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  1. It might be a good idea to state that caches are usually small clear Tupperware containers, or at least these are encouraged in urban parks, but more importantly, a statement that caches are not allowed to be buried should be included.
  2. It is not your property, so don't remove any cache in question. Email the owner first and let them deal with it.
  3. Instead of trolling around looking to stir up the pot again, why don't you join the community and go find a few caches. Maybe then your words will be given some respect.
  4. What's really funny, is that the recreation.gov page on geocaching has a USFW picture of a national wildlife refuge.
  5. The new forums look great Jeremy and thanks for keeping them clean and uncluttered.
  6. Thanks Jeremy! ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  7. A good alternative to use are Lock&Lock Containers. They have a durable latch on all four sides and a soft rubber gaskets on the lid which seems to keep them watertight. I have a few in use and they seem to be working well. Safeway stores had a special deal on a variety pack of a few different sizes this summer. Price came out to about a dollar apiece! Here is a link to the official site. You might need a languge pack installed to view it in English. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  8. Caching Life Magazine has been a part of our geocaching website for a year, and has been a fun way to relate our geocaching adventures and share my love of photography. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  9. Methinks I will become a WG pirate. I could actually make money at it. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  10. Again, I am sure most people could care less about being first finders to a cache. TPTB have already stated their views about this and seem to be in agreement with you. This is why Jeremy probably doesn't want any hint of a competetive element to this site, like statistics, or anything else. Just brings out a lot of bad behavior and makes it a mess to clean up. We can't just start making up a bunch of guidelines just to prevent every little hiccup that may occur here. What next... a 20 page booklet on guidelines we have to read and then a written test before we can partake in this global, non-competitive, family oriented activity? The only competition is between you and the box out there... go find it. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  11. Sounds like someone with an idea that may grow into something like The Human Time Clock that started here in Portland and is pretty cool. But, then again it may not pan out into anything. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  12. quote:Originally posted by bigeddy:I'm aware of one such cache that has been around for over a year in a very large library... A very well done and unobtrusive cache it is. There are a few logs from non-cachers which makes it all the more special. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  13. B&D, you somehow have not answered my question above. I doubt that you would have posted so much in so many threads recently if your own cache was not approved. I still haven't seen you consider how you can make your cache idea fit within the current guidelines. And I still haven't heard you consider how a relaxed ruling on virtuals would ultimately affect the website as a whole. Again, you need to look at the big picture and not your frustration with your own cache idea, which with a few adjustments and an open mind, would be a good cache. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  14. B&D, why don't you consider consolidating your cache idea in to three separate multi-caches, each one going further down the trail. A cacher would not be able to find the second leg until he found the first multi, which has the coords to the start of the second multi and so on. Therefore the cachers who pushed on to the end would be rewarded with more than one find as you seem to feel is important. Why not think outside the box, but within the current guidelines? You have been ranting on a half dozen threads because your cache was not approved, but nowhere have I seen you ask for any help in rethinking your cache idea when it clearly did not meet the rules. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  15. quote:Originally posted by Bear & Ducky: I believe it started as the debate over virtual rules being too strict and moved across 3 threads. Please read them before assuming, Thanks! Bear & Ducky I am sorry you don't agree with the reasoning behind the denial of your multi-cache, but you need to look at the bigger picture: 1. There needs to be some stricter control over virts. It's only human nature for folks to be lazy... and the plethora of simple, low quality virts that triggered the tightening of the rules make sense. The original concept of geocaching was about a physical cache and it makes sense that this is where the priority should be for the website. 2. Is it really necessary for you to have a series of caches (some virtual?) strung out along a trail when one quality multi accomplishes the same thing. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY is what we should be striving for. Your caches didn't meet the guidelines and were not allowed. Why can't you post a thread and ask for help or opinions in reworking your cache so that it fits within the guidelines we are all working with. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  16. quote:Originally posted by ju66l3r:Approvers getting FTF because they clicked "approve" and then ran out the door: perk of the "job" or abuse of knowledge? Well, since you haven't even placed a cache yet, what does it matter to you. Why start a thread just to stir up controversy? If you have an example where this is a big problem or has done someone harm, then state it! Unless there is a first finders prize, there seems to be no reason why an approver can't run out and be the first. The only competition about being a FTF is in the eyes of the person who thinks this is important. Being first to a cache doesn't make you any better or more skilled than the second or 100th finder. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  17. Well said Logscaler, if all the negative energy on these forums lately was put into creating quality caches...oh well. It's hard to respect "cachers" that spend more time posting to these forums than caching. Two years ago, these forums were all about cachers excited about the sport. Now it seems to be polluted by some that feel they need to stir things up to feel their life has meaning or something. Cacher suicide, how silly is that. Oh, and congrats on 1000!!! Hope you and Red enjoyed your trip and the milestone. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  18. Congratulations to Logscaler and Red for hitting the 1000th cache mark on their trip this weekend! Way to go guys. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  19. You might check out this site, they seem to have good prices for the carabiners and also the engraving you're looking for. ___________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  20. I would suggest giving a little information about the various waypoints on the cache page, so that cachers can enjoy it as they progress through the cache. Finding out about it a day later takes away from the dynamics of the cache. Take a look at my Urban Jungle cache and see how I give a little info about each stop without giving away the identity of each waypoint. You should be able to have the cachers discover the name of the final piece of artwork and then make one more calculation using this name to find a nearby micro. Putting the effort into placing a micro at the end and giving cachers some satisfaction of signing a logbook will make it more enjoyable for the hunters. The extra challenge and effort of turning this into a physical cache will give you some great satisfaction when you read the logs from other cachers. Urban micros are a lot harder to place than putting an ammo can out in the desert and can be more rewarding as well. Hope it works out for you, and on my next trip over to Redmond to visit the rest of the Moondog team, we'll try to hit the cache. _________________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
  21. Contents of a cache aren't that important to me unless there is a signature item to be found. I try to design my caches to be challenging and entertaining and I hope people remmemer the hunt and not what they found in one of my caches. I've actually considered filling my ammo cans with expanding foam and leaving just enough room for a logbook on top. ______________________________ Moondog3.com - Portland Geocaching
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