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  1. I noticed the double breaking for spacing was not working on my cache pages also. I have one cache page with an embedded sound file that is not working too: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=49484
  2. Navdog

    Animal Tracks

    Here is a good pocket sized guide that I use. It only has about 60 pages, so it is very compact. This link gives a little more info. Powells carries it here in Portland.
  3. Actually, I could have run down and placed a cache there the day I figured out where it was. But I chose not to for the reasons I originally mentioned. I guess it has to do with my idea of discretion.
  4. I think what bothers me also is the way the cache at this location was set up. I know the placer thinks it's no big deal to put a cache there, then why all the secrecy and the restrictions on logging it. How is any casual cacher to know about the potential dangers or the Forest Service concerns about the place. Yes, I know it is not an ecologically sensitive area, but it looks like it was placed purely for selfish reasons. Just my honest opinion. Sometimes a little foresight is the better part of discretion.
  5. Well, you already know my thoughts about this.
  6. 1) Come on baby. Don't kick me now, or you'll be dog food by tonight. 2) Markwell, you should know that vacation caches are not allowed. [This message was edited by Navdog on August 10, 2003 at 04:22 PM.]
  7. I would love to see a cache up there and was tempted to put one up there last year, but it is a State Park and classified as a Natural Area. I'm not sure if one would be allowed.
  8. I Found it. Over here honey. Seems like no matter where we go, it's always under a tree.
  9. Folks always wondered who Cache Pig was and how he was able to sniff out all those tough caches.
  10. Navdog

    Flash Cache

    pdxflashmob.com This looks like something fractal would set up. There was evidently a flashmob in town this last week. Did anyone hear about it? Sounds like it would almost be as much fun to watch as to participate. Especially the onlookers reactions.
  11. Johnny on his first underwater cache. Unfortunately, when he opened the cache all the plastic McToys floated to the surface.
  12. This thread has some info about hydrocaches
  13. Now that is some Deja vu. We used the same container for our Legend of Skull Hollow Cache. I don't see any way you can waterproof that basswood container. We put ours in an ammo can nestled in a foam depression in the box to keep it from moving around.
  14. Although the original definition of a pace was two steps, I think most cachers would interpret the meaning to be one-step, as that is generally the currently accepted definition. I have always done measurements by walking of my paces by measuring each step as one pace. On level ground I have developed a sense of pacing that allows me to measure each pace as three feet. This make it easy to quantify distances.
  15. Johnny takes his new birthday present from the Groundspeak Store out for a spin. The Magic Caching Carpet proves to be just the thing he needs to find Navdogs Urban Jungle Cache. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  16. Wow. Did you record the total moving time along with the tracklog? Now all you need to do is sign your name somewhere in the image. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  17. A little Photoshop and coffee this morning and I came up with this. . The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  18. There is a poetic cache near me, which requires a log of poetry. Someday soon I'll find the cache, but my poetry will sound like trash. Poetry in Motion The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  19. quote:Originally posted by chubby forest monkey:I am going to do The Headwall cache this Saturday (7/26) morning. Do you want to join me? I really hope you find this one CBM. I doubt there is much water in the creek this time of year, so that part should be easier. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  20. Not sure why some folks don't understand how a tracklog records distance traveled. I keep my GPS in a pouch on the shoulder strap of my backpack and it always keeps a consistent sat lock, and therefore a good tracklog. The topic about elevation change and distance travelled was dicsussed a long time ago on this thread and Bob Renner had a good explanation of how elevation change relates to distances travelled. Seemed reasonable to me. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  21. Criminal, Have you thought about putting the instructions on the front of the logbook or including a small laminated photo of the cache in its intended position in the altoids tin? Or maybe marking the pole where the cache is positioned so when they pull it off they see a square with the words "REPLACE CACHE HERE". The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
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