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  1. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin): We're not shutting them down for crying out loud. Bummer I'm on record as not being a fan of locationless caches, but I am also a hypocrite because I did log this one recently, because I felt it was well done. I am sure that when the locationless caches are back up and running, Jeremy will have integrated them into the website in such a way that it will make everyone happy. Separate find counts, an easy search method for the type of cache, and other features similar to the benchmark page, and more detailed criteria for submitalls will only make geocaching.com a bettter place for all of us. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  2. Seems to me I remember lots of informational signs everywhere that would be perfect for virtuals. And yes, it would be a great excuse to wander up into Blue Basin again. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  3. Hey Logscaler, I see you moved back to Deschutes Jct.! Wouldn't it be fun to place a cache at the Funny Farm? I only recently contacted the admins for the first time about a problem I had, and was pleased with the quick response and understanding of the situation. Given the dynamic nature of the website and the sport, some things will fall through the cracks. But I highly respect the time the admins take after their workday to contribute in a meaningful way. Now, only if some of the other folks who spend countless hours posting on the forums, would contribute in a more meaningful way. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  4. quote:Originally posted by dasein: It's on 82nd as opposed to 182nd... You're both right. 82nd/Flavel & 182/Division, although the Post Exchange has the best prices in town that I have seen. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  5. Here you go Quantum: The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  6. The geocaching world would be a literary wasteland without your entertaining and philosophical views on the cache pages. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  7. Earlier this summer I bought a couple dozen small 30 cal. cans at the Post Exchange in Damascus. Haven't stopped by there since, so not sure what there supply is like, but at $ 2.00 ea., it was a bargain. Post Exchange 19855 Sunnyside Rd The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  8. It is amazing how quickly the vegetaion in forested areas around here can be trampled, especially in the Winter. I have to admit, following a trail to a cache is not nearly as fun as hiking cross country. That is why I enjoy caching in the Bend area with the other Moondogs. The desert is a wonderful area to hike around in and not have to worry about sensitive habitat. There are already many existing little side trails in places like Forest Park that cachers could use to locate a cache a few feet from. Experienced cachers should be quite adept at spotting any recent disturbances and be able to minimize their impact. It is the newbies and the ignorant that tear up an area that cause the damage and make it difficult for me to discern just where a cache may be. Consequently, I have to broaden my own search pattern because of this, and end up walking where I don't need to. Alas, I remember when "Ione the First" was the only cache in Forest Park. I wonder how long it will be till there is a virtual cache at the drive-up window at a McDonalds? The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  9. Since you are in the Illinois area, you may want to post this on the Midwest Forum Page. There are probably some locals that would be more than happy to help you with the maps and also may have some expereince with the State Parks Dept. in other areas of the state. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  10. Well, you can find the recent issue of "Caching Life Magazine" at this website. . The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  11. It's bad enough to see overcrowding of caches in an urban area. But why was this cache placed within a few hundred feet of fractal's cache. Placing caches like this and not even finding the nearby cache is rather ignorant and rude. I've had this happen to me and it really takes away from the uniqueness of your own cache. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  12. quote:Originally posted by logscaler:Red. I'd ask you what accessories she has, but this is a family forum. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  13. I have a Suunto optical sighting compass and have found that for caching, this is the best type to use. You can stand back 100-150 feet from the cache and get an exact visual bearing line to the cache. This can be very helpful for several reasons, to cut down on any potential bushwacking and to sight a line into an area where your GPS reception is poor. It also has the regular compass dial on the top of the unit. Suunto Compasses . The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  14. We've incorporated compass work into several of our Moondog3 caches. On multi-stage caches it is a great way to break up the routine of going from one waypoint to the next, and provides a fun and enjoyable challenge. Most compass work can be done with your GPS. Longer waypoint projections, greater than 1/10 mile, work better because the accuracy of the degrees for the bearing line offset the inherint accuracy problems with the GPS at shorter disatnces. