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  1. I understand taking a GPSr with you on vacation on a cruise or airline, but can someone tell my why you would need to use it during a flight? Other than to look at it for fun?
  2. Many of the items previously mentioned Pepper spray (gel actually) plastic gloves for when the cache is lovingly placed in a bed of poison ivy rain poncho swag pens paper flashlight camera sweat rag water plastic baggies cell phone gps right now the print outs of the cache pages. VERY soon a palm handheld. I also carry a hiking stick to most caches In the car: Bug/Tick repellant Snake bite kit Sun screen Now I just remembered I wanted to put a pocket knife in my bag....off to do that
  3. I don't see a problem with it. You aren't logging them as found twice, just going to pick up travelers to help them on their journey. My only question would be, do you have internet access on your trip? If not, the travelers would appear on cache pages as still there when you would have removed them. But then, it seems like a lot of bugs and coins are missing from caches when I expect to find one there, so at least yours will eventually show up. Have fun and travel safe!
  4. My 7 year old wants to go hunt for any kind of cache. Micros, film cans, ammo boxes, doesn't matter. My 12 and 14 year olds only want to go on the big hikes. If we aren't hiking at least 30 minutes, they are not interested. I think by me going out more and hiking/walking, it will have a trickle down affect on them getting healthier. Even hunting urban caches is at least outside, not in front of a TV, so there is some benefit to that.
  5. what I really wish existed was a pill you could take to prevent you from having the reaction. You can't NOT come in contact with it whilst looking for a cache. Least not around here. And if you get the oil on your shoes or anything else, the next time you touch that item you reinfect yourself.
  6. I tromped around in it today, and my last round is just now fading away. My caching buddy isn't affected by it at all. She's in shorts, I'm dressed like a crazy person in 80+ degree weather all covered up.
  7. work kids schedules gas prices caching buddies availability (some I'll do alone, but I really prefer caching with my cache buddies) running out of red left handed 15th century Burgundian widgets for swag trades.
  8. what about making your setup activate when the cache is opened? Then closing it would close the trigger. eta...if I opened a cache and lights and sounds starting going off it would scare the daylights out of me then I would laugh hysterically.
  9. Some caches are large enough for trinkets, but they might not be anything specific to that cache like a stamp would be. You could make your own caching journal. I just use the online logs to keep track of my finds.
  10. Well, as a newbie, I've done all of the above. I've written the dreaded "3 of 8 found today, TNLNSL, TFTC". I've also written essays on the adventures. I guess I never considered whether the CO reads each and every post. I kinda thought some hiders probably never read them. Some might read them, and maybe others get notified and read each one the day it gets logged. I'll certainly be more cognizant of what I write. Maybe a little education to those of us who haven't hidden yet would help? This thread will probably help, at least for those of us who check out the forums.
  11. I like the snippets of history. It's a great way to learn things. I like to bring my kids along and if it's a quick history lesson, even better. We did one today that first took us to an historic marker, which only took a couple of minutes to read, but my 12 year old said "oh, that's cool"...well worth the stop.
  12. We stopped in a welcome center in Oklahoma and my wife was looking through some books that they sell. She showed me a book they had about geocaching and the lady said " we have one of those here, would you like to see it? So she brings out an ammo can. Without doing some looking I can't even remember what cache it was. Now, that's funny! But you didn't find that cache, that cache found you...
  13. If you replace a log (for example in a micro where there is not room to just add paper), what do you do with the old one? I saw one yesterday where there was barely room to squeeze initials on. I didn't have any paper on me or I would have replaced it, then I wondered about the old log. Just curious.
  14. oh, I logged it for sure. I signed it, so I logged it. It wasn't a multi, and I wasn't there for geocaching. I just saw it. Now, had I actually been there caching, I probably would have wandered around for 10 minutes staring at my gps...
  15. I still can't believe this happened!!! Our last night on vacation we played mini golf, then got ice cream. A lady at the ice cream parlour asked us if we'd been to see any of the historic covered bridges, and told us about this one. I didn't have coords, didn't even know there was a cache here, just out sight-seeing with the kids. As I'm pulling out to leave, I spot "something". It basically looked like a shadow, but out of place. Me: "Is that what I think it is?" Oldest daughter: "Is it a Geocache?". I go check it out...sure enough! A magnetic! I was laughing like a madwoman as we signed that log! How often does that happen?
  16. I'm still a fledgling cacher, but my caching buddy and I have aimed for a couple of FTF's and missed. I just think it adds an extra element of excitement. We weren't disappointed to be 2nd or 3rd to find. We still found it. I just think it's fun. Recently I've had two FTF's for my 7 year old, which I took her to hunt (obviously, since she can't drive). They were both caches aimed at young people, asking FTF honors to be reserved for under 12 & under 18. That was kinda cool. Not exactly the same since the cachers with no kids at home were waiting for FTF to post, so not as much competition, but still cool for the kids. Still no FTF's just for me though.
  17. This one is a free standing safe under a magnolia tree in an office parking lot. Not well hidden, but not exactly out in the open. You have to have the puzzle components to figure out the combo. Really cool cache, and the biggest one I've found.
  18. I like the flat ones, are they bead containers? I could see where the canisters could be useful also. As the others said, much better than finding one broken earring or a toy so worn out the paint is rubbed off. I don't know what kind of pins you are trading these for. Maybe the value is different, and that's why your friends object?
  19. ahhh...mine's not old, just not designed for this activity. I have to load each set of coords individually also. I would be right there with you.
  20. oh, another thought...what kind of gpsr are you using? does it have a pedestrian setting? sometimes I forget to switch to pedestrian when I get close and it makes a difference.
  21. I told my friend that if the rent a cop in the shopping center asks, I'm going to tell him she had really bad gas and I made her get out of the car and walk around. I've never used this, but I might just tell anyone who looks inquisitive to move on and let me endure my morning sickness with some dignity...doesn't really matter if you are pregnant...but don't think that would work for men. Maybe a bad case of food poisoning?
  22. Were these all event caches everyone was hunting, or were you let loose to find caches in the area? I'm fairly new also and I've never been to an event, so I was wondering how it was set up. If you were given a list of caches in a 50 mile radius or were all the caches were near/on the event site. The organizing tips previously mentioned would play a bigger part if the caches are all over the place. Some people just seem to be able to find things faster. My friend has a "gift". I don't know how she does it. She's the least interested in caching of our little group, but we can search for 20 minutes while she's walking around with the baby, and then she'll walk right up and spot it. I have days when I can find everything I'm looking for, and days when I don't find a thing. I would imagine experience has a LOT to do with it. I bet this time next year new cachers will wonder how you got so many finds at the event and they didn't.
  23. I'm trying to go paperless and not having much success, so I'm really glad you started this thread. I have an ancient palm, and it's having connection problems, so I haven't been able to successfully load any data onto it. I am planning on upgrading to a more accurate GPSr, so I was wondering, is the Colorado the only GPSr that allows for paperless caching without a second device? Sorry for getting OT, anyone who has any info could pm me instead of derailing the thread...
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