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  1. I don't think it takes that long to prepare, but I also have lots loaded into my gpsr, so I would have coords for the unplanned excursions. The only problem I have with that is if I don't have the paper (or PDA, previously) then I won't know if what I'm going to is just parking coords and I have to do something to find the cache other than follow my gpsr. I guess I do need a new pda. I already have GSAK and Cachemate, so I might as well fix that situation.
  2. I bet that you would like a newer model. Better batteries, more memory and faster processors go a long way to fix the problems that you cited. Also, when I am out on a log day caching, I'll plug my pda in if I am in the car for more than just a couple of minutes. you're probably right. I had a freebie hand me down (see previous post...me...frugal) but maybe I'll get a new one for my birthday.
  3. This is interesting. My caching buddy loves the paper and refuses to go paperless, so if I'm with her she has all the cache pages printed that we might do. I'm, shall we say, frugal and don't want to waste expensive printer ink on needless printing, much less wasted paper, so if I'm caching with a group, I'll plan a route, and in a Word document I'll make a quick and dirty list, something like this: Name of Cache GCXXXX d/t size of cache hints if available, or any pertinent info (walk ten feet from the forked tree...etc) I can usually get 20-30 on one sheet of paper if I do two columns. That leaves room for notes (wet log, great view, etc) to help me remember what to put in the log. When I get back in the car I just write a quick "F" or "DNF" next to the info and any notes I want to remember. I load the coords into my GPS, so the GC number is very helpful from the list. Oh, and I email the list to the participants, so they can print what they want or add any notes they feel they need. edited to add: I used to use a PDA, but found I didnt really like it. The battery would die at the most inopportune moment, or the sorting would take too long, just didn't work for me. Maybe I need a newer one.
  4. ugh. my workaround is to go to the Garmin website, sign in and search on the area, then select the ones I want to load. Downside, a little more time to get to this point and it doesn't exclude the ones I've found. Upside, click as many as you want and it loads them all at once. Well, at least I don't have to toggle around to enter them manually. Unfortunately it doesn't give me anything but traditional non multi caches. I guess I'll still be calling Garmin next week.
  5. I have a Garmin etrex Vista HCx. I have windows xp and use cable internet. I was able to use the send to GPS feature last week, and today it isn't working. I downloaded the new version and the test page says it's working properly. I tried the shift and control key tricks and still no luck. Any body have any new ideas? Otherwise I guess I'll be calling Garmin Monday (or Tuesday if they close for Pres. day).
  6. I accidentally took my sister to a PMO cache. It was an 11 part multi. A lot of fun, and she cheerfully said she had fun even if she never got to log the smiley. I pm'd the owner and explained it was all my fault and I would like for her to get to log the find, and the CO was quite lovely about it and made the cache a regular cache long enough for sis to log her find.
  7. TMDMom


    if you follow the event registration link to the Lapham state park site, you'll see admission sticker pricing. Looks like you'll have to pay $7 per day for admission. I'd double check with event coordinators. At $14 for two days, it might be worth it to go ahead and get the $25 annual pass. In Georgia we pay $3 or $4 per day, can't remember exactly, or you can get the $25 pass.
  8. TMDMom


    What picnic? Where? When? Could you post the event number? We need alot more information to help you with this. I assume you are talking about some event in Wisconsin, since that is where all of your finds are. I could be wrong. You could try contacting the event coordinator.
  9. I posted earlier in the thread that my Jensen is Elroy, which my daughter murdered, so now we have Elroy II, but still just call him Elroy. My daughter named my Vista 'Carmen' as in "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego". My palm is a Sony Clie which I named Boris. One of my caching friends calls her nuvi Jill, and another has named hers "Jonesy", which I think is from Hunt for Red October or something. I'll have to ask her again. We have lots of conversations like "Jonesy says it's over there, what do Jill and Carmen say?" "Check Boris to see if there are any hints". "Elroy is right, Jill is on crack". Another of my friends has a 60 csx which she had never named, so I dubbed it Carrington.
  10. Riddle/Obscure language cache Now there are hints in some logs, but I worked on this before those appeared.
  11. Second easiest way will take some time...find any cache along the way, under the map in the middle of the cache page click the geocaching google map. You'll see icons for caches. Zoom out and follow your route. From there do what you'd normally do, print, load into your gps, whatever.
  12. I'm guessing it's the same as a "seed cache", where the cache owner stocks smaller ready to hide caches as swag for finders to take, thereby making it easier for people to hide more caches. Did you see one in particular in your area you are trying to find again?
