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  1. Beer and brats at my place. I'll bring some beer ... Bet I know where the cache is....
  2. I purchased the Ram mounts for my truck and my Harley. I could not be more satified.
  3. Wow, I learned three things here. 1. "gapins" is a little smarter than the average geocacher. 2. "msrubble" is a people person and tries to help. 3. "Cardinal Red" is an a**hole. Just my opinion mind you.
  4. If it were me I would delete his logs and email him about his behavior.
  5. I've enjoyed reading most of this topic and will add my small contribution; U.S.Army 1980-1992 Field Artillery Systems Mechanic Schofield Barrack, Hawaii Ft. Bliss, TX Bamberg, Germany Ft. Benning, GA Saudi Arabia Kawait Iraq Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN "To Us, and those like Us" Cheers!
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