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  1. Hi! =) Yes, I have a GPS, kind of ... it's a Lowrance Globalmap 100 which is on loan from my mom. Currently, it has developed a problem where when I first turn it on, it's fine, but after a minute or two, horizontal lines appear in the display making it very difficult to read. I can finangle the thing to make the display normal again, but it's just a real hassle to do, you know? Anyway, I would love to plan a get-together sometime. Perhaps we could meet-up at a restaurant or something and grab some food and chit-chat before diving into the hunt? =) Undrhil
  2. I am going to be making a travel bug which I will place in the first cache I hunt for and find. I am looking for something unique and different to make for the hitchhiker on the bug, but, looking around my room, I see nothing I would want to find on a travel bug or in a cache ... any ideas? I know I can stop by the dollar store and get something, but I need to know what I want to get first, you know? =) Undrhil
  3. quote:Originally posted by EScout:I think it is a shame, because when you drop it, people won't learn it. First licenced in 1996, I got my Extra in 1998. Knowing code has made the hobby much more enjoyable these last few years at the peak of the sun-spot cycle. It is much easier working DX on CW. When a station comes on SSB phone, you don't have a prayer when you have 100 watts and a one-element antenna (like 95% of Hams). I am amazed how often I can work them on the first few calls on CW. The pileups are usually much more orderly, with better operators on both sides. Also, I have had many ragchews on CW with Hams around the world that I know don't speak english. Actually, I think that is all the more reason why people *will* learn it. Once they get onto the HF bands and see how crowded the FM frequencies are and they see that there is a lot of activity on the CW freqs which they could be participating in, they might decide to learn Morse Code so they can join in. Undrhil
  4. Hello. I woke up this morning and went to turn on my Lowrance Globalmap 100 GPSr and discovered that there are lots of horizontal lines where the LCS is not working or something. If I turn on the light, those LCD lines turn dark (basically, they turn on, but not light up, get it?) I am not sure what could have caused this sudden change in behavior since it was working fine yesterday. Any ideas? Undrhil
  5. Yes. I have a Lowrance Globalmap 100 ... although within the last 24 hours it's started to act up on me. It seems like the screen is going out or something? It works sometimes, but sometimes it has horizontal lines which make seeing the map or anything in the zoom-in view impossible. =( But not to worry, as soon as I get my next paycheck, I am fishing out for a Legend or maybe even a Garmin IIIplus if I can find a good looking on eBay. =) Undrhil
  6. Hi there. =) I am new to Geocaching and would like to know if there is anyone in my area (Montgomery, AL) who would be willing to help me out on my first find (or two)? I know of none of my friend who would be interested in Geocaching, since the majority of them are EQ junkies. =( Undrhil
  7. Hey there. =) I was wondering if there are any other geocachers in Montgomery, AL who might want to give me some pointers? I would hope that I might have someone to go with me on my first find, but I have no one that I know who would be interested in a 'nature hike' so-to-speak. Thanks for any replies. =) Undrhil
  8. Undrhil

    External antenna

    Hi there. I was wondering if any geocachers have ever had to use an external antenna with their GPSr? I am looking at getting a Garmin eTrex Legend, but I want to know if the built-in antenna will be enough for future use.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Acuracura:Relatively new to Amateur Radio (2 years) and still new to Geocaching (6 months). Currently use Yaesu FT-51R (VHF/UHF HT) and FT-10R (VHF HT) and a Garmin eMap. Hope to get a portable APRS station going soon. All I need is a TNC. - Patrick Wong VE7DPT Vancouver, BC, Canada Hey, Patrick ... check out the info for using you computer's sound card as a TNC located at http://www.qsl.net/soundcardpacket/ ... all you need is the cables to interface from your soundcard to your radio and you're all set! Works really well if you also have a laptop. If not, well, start saving up for one. =)
  10. KK4KEN - In case you can't tell, it's a vanity call sign. =) Montgomery, AL Ken Livingston
  11. Hey everyone. I am brand new to Geocaching and I must say that I am getting more and more excited about it the more I read this website. I have a Lowrance Globalmap 100 GPS unit which is on load from my mom for the time being. My question is Will this GPS work for Geocaching or should I shell out the big bucks for a Garmin or something? The Globalmap 100 has a PC input and can take maps (from some software package which I will have to find and buy, I'm sure) and waypoints. In fact, the Groundspeak EasyGPS software does have an entry for this particular GPS, so I know I can get waypoints to it. Undrhil
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