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  1. Hi Mitch, One more thing. I was visiting the friend of mine that bought the black CP-M. We were wondering if my Cammenga Lensatic compass would fit in it. I do not like the cases these compass come in, you know, with the single Alice clip. Too loose, hard to open, and clumsey to attach. So we decided to try it in the CP-M. With a little adjusting it was perfect! Very secure, easy to pull out and easy to attach to my pack strap where I like it. I was going to shoot a picture or two and post it but I left it at his house! I will post tomorrow. Take it easy, Peter Geocachers do it with coordinates! [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on November 06, 2003 at 09:53 PM.]
  2. Hi Mitch, So the big mambo order is in, right? So how about a quick picture of a CP-L with your GPSr in it!?! Thanks for putting in the product highlighters for the Thermite, Fatboy, and Proteus. Those are great! Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  3. Hi Mitch, No, this is a new DC Proteus but now my buddy wants to get the DC Thermite first. So please keep the DC Thermite coming and wait on the DC Proteus. I bet when he sees my OD Proteus he will want it ASAP. Sorry about all the confusion. Did you get my Paypal today OK? Thanks for the great support, Peter Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  4. Hey Mitch, Have you seen the 'Product Highlighters' on the Maxpedition website for the Versipacks? As you say, TOO KEWELL!! One of my buddies wants one in desert camo after reading the specs. Add that to your future order. Thanks, Peter Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  5. Hi Mitch, Can't wait to get the Proteus Versipack. I think it will be great as a digital camera and accessory carrier. Have you used a Proteus at all? Just wondered what you think. Paypal sent! Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  6. FYI I bought a cleaning kit, a resevoir dryer, and a big bite cover. Think about it, you might need these too. Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  7. quote:Originally posted by Northern Trekker:I use wide, clear packing tape. I use the same thing on my PDA, my cell phone screen and my kids' gameboy screen. When it starts to show some wear, I just pull it off and start again. I could probably do 100 GPS units for about $4. my $0.02 Northern Trekker That is a great idea, Northern Trecker. Does it leave any stikiness on the screen? If so how do you clean it. I have been using the Fellows kits for my handspring but tooooo pricy!! Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  8. quote:Originally posted by CacheClan: I really like the Thermite and the Fatboy but am undecided right now which on to get. I like the waist/leg strap of the Thermite but am thinking of the space provided for my stuff by the Fatboy but really don't like that it's just a shoulder strap. Hi Cacheclan, Thought I would give you my 2 cents worth. I bought a Thermite a couple monthe ago and love it, I thought about the Fatboy but see two problems for me. One, I am left handed and it is really designed for right handed people. Two, over the shoulder bags will move around you when you bend over or reach for something. I love the Thermite, it is really great to wear and stays where it belongs. I use a colortrak and sometimes a Handspring Visor with a GPSr module. There is plenty of room for these plus gloves, compass, pens, note pad, swiss army knife,surefire flashlight, lighter, and printouts. I only use the leg tie down when going to rugged terrain, most often it is not needed. A friend of mine also got one for trail running and another friend has one on order. Now, I do wish that Maxpedition would make a Thermite 'Magnum' that is big enough for all that and my digital camera. Now I keep the camera in my Camelbak so it is no problem. Good luck, Peter AKA Agreatscot Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  9. I forgot to add, email him first to see what is in stock.
