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  1. Oh come on I know of one TB Where the Bug had precise mission on line not on a label (something to go with going to one particular town UK), some friends of mine picked it up. They could not help it on its mission , got harassing email from bug owner asking when they are going to move it. Dropped it at the most appropriate spot they could think off.. Got another borderline rude email from the bug owner, because of the bug owners attitude they started watching it. Next thing they know it still wants to stay in UK going to a particular town and is off round Europe. Its the only pleasure they got out of that bug
  2. Can also recommend my own "Why Here" might be bit to much of a walk but cycleble and buggie friendly.. Willows Woodside Wonder is in Lymington, is in a great park for all ages... there are a few caches round the town here to... If you visit on a Saturday there is a a Saturday market. Series are not that common in the forest.. Pick a car park in a high density area... Certainly as mentioned above park at Wilversly Plain and they are buggy friendly... If you feel brave a ferry or puffin cruise to the IOW on foot can pick you up some and if its a bit damp could be nice day out on foot/ buggy (expensive? by car).
  3. Looks good! How'd you do it in the end? Transfer, vinyl graphic or paint? The reason I ask I have a spare wheel cover just like that one on the back of my Landy that is just asking to be turned into a TB! I have a decal in the window but as most others have said they don't get spotted too often! cheers G In the end I went for Masking film the low tack stuff used for arty type stuff... I grabbed an image from google, see below link... Bug Image Printed out the image using Excel on 2 sheets in portrate. Then used word to over enlarge the font and made a stencil for the code... After that it was a slow job with a craft knife... In the end I used Hammer Rite Paint, and a sponge to apply... It was not the quickest job and was not as cheap as I hoped... Was it worth it? I guess when just one person logs it I will say yes
  4. Now there is a new cache series I like the idea of, the Meridian. No one could complain its not circular Ok Oblique Spheriod but if your doing the series its rounder than most circuits
  5. 'Cos you're using old software! Kidding! Log out of the forums, log back in using 'register' at the top of the page. Oh yeh, welcome! Well welcome, if the advice above does not work do not worry I spent a good 30 mins trying to look for this register button ... Gave up, then one day I noticed my aviator just appeared . I might have found it one way or another , just not known it ...
  6. Here are 2 ideas for you, bth involve a bit of preperation, in pownloading your GPX Files... 1) Not really looked at your phone type but one idea for you is SmartGPX, it requires a symbian based phone but does not need a GPS. YOU can search for caches by lat and long by name and various ways it can take 1000's of Caches as far as I can remember. Do not be scared of funny install instructions the are dead easy... SMartGPX I am not certain if this will run on your phone... 2) It seems your phone has a Mico SD Reader... As some one on here suggested and what I have since prepared but never had to do in the field just yet... It works for maps is in My CUstom Map folder I have the maps I am using... Out side it I have prepared maps that if I needed to I just drop into the folder using my phones file manager software... I think it is possible to keep your GPX files on your your MIcro SD Card? (Some one will be along to let us know how or to tell me I am talking rubbish as normal) Then you can just do the same with GPX files... Well there are 2 ideas lets see who else comes along...
  7. I must admit now living in Hampshire you get my vote to... Its a lazy way to plan a good walk... Then those that do not like them can simply ignore them in there PQ's?
  8. If that's how you do it as an adult, then fine, it's a free country! But the fact remains that north up *is* the "correct" way to read a map. I just think that if we are teaching kids map reading skills we should teach them the 'right' way to do it, which is holding the map in one direction (north up!) all the time and adjusting their mental point of view. For the most part it's not practical to keep rotating maps to match your direction all the time. Does it really matter? Most kids now days do not care if its North up South up if they play enough computer games they can switch between the 2, I can and do quite regularly... The 6 year old in question did ... If they can use a compass, equate it to the map/ chart does it matter? Learning to read upside down is a MUCH more useful trick in later life so hell let them use the map upside down ... If you where talking charts on small boats where its hard to turn the chart table round... What I tend to find is people start by trying to turn the chart round , then realize its just not worth the effort and learn how to do it North up . To me the art of Navigation is to get form A to B without going aground or falling off any cliffs... There are thousands of more important tricks to learn than worry which way the Map or chart is pointing. As long as you know where you are
  9. definitely works out cheaper that way - I bought enough material, paracord and toggle clasps the other day to make around 20 large bags, total cost £7.50-ish Now I just have to actually get around to dusting off my sewing machine and making them Problem is when you use your sowing machine for sail repairs it is constantly in a state of repair ...
