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  1. I would be glad to help out. I will put together a list of some of the more enjoyable caches (in my opinion of course) and would even be willing to try to get some of the locals together to at least say hi while you're here. I will post a list later in the day when I can get to my home computer.
  2. Hey there, I am in the Naples area and run many of the local events. I'd be glad to help out, I'll shoot you a private message incase you don't see this one.
  3. We have events at least monthly all around the state so it depends where you are located. I host many of the events in SW FL but have also recently held them in Sarasota and Ft Lauderdale. Here is a link to a site that gets updated about weekly that posts all events in the South East US: Southeast Events
  4. If stealing coins is not bad enough, he has actually messed with each cache he has raided, even to the extent of urinating in one of them (if not more, one got hit that way TWICE last month). The locals are all doing what we can to stop any future problems and hoping this will stop soon.
  5. KT, I am one of the locals in SWFL and I was contacted about the cache your coin was in by a volunteer at the Preserve housing the cache. I have contacted Groundspeak about the user since he has done quite a bit of damage to local caches and coins in the area. I have also spread the word to our caching community and we're doing what we can to watch over things (premium memberships, warnings about leaving trackables on cache pages). I'll keep in touch if I hear anything about this user or your coin.
  6. I actually do know them and will get in contact today when I get home. I'll let you know what I hear or hopefully they will be in touch soon.
  7. Event has been published: Meet and Greets Give Me The Munchies
  8. I have submitted a Meet and Greet for November in Sarasota. I will keep you all posted. Also, thanks to Fegan, I bookmarked that page you posted. AWESOME page.
  9. I may look into coming up and helping put on an event. We had one late last year in Palmetto, but not sure how many since. I'll be sure to let you know if I get something rolling up there.
  10. Really wanted to get one in for SWFL, but after recent low event participations, please take Ft. Myers off the list. I will probably head to the event held by Dale and Barb to get involved.
  11. 01. Avroair --- Seattle 02. BAT --- Northeast Illinois 03. ELTADA --- Ontario 04. Crowesfeat30 --- St. Louis, MO 05. Lucecitka --- Praha, Czech republic 06. gorfner --- Fayetteville, NC 07. LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21--Southfield, Michigan GC2BBQ5 08. kayakerinme - Portland Maine 09. NOSNOW - Minnesota (Twin Cities) GC2C0TP 10. Space Coast Geocachers Merritt Island, FL 11. hjnielsen - Kaysville, Utah 12. LionsLair - Forgotten Coast, Florida (Apalachicola/Mexico Beach) 13. AlliedOz - Perth, Western Australia 14. JoenSue - New Jersey 15. AtlantaGal - South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) 16. mmacgown - Long Island, New York 17. anne.and.eli - Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA 18. Cache_in_Hand, MustangJoni & Hedge Hopper - Dallas, TX 19. fatkidsOTWunite - Georgia (Columbus) 20. Vanelle - Ithaca, NY 21. Cache Addict - Denver, Colorado 22. mar-elendili - Switzerland 23. GeoGerms and 808ladybug - O'ahu, Hawai'i 24. WebXXI & Fraldinhas - Portugal 25. Lizzardman - UK 26. Lag Pins - Ft Myers, FL
  12. If I'm ever over in the area (which could be often now that I have to branch further more often), I'd be glad to get out and do some caching with you OP. Sadly, the forums that have been made have not stood well over time and more people that meet and get to know each other go the Facebook route. If there every any questions about anything, I'd be more than willing to help out from home.
  13. I have thought of that but I was also thinking of a logo with possible the skyway bridge or just something that works with the area plenty of trails or even the gulf but the more designs the better. Having the Skyway Bridge would be great, it really is an amazing site both on and off of it. Maybe having the words Tampa Bay going up one side of the bridge, and Geocachers/Geocaching going down the other. You can always look into having an aerial view of the Bay Area and a larger image of the bridge over top of it. If you do plan an event anytime, feel free to let me know, I'd love to come up and join in on the fun.
