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  1. Qichina, I supose you are a believer in all the other health and saftey rubbish that is out there? Do you want wanring signs on hills say "Caution Cliff"? On beaches stating "Deep Water"? on your toilet door stating "Wash your hands after use". Yes we have all seen these signs but do we really need them? What ever the map/ chart I go out the house with I am more than aware of there deficiencys. Next you will be suggesting checklist JSA's Toolbox Talks Passage plans to be be completed (in duplicate of course) before you get out of the car... Then reviewed if the situation changes... I trust you do look to check it not a one way street before you turn when your Sat Nav turns left, Or your A2Z says it not a one way street? ITS COMMON SENCE You are writing these posts for free, I can assure you in my opinion (and I am sure alot of other peoples) they are not worth whilst and certainly not apprechiated. I think we all have enough common sence to look before we leap, now PLEASE stop wasting all our time... Your point was apprechiated by all who watch this thread first time round, we all are aware of the faults etc etc Now let us get on with our own mistakes... Gerrit PS Martin Keep up the good work and ignor him PPS Editted to remove the worst of my spelling, mistakes (before you start, yes English is my first language )
  2. "Oops! An error occurred while trying to determine your position." It does not like mobile phones! using phone as a modem seems to confuse it
  3. That's the way it works and if you KNOW you're right you can 'Self Ding' Thanks Roger, Can I pass the buck by the time I have worked out how to post a screen shot, the cache will be archieved ... Sorry and THanks GerritS Before I have that urge to answer next time I will have worked it out!
  4. Ballast, GC13426 Portsmouth near the Spinikar tower... If I am write do I no have to set my own?
  5. Talky Toaster, Martin Please keep posting the updates! They are not perfect those of us who use them are aware. I now have OS and OSM overlay now and can honestly say I use both! They are not always perfect neither are OS today was a great proving point for that although with the snow I could not say what was path and what was not or I would update myself. Please keep up the good work! I particularly like the ability to upload the maps via Map Source. Thanks Again GerritS
  6. Lets hope I have this right (my first picture post), from todays 20 cache effort a great day out
  7. "You're average rating should be broadcast on your profile, and if you consistently rate down caches of any type, then the privilege of rating possibly removed." I would agree with your average rating being on your profile, but disagree with removing the right to rate a cache. Some people will rate higher some lower... Any rating system is going to be subjective, like it or not you will be influenced by weather, personnel troubles etc. Thats why I believe keep it simple the law of averages will come to the for. Whats in it for the cache owner? you are right, other than nice logs AND a nice rating. Whats in it for a cache owner now nothing except nice logs...
  8. from post #110 if what is guaranteed to be happened happened, I would stop caching that is not the sort of game that I wish to be involved in. As a CO you should not be able to remove negative logs, and certainly not ratings. Yes initially a cache owner would know who rated a cache poorly but over time with averages it would be come harder to tell. I am not talking about immediate archiving of caches, if they do not reach an average rating. I thinking more along the lines of a 1 to 5 star rating system that if a cache falls below 1.5 stars say (would be hard to get unless there are allot of cacher's scheming) on average over a period of time the cache owner should be approached even then it should not be manditory. The advantage of good cache owners taking pride to be highly rated has been overlooked, that to me is the biggest advantage. As for placing my kind of caches, to block an area I will not I live in an area with restrictions on the number of caches to be placed and I do not set too many caches because of this, it is a game for all... "3. Placement takes muggles into account. " A couple of caches I have done the muggles where going to be half the fun! it said that in the cache notes to start with... The problem is there can be no rules to a good cache... I do think that a little more trust in the Caching community would not go amiss here... There is space now for individuals using logs to make caches unpopular. As a whole people do not... There is already reports on here about caches getting stolen ammo box's changed for tubaware etc. I only have 3 caches placed, 1 has a collection of very low value foreign money in as part of the theme. Not only has this been borrowed, but logs like I liked the XYZ money so I swapped for 50p. People have swapped my caches only pen! Camo net has gone missing form a large ammunition box in a park (a key feature of the hide). The other one a one hour multi and my oldest cache is fine, lesson learnt I know what type of cache I will set in future (they are also my favorite type of cache). I have to agree, honesty goes along way let nurture and promote it...
