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  1. Not as bad as I'd be - I've been out of practice for getting on for 40 years. We solved the "Who holds the GPS" problem. We have two. Yup went down that route too or three actually counting them all its 5 now! Although had I had my thinking head on I should have kept it at on then I could have followed and admired the view
  2. Well thanks all for the advice, seems we have spent the cracking weather catching up with old friends and visiting new places. So mainly dive by have been found... Still mainly good caches found will start logging shortly... Still a fair few miles covered, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Fort William, Oban, Skye, The North Coast, including John O Groats, Various around Loch Ness now down in Perth down to Glasgow tomorrow before heading south... Thanks again... For all the suggestions...
  3. Thanks for all the advice... Presently in Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond Done one Cache a Small in an Ivy covered tree stump... Hope to get more chance to find more soon... Next its fort Bill we think...
  4. Hi, I am about to set of on a little tour of Scotland... 12 days and a Caravan. This is not primarily a caching trip, think distillery's, mountains, bars, deep fried mars bars and pizza's the usual Scottish indulgences first... But if any one has any recommendations for unmissable caches. Ones that take you of the beaten track or to unusual places I would pleased to hear... planning on skipping the southern highlands and starting in Glasgow Up the west Coast and down the A9. A good cache ring or 2 would be nice, although not essential. All caches considered! Thanks GerritS
  5. I doubt it, you would still have to select the logs some how to start with... To get them into field notes, if logging arm chair finds I guess you have to select the caches then log it and it would be no easier.... OK you could sit there on other software to select them to turn them into field notes but I am sure there are easier ways of doing it.... Would it now be so much easier to have a page come up for field notes 10 caches, with box's. Cache Name and Number (Linkable so you can open in new tab if needing reminder).. A Short description. 1) Found, not found etc. 2) Cache Rating* 3) Space for Logging (with any field notes). 4) Box for TB's 5) Upload Picture*. I cannot be bothered logging caches on the hoof so often only the remembered caches get really good logs (how is the hint often the best way to remember a cache?) . Most just get get logged as found in the field and on to the next one.. *Notes 2) Well I can dream! 5) Would encourage uploading of pictures to!
  6. Long winded compared to going out and finding the cache in the first place? It's all part of the game.....but there's nothing at all stopping you from not logging them online at all, if you so wish I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I'm all for logging online, and I alsways try to write more than TNLN TFTC. It's nice to read the stories of other peoples finds. Logging is indeed part of the game, but I'm afraid I don't see jumping from cache page to cache page to do so as part of the game. A slicker way of logging IMO would be great! The more time I spend logging and jumping around pages, is less time finding caches! ;-) Must admit I like the idea, so when you upload your finds to your computer you get little box for each cache, so you can fill it in on one page... WOuld make the administration much quicker... Alowing for more time to plan the next cache outing
  7. I have the 450 and have no complaints.... I use GarminBing to get OS maps not certain what the difffernce between that and bought except that you can only put in 100 tiles which is enough for a days caching... Oh and would recomend getting plenty of baterys for your toy
  8. usually none. the exception is when you're in an area that's not actually covered by WAAS/EGNOS, but still receive its signal, in which case it may actually worsen your accuracy. but that's not very likely to happen really. oh and some people have said that it lessens their battery life, but i didn't experience that myself. I have seen warnings/ read some where that is shortens your battery life. But I have bought rechargables so do not care
  9. How long ago did I post this... Long story I ended up with E75 OK phone for caching although now have Origon so thats prime caching device... Have found software called Geoshrine This might work? Cannot remember if there are issues with SMartGPX? Us phone cachers should start a list of all phone caching software.. With reviews?.... Would be use full to all? Blorenges would you be interested for Follow the Arrow?
  10. Sounds like your going along the right lines, all you have to do is throw in Ammo Box and place of intrest/ a history or scenic view (preferably all three) and you will have a superb cache on your hands not just a good one! Once you place your first sit back and read the logs... Just make sure they do not become abandoned unloved caches... Although if they are good ones people tend to do most of the looking after for you...
  11. Heres a question, if we buy a trackable can we put a bug and its number any where (within reason)? I have a great place for one but do not want to upset any one... It will Only be about 40 cm tall and in plane view to those who know what it is.... Given the OK I will post pic (minus number) on here for all to admire...
  12. Hold it hold it... What about all those stingers in summer I often make the mistake with shorts but sandals Ouch!
  13. We once spent 25 mins looking for a multi listed as.............................a multi, at stage 1, DOH! A caching friend of mine (and this one really wasn't me, although it easily could have been) spotted a cache on his GPS near where he happened to be. So he went to the coordinates, which conveniently had a park bench there. Hunted high and low, not knowing if he was looking for a film pot or an ammo can. After about half an hour he gave up and checked the cache when he got home only to find it was... ... ... a webcam cache. I came back from my travels at sea, was punching in some coordinates at a cache event... No matter how I entered them in the cache was 2000 odd miles away ... I checked and double checked ... Took me about 10 mins to realize, my GPS had not woken up yet and thought it was still of the coast of West Africa
  14. Good luck on your hunt, do not get to addicted... I agree put your home coordinates in and also read the logs if your looking for scenic ones. The ones with VERY good reading are normally the best... There is a big debate about caches and what makes a good one... Do a few before you set one, you will find there are types/ places you enjoy more than others.... Personally I like bigger hides (ammo Box's they are out there) and places of interest but it takes all kinds, find what you like THEN set one is my advice.. With travel bugs they rarely come back some travel wide and far others vanish in months, weeks or sadly even days. So nothing you would be upset to loose. Do not send anything TOO big cache box's are tending to get smaller and big TB's (travel bugs) are getting harder to move on. Also sounds daft but drill a hole in the bug to attach it, this way if some one takes a fancy to the item its already got a hole in it and although still good as a travel bug its not much good as anything else... I am sure there are many more pieces of advice coming your way... Enjoy your addiction! Edit Spelling and English and grammar...