  10. Well I got there in the end, now I am just curious when I will get tracked first!
  11. Explain that to a 6yr old. That's why its preferably with maps even OSM, as he was using is enough for him to understand, head up north up he did not mind... Thats how we spoiled him counting down numbers was not as much fun! Thanks for all the advise always pleased to get more, will let you know what we find him...
  12. Yep! Personally I would tell him that it's for adults to deal with the hardware! His job to do the searching when you get there! GPSrs are much cheaper than they used to be, but they aren't exactly disposable! Ah there lies the problem, his mum is far from technically minded. When it comes to caching we will upload the PQ's give them the cheat sheets for basic printouts.. He will point his mum in the right direction and she will read the cheat sheet.. I do not expect a high find rate more a high lost rate, but they will have fun and there are 2 of us on standby for PAF. Although one of us is legendary for phoning the other Saying "Help I am lost" . I tried to be gentle then I point out they had 2 GPS with them both with good charges and full mapping ability ...
  13. Another free app for nokias that free that is often over looked is.. Smart GPX follow the instructions easy to install depending on the phone it can send caches to POI' and get them to appear on google maps.. You can upload numerous PQ's at one stage I think my phone had about 5000 caches in it! Free paperless caching Also Geocaching live bit clunky but works.. There are a couple of other freebies have not got my N95 to hand but if some one is interested, mail me Ill post them. Have to agree if you did not have to pay geocache Navigator is the king... Although think my next phone will be android
  14. OK Ive started something but do not know how it will end... We took my partners 6 year old nephew caching about 3 months ago. The problem is he is still keen AND we spoiled him... Well selected caches and a choice of Nokia Phone and Oregon GPS, now ANY Cache (including a micro ) will do. His mum is now keen to take up the hobby but has as much interest in computers as I have in Micro's... She would like to get some sort of easy to use affordable GPS (preferably with maps) that a 6 year old can not break, to easily... and did I mention a low budget? Well even after 3 months you do not know when a 6 year old's interest will wain... The best we can come up with is to donate an old phone, thing is we still use them for caching from time to time... Since I am asking the impossible any ideas appreciated ... Thanks..
  15. Sorry... Did I say no GPSr... My mistake, they use one... No, in fact they use several. Yes. Lots of GPSr's and take an average reading from them all. I don't think I've ever seen them with a map. No... Not at all. In fact that's it, they have Papyrophobia, so no. Would never have a map Jon I once found most of a cache series near Portsmouth, it was noted to be placed by OS map the coords where pretty good the caches hard to find mainly because of the tree cover and terrain.. It was round a sewage works "Common As Muck" I think was the name, now archived ... It was more fun than I expected , yes you knew when you where down wind and up wind ... Some how it has stuck in my memory for the right reasons ... We have all done caches where positions set by GPS have been well out. So if some one is the time to set a cache by map, google earth as long as positions are reasonable and clues good I will not complain. A good cache is a good cache, regardless... I think we all respect cacher's who find finds using a map, I think the same respect should go to cacher's that set good cacher's with a map. As long as its position collates with that given by a GPS. If some one is happy to walk round a golf course as a caddy does not mean he does not enjoy the sport he just does it differently
  16. I did a tour of Scotland earlier this year, stayed at campsite near Dunvagen on Skye I would recommend, place did not do many caches but coral beach was a good one... Will summon up campsite if you are interested... Would not reomend the campsite at Ballock (South of loch lomond), big and urg (but that's my taste). I have found a useful site the reviews are normally about right: http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/ The Caches round Loch Ness are a good series and its well worth stopping at Urqhart Castle... We did a tour rather than caching and stopped but plan to go back to Skye and visit the Hebridies one day.. Good luck with the weather and Midgies Scotish must dos: Haggis, Deep fried Pizza, Lourne (Square) sasuage, Scotish beers 70 & 80 shilling not forgetting the whisky
  17. OK now I have to ask, just how bad is the iphone? Started caching on an N95 and warned my positions could be out on my first cache placements. As I recall the positions where not that bad at all.... The ones that where where because I had typed them in wrong! Unless there was heavy tree cover I could get pretty much on target. I used to grumble about it but to be honest it was not that bad... In-fact when I got my basic Yellow Etrex I thought the N95 had a better GPS. Is the I phone that bad?
