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  1. Neat "feature".. (not! ) Search here is crippled (5 char minimum) so you're forced to use google. Google breaks display mode. Nice.. ..a
  2. Slickdeals will show the Magellan Roadmate I bought for $150 3 years ago for only $50 every week or two. "everyday" price at many stores is only $60. It's still the only street GPS I own. Still, won't show caches. Got it. I use my handheld GPS for that.. I don't like carrying any of my laptops "into the field".. ..a
  3. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=11 ..a
  4. Hmm.. most BB's won't accept duplicate posts..
  5. Mind if I ask why? A laptop is pretty large and unwieldy to use as a navigation device, if that's what you're looking for. A basic dedicated street navigation GPS can be purchased for less than the cost of most map software packages. You may have some other purpose in mind, however.. ..a
  6. .. but taking it a step further, you could make finding the first cache in a series a requirement to finding the second, and so on. We have something similar in a park near here where you have to find, or at least have calculated the coordinates of, the cache in a 3-stage multi. Only with this information can you find another nearby cache. Clever, imho. ..a
  7. .. or even, this forum: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=33 ..a
  8. I do them all by just browsing the map of the area I plan to visit, and clicking the 'send to gps' link on the pop-up you get when you click on a cache icon.. ..a
  9. Hmm.. I never really considered how much logging meant. I got inspired and just edited my most recent find. My first attempt at a FTF.. ..a
  10. I've sent messages to a handful of the the cache owners in question. We'll see what responses I get.. ..a
  11. I can see "it depends" - we've had a lot of flooding here and many caches have been lost or are questionable. Those may be disabled for a while until the owners can check on them. Then we have one alongside a library, where the adjacent building is being demolished. Roped off, not a safe place to visit right now. ..a
  12. Never thought about the NAS near here. Did see some in a consignment/antique shop tonight. I knew what to expect - $40 each!! Yikes. Who would pay that?? ..a
  13. Good to know. Might be because there's so *few* segments in use. ..a
  14. All that does is make one long track out of many tracks. It does nothing to merge multiple tracks along the same trail into a single, averaged track. TOPOfusion appears to do the trick, however.. ..a
  15. For example: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC19BEX Was marked inactive Jan 12, apparently they haven't even checked on it, or at least, haven't bothered to post any additional notes. What is the protocol here? Can they be 'flagged' to be archived? ..a
  16. The 5-char limit really bites when you're looking for things like SD and SDHC.. ..a
  17. USB-Serial adapters can be flakey, but once you get the settings figured out, they work fine.. ..a
  18. I was viewing a thread, google searched an answer for a question in another tab, and when I flipped back, now all the posts in ALL threads are hidden under a "tree view" at the bottom (only the original post is displayed!) I have gone to my "board settings" and see no way to change this. How did it get this way, and how do I fix it?? thx!! ..a
  19. Your GPS supports 2GB with older versions of software, 4GB with new. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Garmin+60CSx+sdhc ..a
  20. Just pull the micro card out of the adapter! ..a
  21. Let me make it clear - I don't think all micros or hard-to-replace caches should be for premium members. My point was, if the OP was concerned about *his* caches, he could do that if he felt it would help.. ..a
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