  9. Thank you HH for the links it has taken some digesting. As I understand the issues seem to be: 1) It is simply impossible to define a quality cache, to many people expect so many different things from a cache. 2) Anybody can place a cache of any type as long as it is in the guide lines. As long as they maintain it it is not going to be kicked no matter what people say about it. 3) There is a continued grumbling by some, in the caching community about the quality of caches. Although point 1 makes this kind of ironic. 4) It is hard to filter caches to suit your style caching. With this in mind there is never going to be a perfect solution, with this many people involved there is always going to have to be a compromise. My thoughts are: a) Caches should have further "attribute" style ratings that can be used to define the search. EG Cache Circle. Cache and Dash, I am sure there would be plenty more suggestions as to types. b ) I still feel a qualifying no of caches and/ or membership time would be good, maybe this could be set by country instead of internationally, even better by Cache density and distance of caches! c) There should be a BASIC Cache rating system, preferably with the option of getting caches Archived. Which would be set low so only the caches that have constantly very pool rating should be given a warning to improve or.... As much as anything with point c) it could be used to encourage cache setters to set caches that people enjoy or state in there description what to expect from a cache. It would not be a rating system you can choose your cache from, I believe there never will be its to complicated. What it would do is encourage quality from cache setter who are interested. There will always be cache setter that set caches for there own reasons and will not care about the finders. If a cache is found 5 times a year or 500 times a year people will rate it on what they think its merits are. The whole thing is going to be a compromise, there will be no perfection. There can always be the argument what if... The game is changing in some ways for the better some ways for the worse, the development must be managed. The community is so diverse now you could not please all the people all the time, the management of the game just has to be managed for the greater good.
  10. This idea was already toasted in the thread earlier, and has been flame-grilled numerous times before. It's a non-starter. Not much point in burning it again, hence the lack of flames. I am going to seem rude here by asking, I am not trying to be difficult (I don't have to try ). Can some one either post or PM a link or search words etc that can lead me to the threads? I would be interested in reading the points against, for myself. If I am foolish I may come back for a second flaming by arguing the point again
  11. OK when I expected a flaming I expected it for the idea of the 6 months 20 cache or 100 cache rule and the option of reviewers archiving caches. The interesting thing is that is that is not what I am being flamed for Maybe there is a way forward along these lines getting newbie cachers to get some experience before setting cache's. To clarify matters with TeamFit: 1) I am English and it is my first language (not that it should make any difference). So in future you should remember that old adage about ASSUme. 2) I am not decrying Micro's or any type of cache in this post, just some experiance before you can set caches. 3) Interestingly having briefly looked at the caches you have set they do seem interesting well thought out caches. I am sure they would not be up for review, if such a procedure came into place. Infact if I am in the area I would look to complete one of your cache series. 4) I am not suggesting any ban on cache placing, although for 6 months there would a lull as new cachers could not immediate place caches. Although they would be out gaining experience by finding caches giving them more experience to make what they think are good caches. 5) Footballer's and Olymian's do complain when a referee makes a bad decision, they would be right to complain if the referee or judge had no experience of the game he was adjudicating. 6) "They (other cachers) are responsible for my enjoyment and hiding caches that I like." You are right that is the nature of the game! If the game was to write down the numbers of trains passing a station, I would not play it would not be interesting to me (although I have friends who do, it just does not tickle my fancy). 7) "Deleted post as I really don't want to open a door to arguing with people individually. I didn't intend to start a war over grammar," to late the horse has bolted. 8) Finally if you have "been bitten by the forum stalagmites before for voicing contradictory views..." I suggest that you put forward a reasoned argument's, appertaining to the points raised.
  12. OK I have only been caching for a little under 2 years now, if any of the above ideas are the correct thing to do I do not know, I do think there is a need to do something about Quality. Personaly I am fed up of: 1) Spending allot of time looking for small finds where larger hides are available. 2) Finding Micro's stuck pointlessly round housing estates. 3) Finding Caches placed with little thought or imagination, It is putting me off caching, to try and help note what I feel is a good cache: 1) I use the grease monkey to note quality when I log caches, (although fear I am the only one ). 2) Write HONIST logs, stating what I liked or did not like . Then people can decide for themselfs, before wasting time looking for Micro's in ivy. If there are going to be a change in the rules for placing caches my thought are as follows: 1) A ristriction on new cachers placeing caches till they 6 months and found 20 finds or till they have logged 100 caches (which ever comes first). 2) A system for cache rating (which again new cachers cannot use till they have found 100 caches or been caching 6 months and found 20 finds) where if after 1 year or 100 finds a cache consitantly get rated poorly a reviewer has the option of achiving the cache. I believe this would would: 1) Concentrate the mind of Cache Placers to place quality caches (would we not all be proud of a high scoring cache placement). 2) Give newbee's a little experiance in what they think is a good cache before rushing out and placing one. None of this is perfect but I think it certainly would help. Fire suit standing by ready for flaming
