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  1. To see what others have said on a specific cache, you have the log on that page and can see all logs by selecting that at the bottom of a page. To see what a specific cacher has logged, you can click on their name and it will take you to their profile page. Select the "geocaches" tab. Click on (all geocaches). That will bring up a list of their activity and you can click on one and read the logs. Try clicking my name and following it. I think you can search for a cacher from your account page. Click on your own name at the top of the window to search.
  2. It's dead, Jim. You get it's tricorder and I'll get it's GPSr.
  3. I like it. My favorites are the ones where you hike a little, and have some privacy for the hunt. If I take the kids, stealth can be a difficult accomplishment, so I have to choose which ones to take them on. They do like to hike, though, so that would be fine.
  4. I have another one...pottery wheel...$200 to $1000's kiln $$$$$ glazes $alot more than you'd think clay tools instruction even if you don't buy your own equipment, you'd have to pay studio fees to use someone else's. But I never got as dirty geocashing as I did throwing pottery!
  5. I cant believe I had to read so far to get to another skydiver! You know, one of the funny things though is at the drop zone when someone talks about how expensive it's getting because of the cost of feul going up, we remind eachother that it is still cheaper than golf... Don't hate me...when I used to skydive, it was $10 a pop to get a ride up to altitude... 'course that was a college team and the pilot pretty much donated his time. Didn't own my own chute, and I don't remember how much the fees were, but they were pretty cheap. Still more than geocaching. Heck, I've spent WAY more in scrapbooking supplies than on geocaching supplies.
  6. Will your car always be there? Seriously, what if someone else is parked there? Could the starting coordinates be somewhere else besides a parking space? My GPSr isn't always that accurate. I could be starting 20 feet away from the correct spot. Will the steps be in actual footage, or average "steps"? I'm only 5 feet tall, could make a big difference. Just a few things to think about...
  7. Mine is Elroy. It's a Jensen brand, sounds like Jetson...
  8. eeek! I'm still a brand new, wet behind the ears cacher, and I logged my first cache as found because we found stage one and two of a four part cache. I didn't know any better, I promise! We never could find 3rd stage, and were planning to go back for 3 & 4 another day. Before we could get back, it was disabled. Turns out stage three needed to be reset. How do I change my smiley since I didn't find it?
  9. TMDMom

    Google Maps

    I was searching for a thread on this very topic. When I try to use the Google map, it looks fine until I touch it to move it. Then I get an error message and a "parsing geocaches" message that never stops twirling. And it never brings up any caches. I wondered if it was my computer. Any help would be most appreciated.
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