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  1. I got my sister and her kids hooked, but then she has VERY stricked selfimposed rules on which caches she goes for... No multi's they get board . No hard finds/ micros (wheres the treasure) the larger the box the better. She will also choose the walk to suit how long they have/ tired they are etc. She finds it a great excuse to get the kids out looking for treausre. The idea of doing more than 2 in one day is appauling to her ... Yet they have great fun and her children see me and think caching, I see them and think its going to be a long day to do a couple of easy trads!
  2. Seems, I am lacking here I have only managed 27 of them but that was on a snowy day back in January. I would like to see the series remain. It is well worth the visit, the section I saw I found the hides are imagnative, walking and country side excelent. I just wished I lived a little closer... I hope they are still there when I return form sea next time I will have a real effort of cracking them all! Out of intrest if logs/ caches become the issue can we the cachers not replace them and forward the old ones to the owner? I can see it being allot of maintanence but it is worth it. Please keep it active! GerritS
  3. I have to agree here, to me multis where you have no clue where your going but know roughly how long it will take are great. I made my first cache a multi things I would have done diffrently: 1) Taking a photo of the items you are using as a clue/ question to answer, 2) Getting some one to read the cache notes beofre they are published to remove errors, 3) Walking through the cache with a friend who knows nothing about that cache, 4) Writing the coordinates/ answers down or saving them so you dont have to walk your own 3 mile multi to find your own answers! 5) Checked you cannot google the answers, 6) Remember that most caches are good at guessing, whole minutes and three decimals are most important. The first to find on my first multi has subsequently admitted they did not have to complete the walk to get the answers! Good luck and have fun, GerritS
  4. There in lies the problem, if you don't do them how do you know if they are good or not? Read and trust the logs, in writing them honist it seems is recomended... If not do them you never know what you will find. As for micro's in the woods Ive just done 20 odd off them, a cache circle. Personnaly when it comes to logging cache circles I will log the individual caches as best as I can remember. Then on the last cache give a summary of the cache circle. This I hope will help future cachers decide if these are the caches for the day...
  5. I believe that is the idea with the routable mapset, although I have not tried it as I have no use for that facility. As to using both mine and the routable mapsets, you will I believe, have to either have each one on a seperate MicroSD card, or you might be able to switch by having one mapset on the internal memory of the Oregon, and the other on the MicroSD card. Some suggestions how this might work can be found here: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Maps#toc18 Hope this helps? Regards, Martin Sadly I get an error, routable maps not available in this area Which then leaves me the dilema , do I use my exisitng base maps and routable maps (locked to Micro SD Card) or your superb free maps once I get out of the car! Is there a way I can fit multiple mapsets on to one card? I have tried google but calling it gmapsup2 did not work. I sail, I cache, I drive. I really dont want to step from the boat on to the pontoon change memory cards then do it again as I get in the car! Any advice most apprechiated. Thanks GerritS
  6. How do you pass on your disapointment in a cache? We all do the caches as we are in the area or that green box is the last one in the area... You look on the map and its size you know what you are going for. A micro/ small in a housing estate, often hidden at the base of that frame/ post where the local dogs relieve themselves .. Often placed with little imagingation ... We all have the type of caches we would rather not see, but go and find anyway... How do you log your displeasure? One I have found my self using is if I feel it is that bad is "A nice cache for the numbers not the location". Am I being to harsh? I know caches are for every one but some must be really reaching out to the minorities? GerritS
  7. I don't blame you, the N95 is good. If you have not got any of the software above drop me a line I have installed it on several phones now and might be able to help you would be suprised whats knoking round for free.... I think I will wait for the N97 to upgrade. Says he just going out to look at the Oregon and colarado side by side LOL..
  8. Lets just start with 400 odd caches later my N95 is in a poor state. Its used for everything... Geocach Navigator Smart GPX Nokia Maps Garmin XT Viewranger (if you often Cache same area). If your good at it you can 3 off them at one time... Compass program to see where North is... Its a great Caching tool... DOwnsides... BAttery Life 4 Hours max.. But charge it whenever you want its good for the battery... You dont need to flatten it... Caching in rain and robustness... GPS Could be better... Thats why I am thinking Oregon 400t £287 pounds on line! Now thats a bargin as well... Your choice... But for paperless Caching it will be hard tobeat an N95 thats for certain... GerritS
  9. Get the feeling they have miscalculated thier 200. I know of atleast 2% of that 200, and thats on a global scale! Either I am very popular or its a case of lies dam lies and statitics ... I will be missing it to....