  15. I don't know if there is an easier way, my Oregon and EasyGPS (free) will search Pocket Quires (Premium member) for key words in cache names like that. Hope it helps.
  16. The questions I am asking are for each of the below: a, When do you use it? b, Who gets notified when you post? When you write a log on a cache you have 5 options: 1) Found it a, When you find a cache and sign the log. b, Cache owner and people watching the cache? 2) Did not find it a, When you looked but did not find the cache? b, Cache owner and people watching the cache? 3) Write Note a, ??? Dropping TB's in you forgot? b, Cache owner and people watching the cache? 4) Needs Archived a, ? b, ? 5) Needs Maintenance a, Wet log, Damaged Cache Box anything else? b, ? I have tried to self answer but would appreciate the blanks being filled in.... Seems like simple questions and I am being stupid but a search did not revile much...
  17. The idea of the questions was, to make the cache setter think, not for reviews to do anything about! Now since that idea has a serious floor (Deci, and all the reviewers I would not want your job if I was paid for it! I respect the work you do, and would hate to do it myself!) Lets change it Another idea (boy am expecting a flaming soon ) what would happen if the same questions where posed and published in the cache? 1) Why have you placed this cache? Because I can. 2) What do you hope other cachers will get form finding it? A smilie to add to their cache found total. The answers might not seem so clever? Will put shovel away (for a whilst) a before I dig my self a deeper hole
  18. Yes It seems that the policy is and set to continue to be to publish any Cache that ticks all the box's . There is a whole debate there that I do not want to enter again . If the questions make 5% of caches better thought out its a start . Most newbies would not know the reviewer would not not care to much about the answers , by the time they found out they would probably be experienced cachers In-fact with answers like that the Reviewer would probably know you are an experienced cacher
  19. Been flamed for agree this point before but yes some requirement should be enforced to many junk caches appearing. Another Idea I have not seen posted? Maybe there should be a question or 2 for the cache setter to complete when he submits a cache. 1) Why have you placed this cache? 2) What do you hope other cachers will get form finding it? I am not saying it would stop any caches being placed but might make people think? Only an idea, but have my fire suit and lead suite on standby
  20. My thoughts for what they are worth "vibram" Soles are normally good, although not as hard wearing as they used to be. I like ankle style boots for caching rather than trainer style, helps keep my ankles protected from thorns, wading small puddles streams, muddy patches etc. What ever you buy make sure they are comfortable to start with. I do not follow the theory they will wear in. I am always shopping for boots, looking for the good deal on the right boot. I frequently find Millets like Cheshire oaks have nice boots in on offer although you have to know what you want. Blacks Cotswolds are good as the staff can generally give advice, if a tad expensive. I have not tried go outdoors, although I have been a fan of Decathalon for years. MY sister lives in france and I always visit decathlon if there. Although you do tend to get what you pay for...
  21. Ok for me it would of been a photo and a nice email to cache owner explaining why... Then being refused, I would write an honest cache log perhaps: "Completed the walk, which took me to (little of interest/ some interesting historic sites/ a list of street names/ what ever you feel appropriate) found the GZ and found that unless you have got the arms of a gorilla or the reach of a yeti you cannot reach the cache. As I did not have ether and could see no appropriate implements for retrieve to hand the cache was out of my reach. It seems for those of us who are vertical challenged a photo of the cache is considered cheating... So a DNF for me." I am sure some people will read some of my logs and think not very nice thoughts, but if its a box beside a road will little reason for existence I will say it as it is... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...2f-6d1a8fb4ae1e This one is quite sad the church has an interesting history, the church is very proactive in the community and the cache setters do not even mention any of it... Or am I wrong?
  22. It was my Granddad who was worst for this, he was terrible for correcting people... Some examples: My friend studying ancient history at Oxford, he tried correcting her very politely. She insisted she was right, she went back to Uni came back next holidays and apologized he was right . In a museum for old motorbikes (his passion), he made quite an effort to tell them they had labeled a bike as the wrong model. Again polite and insistent, advising them the petrol tank was this shape and not that shape thats how he knew, a short whilst later the museum wrote to him and thanked him for correcting there mistake What ever I have studied Engineering, Navigation, Stability. He was always there to tell me where I should revise Aways nice always polite unassuming, you learned not to argue with him... Sadly he is no longer around or he would of sent me running round the country with the answers to all the UK's puzzle caches. None would of been safe ... As for dealing with muggles, sadly my Ex-wife got the dogs (always a great excuse). I have taken to doing the telephone trick like above, but have been caught out with the question "You get phone reception here? What net work are you on?" The great thing with an Oregon, is you pretend its a PDA and you are hard at work
  23. Battered and bruised means, used and abused ... This is a great thing means you have been out having fun My First new Forest map was a paper one, lasted 1 year my second was a waterproof one still going strong after several years. If I am visiting an area more than once I buy water proof if its more a one off I buy paper... I have a box of maps that I try and keep battered and abused I now have an Oregon great for maps, just I now tend to down load and not buy paper maps...
  24. I would be interested as well.... Own simple design..
  25. The problem I have with Micros is 10% are worth doing the other 90% I think just WHY? Where as I consider as a rule of thumb the larger containers have better thought out caches... Before you start flaming THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. I guess I am as much against bad cache placement and poorly conceived caches as the container size. So does that mean every non complimentary log I write will get deleted?
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