  14. I would like to help out, but since I'm not from the area, I wouldn't know exactly what ideas would be good to put into a logo for the area. Maybe you can put together an event as a meet and greet and talk with that group about what they would like in a TB area logo.
  15. My name is two parts. The Lag portion has to do with the Audio/Visual Lag that occurs on HDTVs when playing music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band (games that I get paid to play). The Pins portion has to do with my love of bowling and also the swag items I leave in caches (small bowling pins with the name Lag Pins written on them).
  16. I'm willing to talk to the group around here and find someone to help out. Have you submitted this cache for approval yet?
  17. We have just submitted our almost monthly bowling event, which will be on Feb 15th, so you guys are more than welcome to join in on that. We are also looking to get a group together to do Pittsburgh Transplant Trail 2, which is one of the most talked about around the area. It looks like we may do it on the 7th, but nothing has been finalized. We will keep in touch and be sure to get you in on anything that is planned for the time you're down.
  18. How long will you be down here for? We have yet to have an event planned in Naples for '09, but ideas have been in the works (for not only early in the morning, but also in the afternoon). Also, if you would like a list of our favorite caches in the area, we'll be glad to get you one so you know which ones not to miss.
  19. We had done that cache back in August, and it definitely was a great area that needed better than what was there. We enjoyed the tower and even having the water right near by, but when we logged our visit, the log was basically pulp. We may revisit the cache area the next time we're up there to help keep a steady TB stream go through. As to whether or not we need another smilie.....what you have done is perfectly fine with chaning the size and keeping it as the same GC. There really isn't a right or wrong, and if people complain, oh well.
  20. Honestly, we've had more of a varied crowd of cachers show up to the flash mobs held down here than our monthly events. It seems to be more of an ice breaker when you have to hug every cacher and literally sign them for credit at some flash mobs (yes, I come up with crazy things sometimes). To me, anything that gets cachers together, even just to meet for 15 minutes, is a good way to keep the spirit of the fun of caching going. Plus, even though its only 15 minutes, no one said you can't have an after flash mob non-event get together to talk more about caching and share experiences.
  21. So far we're learning from each Flash Mob we do down here. I have ran both WWFM events that SWFL has held and they have gotten better from experience. During the first one, we had the problem of cachers huddling around GZ and talking before hand. Also, with having just been in a canoe race (which was the attraction in the area big enough for the flash mob to work), I had to run to get supplies and things ended up a bit unorganized. As compared to my first attempt, the WWFM event I held Saturday was a huge success as far as organization and people doing what they needed to. We held it in the food court of the local mall and all cachers attending sat at different tables and converged when they saw the signal. We were not totally sure of the stares from muggles, but the pictures sure showed that we were an unusual sight (people staring in many pictures). If anything, it is best to have a host that has experience with such an event because there is no real time for adjusting it during.
  22. Call ahead and reserve lanes for the night, even if it more than you need. You can always call and remove a lane if you have too many. Most alleys do not mind having people just hang out and talk, whether they see them bowl or not, so no worries about anyone who would be there just to mingle. Invite cachers to bring TBs and Coins to share with the community and possibly hand off. You can always have prizes for top bowler/team if you get enough people ahead of time to plan teams.
  23. Speaking from experience hosting such an event (have held 4 so far), they are a great idea for groups because they are an instant ice breaker (teams cheering each other on, working to beat other teams, etc) and usually even better for new folks to the group because they get people working together right away. The time might be an issue since it's late, but that call is all yours. You can always see if the alley has any other group rates on other days. If you want something to go by as far as how to write things out, and even how crazy the bowling idea can get, check out GC1FY4M which was our bowling event last weekend. Any other questions about things for it, feel free to shoot me an email.
  24. Awesome job creating the google map with all the WWFMs on it. I'm the one holding the FM in South West Florida and am glad to see it up among all the rest.
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