ahead on the coins. In talking with Rick at D&R, it sounds like we are allowed 4-5 colors per side. There needs to be definitive breaks in the elements to lay down each color, so there might be some back and forth in tweaking the front design of the coin. Here is a link to the brand of stamps I have. Young Bros.
  24. This cache, offers a nice opportunity to explore an abandoned power station and a nice set of waterfalls. It's a quick detour along Hwy 216 over to the cache, then continue east over to the Deschutes River to check out Sherars Falls. Follow the road south along the river to Maupin where it rejoins Hwy 197. If you happen to come across the retired folks who are the campground hosts near the cache, they'll talk your head off about the history of the area. This cache, makes a good rest stop and gives you some nice views of the Crooked River Gorge. If you are ambitious, you might try my Burma Road cache. Even if you don't do the cache, it is well worth the very short detour to check out Smith Rock State Park.
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