  13. Ive been caching for nearly 2 years now have found 1 or 2 of the buggers and still count myself as green. Can I help the Geocaching comunity? The knowledge I have can still be writen on a postage stamp. Some times reading the forums I can stick my pennys worth in but more often I learn. The one thing you could do that would be a great help post ONE PAGE Preferably with a map linked of course. So you can see clearly where groups are based. Also CLEAR LINKS to the best information others have made (how do I put my cache stats on my profile? I have bought a Oregon where do I find out how to use it not just the manual?). As fresh geocachers we find information that others count as old hat, new... Then heres the hard part keep it up to date! As for encouraging new Cachers. Not just yet! 2 years ago when I started (by accident, if thats possible) one of my friends had heard of it. I knew no one that did it, now 2 years later its hard to find some one who does not know anything about it. Its a great sport but the last thing we need is to many cahcers! 1) There is not enough space for all those caches. 2) It would be no fun not trying to hide from muggles, if every one knows what your doing why hide? 3) It would reduce the quality of the caches in general (not that I do not think that is already happening ). So my thought is IF you can do a GOOD job of telling people what information is out there thn you would do good. ALthough I am sure the link for the above site is out there I just did not know and its about to be posted next
  14. Anopther thing to Google up is SOLA's Tape, white rectro reflective tape. Its good stuff, standard used at sea foes not nrmally mean much but this stuff is normally self adesive and very reflective. You would be suprised wher you can hde it. Have been tempted to do one in a mor urban enviroment with this stuff... Just not had time to. No Nails in trees either. If yo know some one who works at sea I have no doubt they can "borrow" some for you
  15. I hate Micro's and have heard of this idea before... It is truley evil, but I like it... I just hope every visitor who finds it and DNF's logs it then you have to check it yourself from time to time... Or is it against the rules as a finder to stick a new log in the first Micro you find, you found you logged then you can clame FTF as well? Could be a cache setter worst nightmare So go for it......
  16. Happy New Year! To all! And may next year bring you many more Bigger Caches
  17. If its symbian based I would recomend: Would recomend: SmartGPX: Free View Ranger: Pay bt OS Maps Geocaching Live: Free Geocache Navigator: No longer free Google Maps: Free (using Smart GOX you can get your caches to appear on the maps/ sat views). Maybe a compas app so you know where north is from the sun... Any more suggestions I would be intrested in! Hope it helps....
  18. OK Oregon 400, had this problem once or twice. Only seems to be when I replace identical named files. IE Update my local caches. The one that bugs me is the waypoint memory fills up and needs clearing regularly any suggestions. EG I Update the Caches for new area the waypoints need to be delted in the unit first. Any way I can do it in mass storage? Or choose to keep 4 or 5 personnel waypionts? Thanks in advance
  19. If only finding ammo boxes were that easy. Sometimes you don't have that option - certainly the local army surplus store can't get hold of them. Hasn't stopped me placing "real" caches though. http://www.google.co.uk/products?hl=en&amp...sa=N&tab=wf Its not "that" hard to find them... Not meant as a flaming... OK I do hate Micro's and smalls, here I am trying to promote proper caches! Although the real cheap ones seem sold out: http://www.anchorsupplies.com/h83.htm I just need to find the hide for the ones that are left!
  20. I'm not sure which "cheap micros" you're referring to... My link above in post #16 gives container sizes up to 9 litres (and that one's definitely not "cheap" at £10.77! ) MrsB I think its about no some smart arse should point out at that price you can always visit your local Army & Navy Store and by an Ammo Box. Then you can have the pleasure of placing a real Cache
  21. Hmm. It's a solution, and would be quite good for getting people to visit the whole series of sites. I'm not sure about other people though, but I find multi's to be a bit annoying when planning out trips. I'll bear it in mind though If you want to get people intrested Multi's are the way to go people have to stop read and think. If you just want lots of visitors, make it traditional. I think my favourite caches have all been good Multi's so much more rewarding. Or make it a combination of all with a bonus cache for completing the series, make it relevant to the sites... Just ideas, I think they are good
  22. Works on my Oregon 550t and, as they say on the TV advert, simples! Easy as it sounds I am impressed, only issue I discovered if GPS is set to Garmin SPanner it does not like turning on with USB cable plugged GPS crashes. Put it back to serial mode no problem... Just have to rename folder or delte it if I want to use spanner I guess.... Now who has whereof the UK on KMZ
  23. Culd agree there, the only other consideration is Battery life. Having moved from a mobile phone to a Oregon, the 2 biggest advantages battery life and robustness... The phone could do everything else.. I have even found it harder to find caches, I trust my GPS to be correct! where as before with a phone you knew it was some where NEAR here LOL.
  24. Exactly. I have my name, mobile number and 'Reward if found'. Best to give someone an incentive to return it rather than assume they have stolen it. OK wording now changed to "when lost" so the flaming can stop GerritS
  25. What's with all the chevrons & dashes? Doesn't that make the entries just comments in the file and thus ignored? Just use plain text. As for the first line, do you not want it to say "if FOUND please contact"? Just redone it without the arrows and what not and it works, thanks very much for your help. J I had to update the software and mine now Says Stolen From: GerritS Telephone EMail Thanks for this one I lost my last one so it might helkp with this one.
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