  13. I haven't tried the blocker lotion simply because it seems inconvenient. I'd have to keep buying it in bulk and rubbing it on even if I didn't know for sure I'm going to encounter the offending plants. I have a dedicated pair of shoes for caching. I always wear jeans/long pants, I keep a pair of plastic gloves in my cache bag and a plastic bag in the car to put my shoes in if I take them off before going somewhere else. I have a few times washed my shoes in Tecnu when I get home. I'm VERY careful about removing pants/sock/shoes to make sure I don't touch skin with potentially oiled clothing or gear, then cleaning it thoroughly. The oils will stay on gear for a long time and can get you later. It's a pain, but I've only had the rash once in 6 months and it was minimal. And believe me, just thinking about Briansnat rolling nekkid in PI is making me itch. I am extremely allergic. So being hyper aware of what may have contacted the oil and washing with Tecnu when I get home seems to be working. Also, I remember reading that the initial washing should be with cold water. The hot water may be good for the pain and itching later, but cold water will prevent the oil from spreading apparently.
  14. I think giving an option for a DNF to use something other than a frowny would increase the DNF logs. this guy for some things this guy for others maybe him sometimes or him I will often put in my DNF logs, "oh well, I had fun", or "I will return", or if I've DNF'd a few times "I'll put this on my watch list and return after someone else finds it" Also, another good reason to log DNF's for me is so I can go back and find the cache page easily "...now, which cache was it that I couldn't find...Oh, there it is on my cache history!"
  15. Silfron, I'm pming you about your gps. I used a car gps till recently and can make it go off road. I bet yours does too. Back to your regularly scheduled thread...
  16. I try to remember to log them. Logged one yesterday. I didn't say it wasn't there, just that I didn't find it, and the owner went right out and verified its existence and emailed me that it was still there. That's dedication for which I thanked him. If I've failed to log a DNF, It's because I forgot. I don't think it's a failure. I also wish it wasn't a frowny face. A choice of faces would be nice. I don't feel sad that I don't find them. I usually have fun anyway. If I made a decision not to log it, it's because I didn't look for it. If I saw that the area was full of poison ivy and didn't even get close to gz where I would actually started looking for it, I don't think that's relevant. It has no bearing on the cache status since I didn't actually look for it. If the park is closed and you can't get to ground zero, in my book that's not a DNF. It's a drive by. But I do try to log them. I agree that with that information from other cachers I'd probably waste less gas going after caches that aren't there.
  17. I guess I haven't thought about it enough to care one way or another. Hmmm...how do I feel about this? Well, it's your cache, you play it the way you want to. But other cachers will play it the way they want to. That's the beauty of the game. If you are going to put a "Congrats to CacherX for FTF", then you can pick which one sounds like the real FTF from the logs, or just not add that to the cache page. I'm not really an FTF hound. My daughter has two, but to be honest that was because the CO asked that the FTF honors be reserved for a kid, and people were posting notes for a kid to hurry up and find it so they could go get it. We were happy to oblige, and it was cool. FTF hunts add a little more excitement, but I don't usually rush right out to try to grab them, but if I were out with my cache buddy and she found it first, I'd say absolutely, you are FTF. If I find it first, I'd offer to share, but she'd probably say no. I think it's usually a case of the hunters trying to be nice to each other. How can that be a bad thing?
  18. Georgia's Largest Ammo Can is on the cache owners property. You can see it from the road. Check out the gallery
  19. This is the pack I got...linky Hope this helps.
  20. I just bought a couple for my daughter and me for a big hike we are doing this fall, and we've been using them on our training hikes. I got a small camelbak from backcountryoutlet.com and I love it! I also got us a couple of hydration compatible Vaude packs with the chest and waist straps for packing in our gear. I'd never heard of that brand, but I like what I got. There is a mesh back piece with a bracing that keeps the pack off your back. I use the small hydration pack for caching, going to the 4th of July parade, walking trails, whatever. I did get them on clearance from the online outlet. I was looking for a hydration compatible pack, and I'd been researching and found lots of reviews from which I gleaned that the $15 ones from Wally world seem to have a leakage problem. But like you I didn't want to spend a car payment on two backpacks. After finding the packs I wanted, I discovered they didn't come with the hydration bladder and parts, which apparently START at $25. Then I found the camelbaks on clearance for $20, including the pack, the bladder, the mouthpiece. Deal! It is small, but has a zipper pocket big enough for keys and a cell phone. You may find a better deal if you just search online, or maybe ebay.
  21. If I were passing through, I would most likely not try for multis or puzzles (unless I had solved the puzzle prior to the trip). I would, however, be thrilled with a single like this one! That sounds like a cool idea, and I would definitely enjoy a stop in a free museum. If I were local any of the above would be cool.
  22. drill bits come in lots of sizes. try home depot online and see what you can find.
  23. you asked for a difficulty level of 5?
  24. ...wouldn't that be a "caches along a route" function? *is confused*
  25. maybe you could create a secondary account for hiding caches (at least for awhile) and not put any personal info on your profile. If this person is targeting new hiders, this won't help, but if they are targeting you specifically it might. I would use cheap containers and no bugs and don't be emotionally attached to new caches, kinda like an experiment. That really stinks that someone feels the need to do this to you (or any other cacher at all). Good Luck.
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