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  1. It sounds like that for what you are trying to do the yellow etrex units would work just fine for you, they usually run about $99 a unit. if you work with youth a lot I would also suggest looking into the Garmin rino series it runs higher in price but I have found that the built in radio is a must have for sending youth out in groups
  2. I work with Washington state 4-H and we are in the process of putting together some curriculum on using GPS/GIS technology with youth. Some stuff in the curriculum is specific to 4-H but has a lot of good stuff in it. If anybody is interested I can post a link to where you can download a copy of it.
  3. up to this point I have only done traditional caches where I hide them and they find them so these would ideas will get the youth more involved. thanks for the suggestions.
  4. You might want to use ESRI software to do the mapping. We use it a lot with in 4-H when we have our youth map diffrent things out. Brian, 4-H Tech Advisor
  5. I am supposed to be using GPS units for icebreaker games at a 4-H youth conference does anybody have suggestions on games I could use with them? They will mostly be 9th grade and up. Brian, 4-H Tech Advisor
  6. sound like a goods Idea sounds like it would work pretty well. sounds like something I could use with my 4-H group. just wondering though how would you make it a fundraiser. "he who dares, wins"
  7. I dont think this would be anything like controlled anarchy. I dont think there is any problem with a large group of people gathering there is a HUGE diffrence with people gathering for fun and people gathering to protest. as long as this sort of thing is done properly I think it could be loads of fun --rebel
  8. hmm an Interesting idea. Instead of actually searching for a cach you could just give coordinates and a time to be there and everybody would have to track down that place using a GPSr. the possibilities of places to use are endless it could be anywhere from in the middle of a forest to a bank in the city. a very interesting concept! --rebel
  9. try an old IH scout they dont cost that much got plenty of room for all your gear and passengers. and are great for offroading
  10. I think an evcent like this would be very good for the the geocaching community. I dont think going public like this will cause anymore of a problem than having geocaching on the news and on the travel chanel. what it would do is help organize the sport better. if everybody is still interested in doing this I would be more than willing to help organize it since I have experience in puttting events like this together.
  11. I am over in renton so I will try and stop by thank you for the info!
  12. In 4-H we are doing something like this we are having our kids map out areas in there community that they like to hang out and feel are "youth safe" once they get all the coordinates of the areas we are going to use Gis software to make maps of there communites we have the program going in 14 states now but the Idea is catchingon fast.
  13. I have a bunch of 4-H cahers that would love to participate in a organized event. does anybody know of any happening in washington.
  14. I work with 4-H youth and we mostle use the garmin e-trex it has all of the basic functions and is very user friendly another good model we have dicoverd is the garmin rhino the advatge this has is it has a two way radio built into it so that if you have lots of kids or groups of kids out there at one time you can comunicate with them.
  15. I am Working with Jr. High and High school age 4-H youth with GPS and we will start with GIS soon does anybody have suggestions for activities I could do with them.
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