  18. Can we extend this to by boat? As a Solent Yachty I often try and pick up caches whilst out and about... I am sure there are plenty of us... Then there are ones down canals etc... Great Idea! Will help with Solent ones where I can....
  19. "My advise to anyone adding a trail to this site (if the caches are not their own) is to obtain permission from the owner as it is their intellectual property." Now that did make me smile if the "intellectual property" in my caches was valued that highly I would want to be paid for setting them and charge to find them It must make these people and there caches so "special" I will be returning from the Red Sea in the next few days so feel free to flame I will enjoy the warmth
  20. I started caching on an N95 before getting a basic ETrex Garmin as well. I used to input the caches form my laptop use Smart GPX on my phone without the GPS on. I could go all day, sometimes I used Geocache navigator to help with the maps... To be honest like that I found caches quicker than I do now with an Oregon 400. OK I took the wrong foot path once or twice but once on the GZ I new my position was bad so started looking earlier... Although I still would not change back from my Oregon, it is so good. Personally I would by the best one you can afford there is always the extra function you wish you had So my vote if you are going to spend the money Oregon...
  21. A drawback that I've found with the Garmin Discovery maps is that they are only routable for cars and bikes i.e. it won't suggest that you use a footpath! I have OSM and Discovery maps on my Oregon, the display looks like it is the Ordnance Survey style Discovery maps but the GPSr is using the underlying and invisible OSM for routing - looks good just slows down the re-rendering of maps tiles a little bit - at walking pace that isn't a problem. I do the same although I use Bing maps to get the maps... This does slow the unit down as you say but as I tend to keep mine full of rubish I hardly notice! Did not know OSM maps where rout-able for walking must try it next time I am out... Thanks for the tip...
  22. I tried this one once , well the guy had a GPS and was collecting the info required from the right place ... Turns out he was not a geocacher at all although a few days later he mailed my caching account and said he is now
  23. "Does the site owner have the necessary permissions to replicate the cache data. I would like my data removed from the site without delay, or discussion." Well if I had produced a cache series I would be proud to have my caches on this list... The caches I have made I want people to find ... I do not understand the why's or what of this , or is it just the because I can? Any info I put on here I put out to the caching community, if I did not want it in the public domain I would not put it on here ... ICache went , now a few more requests like this and I would not blame the person doing all this hard work for saying "Sod it" and abandoning the project . Which would be another loss caching, particularly when you look at the present thread about the future of caching . Good caches need all the support they can get before they become a thing of the past! I guess I can expect a flaming, hell it will not be the first and certainly will not be the last
  24. Thank you It is interesting the reading the link about GC-Vote. The first time I heard mention of it it or mentioned it here it got quite a slanging for various reason... Yet more recently people seem less negative about it... Sorry but if this is the future of caching, then a rating system is long over due... I think unless you are a numbers hound where any cache will do. Unimaginative/ poor caches will be marked down as a rule and better ones marked up... It will never be perfect but it will help, if yo do not like the idea you can always choose to ignore the ratings.. I live fairly local and have picked some caches in Portsmouth area but these probably make it a caching no go area for me... If even if I am passing I will probably drive-by in the more traditional meaning of the word... Edit to remove some appalling English, even by my standards...
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