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  1. Living in Arkansas I dont leave the house with out carring my hand gun. There are alot of bad people in the world and somehow alot of them decide to live in Arkansas. Can't really say that about Arkansas, each state has their fair share of bad people. Either urban caching or caching in the woods I feel safer with my .40 cal. I haven't herd of anybody getting killed while caching in this state, but the ShadowCachers don't want to become a statistic. I know my wife and kids feel safer to cache in cities where the crime rate is high.
  2. Worst thing I have come across was a cache in TN at a truck stop. If I remember correctly it was called Just a friendly TB Hotel. I ventured about 15 feet into the woods and discovered the a ammo box. While signing the log and doing a TB swap I kept wondering why the ground was so soggy and sticky looking. The smell in the area was horribale. I guess someone had emptied there portapotty out of their RV or dumped something. Even the ammo can smelled as if someone had used the bathroom in it. I retrieved a TB from the can and B-lined for the gas station to purchase some hand sanatizer. I guess it could have been worse I figure.
  3. I have been serving for 10 1/2 years now and concidered a veteran also. I've been around the world several time and missed many holidays with family. 9 1/2 years to go until retirement. Love what I do and no regrets. Air Force all the way.
  4. I used a Magellan 500LE and after about one month I upgraded to Garmin 60csx. I wouldn't trade my garmin for anything. After loading the icons for caching its absolutly perfect. I would recomend the 60csx to anybody. I also use my IPOD for paperless caching and the two combined makes a perfect combination.
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