  10. Hi All, Its a while since I have posted but I feel its time I changed my GPS. Advice is sort. My Nokia N95 has done proud service but now it is getting distinctly warn out. I had a Basic Etrex for a while but sadly I managed to "misplace" it, 2 Minutes unatended on a bench Now I am looking for a GPS that will solve all... Road Navigation walking/ Caching and Sailing. The issue seems to be the cost of the maps... I see you can get open sourse land maps what about Charts? Do you have to change Memory Cards to change from road water & land navigation? Which GPS do you recomend.. I guess it Oregon or Colarado? Or am I expecting to much from one unit.. Any help apprechiated, Thanks Gerrit
  11. Hang on... that's REALLY astonishing... ... there's a Morrisons in Surrey??? :-P I don't think its all that popular - we were only in there for some more plastic boxes after we ran out of them recently... Obviously, us surrey types do all our shopping at Fortnums, or possibly waitrose if we can't get up to town because the chauffeur has a day off... Hey my local Morrisons became a Waitrose . Prices have gone up , the number of checkouts have gone down and the product range has gone down . Yet I know people who say the store is better for it
  12. Having Started this thread, I think I have come to a decision. I am planning on waiting for the Nokia N97. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienceandtechn...-N97-phone.html I am sure I wil continue to grumble about tree cover GPS dificiencies, battery life, lack of phone reception and other stuff. Although it does look like a really good all rounder. Thanks for the advice, if anyone comes up with a better phone do let me know.
  13. Got to agree most if my caches are Solo if not I would have hardly any finds . The things is remember you are in fragile situation : I agree tell some one where you are going and what time you will be back. Take your mobile, If its dark take a torch, Make sure you have suitable clothes/ shoes, Becarefull use common sence, every thing is so intrinsicly safe these days alot of people have stopped looking for dangers. If I had to risk asses and complete the safety paper work for the caches I have found. Firstly I would still be filling in the paper work . Secondly, most of them would be deemed unsafe . Thirdly I would have had no fun Sorry Rant over , its not a matter of not caching on your own. Asses the risks dangers and decide what YOU think is safe. Dont do it for everyone else... Rant really over this time. Gerrits
  14. OK I have been spoiled I have N95 With geocache navigator. I have complained about it for 10 months caching now, I bought an Etrex Yellow and find N95 Geocache Navigator beats it handsdown except battery life... Today I did 26 caches in 6 hours now way an N95 could do that but when it got tough I relied on it... Its GPS or the software is better than you think. Looks like SE 905 might be my next phone and will want same advice.... I just want Geocache Navigator for All phones.
  15. I got one of these a while ago, and left it in the car. It did notlike it I am not certain how or why but it started leaking ink... They are good just keep an eye on it...
  16. OMG I just looked at my Cache Stats, I like MIcros! 34.4% Micros 29.2% Regular, I think I will have to do some urgent caching to change these Stats!
  17. View Ranger nothing beats it except you have to pay for the maps O/S Maps UK... Google View Ranger... Smart GPX: SmartGPX.de Caching software for when you are out of phone range and Geocache navigator lets you down... Also can put cache locations on to Nokia Maps... Also you can get Garmin XT for your phone as well.... Compass App to help point out where north is if you are feeling a little slow... Nokia Sports Tracker to record where you have been.... I cannot think of any others at the moment but I am shure people will come up with more.... Gerrit
  18. Do we get a bonus cachce for turning it into a "Virtual Web Cam Cache" I know you get 3 points, but can we get a caching bonus too! Gerrits
  19. OK As an N95 user and abuser, they are good. GPS Little poor but Good phones. ANother phone to consider is the Nokia E66. Little smaller Camera but does everything else an N95 does I believe. Advantages its smaller and nice to hold/ use... I think it might be better phone, my mum has one and I was impressed. If your looking for caching phones the N95 IS good but its not the be all and end all. One of the slightly lower rating phones maywell doall you need it to.... If your contract due maybe be worth waiting for the N97 due out quarter 1/2 09 Looks like serious Caching phone. But then the HTC Tytn has Sirf III chip but poor camera... Decisions Decisions... As for the Samsung Pixel I am not impressed... Now considering the SE C905, I have young daughter and if I could claim a cache for every photo of her I have taken I would be a top Cacher! LOL Anyone know which other phones have Sirf III GPS Chip its hard to track this info down. Its nice to know I am not the only one struggling...
  20. I did not think Cachers could retire they just get lost....
  21. There is also the HTC Dimont or even better HTC Tytn but thats only avaiable to buisness users. I am tempted by the Samsung Pixel 8800, does any one know the caching software avaible for that one?
  22. Can definitely recommend the camping - worked for me! Yep - it's surprising what you'll find lying around in a Dorset field...... m'wahahahahahaha........ what was she doing lying down in a dorset field Trying to hide, but he still found her!! What do you expect from a cacher...
  23. I am going through the same dilema, I have an N95 but have an upgrade due. One of the N8? they say it does all the same as N96 with no BBc Iplayer or something but feels MUCH more robust. I Have been thinking about the new Pixel by Samsung but no one can tell me the operating system. I want the HTC Tytn (sirf III chip) but it seems a hard phone to get your hands around. I guess I will have to shop around some more... Gerrit
  24. Yup have to agree on all of above, but as it will be a free be (you dont want my phone bills), it cheaper to get a spare caching phone than battery Any reports on N96? Gerrit
  25. Hi, I have been away for a few months and have lost touch, I have been a Nokia N95 Cacher and can now upgrade but what to? Whats the best phone for Caching? I think the GPS Signal is as important as anything else? All thoughts apprechiated. Windows or Symbian? Gerrit
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