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  15. It's gotta be my camera. I have found that caching is a great way to hone your photo skills. Working on coming up with a few good pictures to create a collage makes for a great great exercise in creativity. Plus a few good pics make a great momento of some of your more enjoyable caches and even gives you some satisfaction from a really lame cache. Also, my Suunto optical compass is a very useful tool when caching. With its high degree of accuracy, I can stand back 100-150 feet from a cache and pinpoint an exact visual bearing line. Very helpful, and it limits the amount of bushwacking that may be necessary. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  16. Hmmm... I wonder how many geocaching miles are driven in the Portland area on a weekend... or this last year. Hey, that tax from us cachers might just balance the budget! I think it was Explosis who had mentioned last year how many miles he had racked up on his truck, and that was when he only had a couple hundred finds. It would be interesting to get an update from him now that it looks like he's over 600. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  17. quote:Originally posted by vds:What if the web site treated locationless/virtual caches as a separate class of items (ala benchmarks), with separate counters and searches on the web site ? quote:Originally posted by Seth!:You can expect that to happen. It has been discussed quite a bit and, at least for LCs, is inevitable. This is good to hear. These come as close to something like geotravel.com, if there ever was one. It may be fun for some folks to see pictures of all the barbershop poles around the world, but it is too far removed from what finding a geocache is all about. You are not using your GPS to locate anything. Only recording a position. Plus only one person usually is allowed to log that location, so it excludes many people. I like the idea of having separate find counts for the different cache types. It still gives everyone a way to show their accomplishments. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  18. The real fuss and the original topic of this thread was about the quality of virtual caches. Virtuals and locatonless caches will probably never be removed from this site. It is a necessary component that adds an important dynamic to geocaching and allows for a broader appeal to more people. The one thing that bothers me though, is that folks say "Don't hunt a lame cache and it will go away". Well, I rarely see that happen. There must be a great topic here for a study on human behavior, when you see a lame cache that has recieved many negative comments on it's quality, and yet half the other logs will expound upon how it was a nice cache. Go figure. It is still important that this kind of discussion takes place somewhere. What would happen if we never talked about the virtues of what makes a good cache. Some may call it cache-policing, but how else do you ensure that a certain bit of quality is maintained so that the site does remain popular and enjoyable for the majority of its users? The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  19. quote:Originally posted by The_Brownies:In short, stop beating this dead horse. What may seem stupid to you might be interesting to others. Frankly, this is one topic worth beating to death. As this is a topic that speaks to the heart of what geocaching is all about. And a majority of the crap on the General Forums is just that, crap. It is good to see that someone as respected like Seth!, shares a similar opinion as I do. As much as I wish that locationless and virtuals would go away, they won't. So any chance I get to explain my feelings, I will. Creativity and the pleasure of finding a physical treasure, even if we just sign the logbook, is what has fueled the growth in this sport, not the lame virtual, locationless, or physical caches. These are just the weeds that have sprouted around the edges, and it is important that all of us, as gardeners of this wonderful activity, to be mindful of this when tending our garden. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  20. I am suprised that Tupperware doesn't advertise on this site . There is a big difference between real Tupperware and the cheap plastic containers that seem to leak and are prevelant in caches. A softer, more pliable lid, makes a big difference in the ability of the container to keep a tight seal. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  21. Well, I wish I could say I was "Virtual Free", but I am guilty of logging a few. Maybe I should delete them and start a "Virtual Free Campaign". I also could Markwell a thread from over a year ago about the first dicussion relating to vituals, but it doesn't look like there is any link to the old forums. At that time I begged that this site not turn into geotravel.com.. Of course that was even before locationless caches came into the picture. They're going to spread like weeds and there is nothing we can do to stop them! I am suprised how even the lamest caches can get so many hits, but it is because we are all guilty of supporting them. Now, with all that said, take a look at this locationless cache. To me this is a great example of how a cache of this type can be done. It has regional history and is something that we all have passed by in our travels, but have maybe taken for granted. So I guess I am going to be doing a locationless soon. Shhh! Don't tell anyone! The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  22. Maybe this cache explains their whereabouts. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  23. Here is a link to the cache map of the state: http://www.geocaching.com/map/AK.asp The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  24. Looks like it is this one. Which is near Barrow. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  25. I have decided to sell my Garmin Vista. If you or anyone else is interested, drop me am email. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
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