  10. quote:Originally posted by rghermes:This link still works. You may want to look at it, Shuey. http://store.yahoo.com/reliancesales/recreational.html I emailed an order for some accessories to Chris at Team Shuey and he said to use that link so it is still up. Anybody that needs accessories, Team Shuey still has some so please order and show our support! Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  11. Hello Hi-Flyer, Welcome to Geocaching! I am also a newbie, one cache by myself, half a dozen following along with some friends. The D/T stands for difficulty/Terrain. 1/1 is easy physically challenged accessable: 5/5 would need rapelling, ice climbing, etc to find. The Lat/Lon is for other Geocachers to find it. So, yes I guess you do need a GPSr (GPS receiver) to create a cache. You can look for caches without a GPSr but that is real challenging, Topo maps, online maps and especially Microsoft Terra Server - aerial photos or similar to find. It is suggested that you find 10 or so caches before you hide one. Be sure to read Read first Perhaps you can meet another geocacher in your area to set the Lon/Lat for your caches until you get a GPSr? Good luck, Peter AKA Agreatscot Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  12. Hi Gang, I am using an old Colortrak. I am thinking Meridian or Sportrack. What do you recommend? I am just into geocaching and see the value of maps. Thanks for your help. Peter Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  13. quote:Originally posted by megus:COOL. I MIGHT GET THE THING THAT HOLDS THE CELL PHONE. Hi Megus. Do it, get one. It is the best cell phone holder I have used. I like the horizontal carry but others I tried would break the antenna. The CP-M allows you to adjust it in all directions. So when I bend over my 'bellius magnumus' won't break the antenna, LOL! [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on October 28, 2003 at 10:26 AM.]
  14. quote:Originally posted by Team Shuey: I am sorry everyone!!!! Times have been VERY slow for Team Shuey, and the business has made a terrible decline over the last 3 months, so I have no choice but to close it down. I do have a few recreational MULES available if anyone is interested give me a call at 813-376-0566. Thannks for everyones support, Shuey Team Shuey Riverview, Florida Hello Chris and Team Shuey, I am so sorry to hear about your business. You have been terrific in service and support for geocaching, Boy Scouts, etc. I know you are a victim of short supply due to the war demands on Camelbak. I wish you the best of success for your future endeavors,thank you, Peter AKA Agreatscot Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  15. Leemann, Got it right this time! You are going to love that BFM. I have mine loaded and ready for a Geocaching hike in Rocky Point. However, that is on the border between Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley and it is on fire right now! Those caches are burned. I guess I will delay that until after Halloween. It won't be a pretty sight. May God bless and protect the fearless firefighters. By the way, LA County and City Fire Dept. use Camelbaks!
  16. Leeman, Congrats on the BFM! Is that the one you are using as mentioned in the other thread? Oh, and I promise to stop asking you so many questions. Iam not a stalker, REALLY I AM NOT A STALKER! LOL! Peter
  17. quote:Originally posted by rayt333:Sounds like it would be a great trade item for a first finder of a new cache. :&gt Hi Ray333, That is what I was thinking to use it for my first cache as a first find. I might be tempted to keep it but I almost always wear a Tilley. Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  18. I just bid on it, I like it! Where in Michigan was the Cache? I used to spend a lot of time in Southfield and Troy when I worked for EDS. Geocachers do it with coordinates! [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on October 23, 2003 at 11:25 AM.]
  19. Hi Leemann, I think I can answer your question about the Nokia. I bought a CP-M for my Startac and love it. A friend bought one for his Nokia after he saw mine and has worn it since. I do not know what model his is but it is medium size. This is a picture of my Startac horizontal on the belt: This is how I wear it on my Camelbak: It adjusts really well to different belts and pack straps. I hope this helps, I know TNRonin can be real busy with teaching and his other job. I have 2 of the CP-L on order, 1 for my GPSr and one for a friend for his Sportrack Color. Can't wait! Take care, Peter AKA Agreatscot Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  20. OK, here is another idea. A long sleeved shirt khaki button down pockets with a Geocaching logo on one pocket. And the sleeves should have the rollup buttown down thingies. How about a collaberation with REI. OOPS! Now it will be $85.00. Guess I will get those camo patches and make my own. Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  21. quote:Originally posted by Alsid Prime:One thing i DO need though is Sutures....So far i have been unable to find them anywhere.... --Alsid Prime-- GeoCaching for a goal. Ebay has 18 listings for sutures, some sound like a good deal. Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  22. quote:Originally posted by Bilder:I carry 2 different kits depending on where I am going. For in town parks and such, it is a simple bandaid, ointment, tape, asprin, etc. kind of kit. Do you carry that in your Maxpedition M-1? Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  23. Summer is back! Here at the beach, morning fog then high of 75 low of 57. In the Valley (San Fernando) high of 95 low of 68. Sunday hotter! Geocachers do it with coordinates!
  24. Just Paypaled $5.00 for the flogging event! Geocachers do it with coordinates!
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