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  1. I'm 1/2 guilty :anibad: after 3 logged DNF's from other people, I went out, found it, but with too many people in the area I didn't want it to get muggled, I posted my results for the find backwards, at GCK855 Friend of the river, but I did go back to sign the log a day or so later :)

  2. Mt. Loop Hwy is one of my favorite area's, starting at Frank Mason park, our little train Loci, placed by Cache ahead, and over a doz. other caches up the Mt. Loop Hwy, some very easy and some that are heart pounding, and three cache's at the ice caves which in the fall is very colorful and all the way to Monte Cristo :(

  3. :blink: I too have been to the back of the cave's wall, years ago when the snow pack lasted alot longer and the last time I ventured in, was after search & rescue had to dig someone out , but I did get alot of nice pictures :o
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