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  1. Hi, I don't need the cable but just wanted to thank you for the links at the bottom of your post. Very helpful information. Peter aka Agreatscot
  2. Team Shuey, Do you carry an accessory the military Ergo Hydrolock? This is the one that has a shutoff and puts the Big Bite Valve at a 90 degree to the tube for easier drinking? The Military one is supposed to be black not blue and yellow like the civilian version. Thanks, Peter aka Agreatscot
  3. MtnLion, After you get the Fatboy can you give a review of how you like it. I am looking at the Thermite Versipack Thermite Versipackand would like to hear a Geocatcher review of the Fatboy. Thanks, Peter aka Agreatscot
  4. OOPS! HTML issue? 2 of the pictures did not get there: Hope this gets there, Agreatscot
  5. TNRONIN, The items I have are the CPM and the M1. I am using the CPM nearly all the time with my Startac. Here are a couple pictures: Have to show off the buckle: Here are a couple on my Camelbak Motherlode strap: http://images.andale.com/f2/105/129/6328349/1061113554213_P8200125.JPG This is a terrific case for the Startac. I mostly wear it horizontal position except when wearing a fannypack. I will review the M1 after my Point Magu wilderness hike next month. Thanks again, Peter aka Agreatscot
  6. quote:Originally posted by Desert_Warrior:This thread got me thinking. So I did it. I dumped it on the floor, added a few things I carry but don't keep in the box... http://home.elp.rr.com/elpasochl/Pack.jpg ....... A. First Aid Kit. What is in it is for another thread. ... M. Mil Write in the Rain notebook with Pencil. ... T. Custom Combat Knife with holder. ... Mike. Desert_Warrior (KD9KC). El Paso, Texas. Citizens of this land may own guns. Not to threaten their neighbors, but to ensure themselves of liberty and freedom. They are not assault weapons anymore... they are HOMELAND DEFENSE WEAPONS! [This message was edited by Desert_Warrior on December 19, 2002 at 08:59 PM.] Mike, Questions for you. 1.Where do I see the first aid kit details. 2. Write in the Rain, is it worth the price, does it work well, and the ones on the site are the pages blank. 3. As a knife collector I have to ask about your custom combat knife? Who made it, details about it. Thank you for your posts I see in many threads. As a newbie to Geocaching I appreciate your common sense. Especially about the desert since I live in Southern California and we have a couple! LOL. Peter aka Agreatscot
  7. Hi, Can you respond to the questions Alabama Rambler has in this thread. I am interested in your answers. Thanks, Peter
  8. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:
  9. quote:Originally posted by TNRonin:Now that I can sit down and work on this question... quote:Originally posted by AGREATSCOT:I need 2 things: 1. Startac phone, what do you recommend. I would say the cp-m. quote:2. A second one for a small (not sure yet which one) GPS and my Handspring GPS. Are you wanting to carry both at the same time in one container? If that is what you want, the M-1 would be a good one. Individually, a small GPS gecko could easily fit in a cp-m, or a cp-s. A sportrak or meridian size will have to go in a cp-l. I have the sportrak and it just won't go in a cp-m. And I know the Meridian is larger. With regards to the handspring by itself, there are no pouches it would work with. I don't think the cp-l will get large enough. I don't have one in my hands either the handspring or the cp-l, but the width of the handspring is the issue IMHO. I will get the item totals emailed to you shortly. I still need the shipping data so I can accurately calc the total on the order. Thanks. Mitch http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=2416058331&m=31860837&r=31860837#31860837 http://www.tnrdgrnr.com/maxpedition Package arrived on Saturday! Fantastic! I have been wearing the CP-M with my Startac cell phone ever since. First,I wore it on my belt, then on the strap for my fanny pack, and on the strap for my Camelbak for a fitness walk. I am really pleased by the quality of construction and materials. I am also impressed by how it adjusts to get a perfect fit and converts (by realigning the heavy duty Velcro straps) from a horizontal carry on my belt or fanny pack to a vertical carry on my pack strap. I have tried other horizontal carry cases for my Startac and the antenna was always in harms way. With the CP-M I am able to lengthen the space to protect the antenna. It is excellent! Due to schedule 'challenges,' I have not well tested the M-1 yet so I will do a later post about it. There is one problem with it so far, my wife seems ready to adopt it for her use and told me to 'get my own.' I think I will not argue with her (not a wise thing to do, she is part Irish) and order another one, maybe I will get an M-4. Thanks for the great service and shipping, Agreatscot
  10. Thank you very much. I just emailed my shipping and payment information for the CP-M in OD green and the M-1 in OD green. I really look forward to using these with my Camelbak OD green Motherlode on my next quest. I will be happy to review these for you. I have a Point Magu wilderness hike coming up and they will be real handy. Take care, Agreatscot
  11. Hi Ronin, The other items are: Single Sheath in green #1411 Pug Wallet in green #0204 or Rat Wallet in green #0203 The sheath seems perfect for my surefire E2E and the wallets seems a secure carry with cellphone and compass. Yes, I backup my GPS with a compass (Silva ranger) Thanks, Agreatscot PS will I get 25% off If I do an eval on these?? [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on August 05, 2003 at 11:24 AM.]
  12. Hey Ronin, This stuff looks great. I need 2 things: 1. Startac phone, what do you recommend. 2. A second one for a small (not sure yet which one) GPS and my Handspring GPS. I saw a couple items on their site that you do not carry yet, can you get them easily? Thanks again, Agreatscot
  13. Hello, Greetings from a former 'Lurker' who has been following this thread. I'm new to Geocaching and am 'gearing up'. I have a OD Motherlode, a black mule, and a desert camo 2L Thermobak. They are all mil spec. The Motherlode has been used for hiking, desert exploring, and even flea markets. The thermobak is perfect for yardwork and fitness walks(in the California sun) The Black Mule is for around town. I want to address the questions about what you attach to the MOLLE attachments. I use equipment from Bianchi, Blackhawk industries, and Eagle Indusrties such as dual magazine cases for a swiss army knife and a flashlight. I also use a 'm16' mag case from blackhawk for my PDA (Handspring Prism with a GPS Module). FYI Eagle industries makes the backpacks for Camelbak and is teriffic. http://www.bianchi-intl.com/ http://www.blackhawkindustries.com/product_catalog.asp?cat_id=58&d= http://www.eagleindustries.com/ I have bought my packs from Ebay. Tean Shuey you will get my future business when I upgrade to a BFM Desert Camo, you are fantastic.. Sorry if too wordy on first posting, Agreatscot [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on August 05, 2003 at 01:16 AM.]
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