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  1. I tried ripping part of the site earlier and I think geocaching.com didn't like me doing that. I seem to have gotten myself locked out of the main part of the site. Everything works fine until I start looking up caches, and then I just get blank screens. Is there some way I can get "unlocked"? I didn't mean to stir up trouble by ripping too much of the site but my IP seems to be banned
  2. There's nothing WRONG with being money-hungry.. Heck, if I had to do all the work that Jeremy does to keep this site up and running I'd want a little compensation, too. I just am waiting until he decides to "share the wealth".. hehe.
  3. From what I hear through the grapevine, Jeremy is already money-hungry. So as I said, it's just a matter of time...
  4. Tried doing a search but couldn't find much on the "business of Groundspeak". I thought I would like to own some shares. Any word on if and when Groundspeak, Inc. might go public with an IPO? I figure it's only a matter of time, unless shares are already being traded and I just am having trouble finding the symbol...
  5. I've got to disagree. There are definitely LAME virtual caches. All the good virtuals are taken, so someone decides that they need to get their name on a virtual in some downtown city. So they choose some stupid phone booth or something as their cache. Totally worthless and a waste of time for the finder..
  6. quote:Originally posted by Harrald:There have been numerous threads about this. What you may consider lame someone else may think is fantastic. Very true.. But surely an average impression of many geocachers couldn't lie. A truly unbelievably awesome geocache would eventually average a higher mark than a totally lame one after hundreds of opinions are counted.
  7. Say that I have 3 days in a new city. How can I be certain that I hit some quality geocaches in the area while I'm there?
  8. I'm fairly new to geocaching. Is there something I'm missing? Surely there must be some built-in method where FINDERS can RATE caches.. So you can sort caches by highest rated in an area.. So you don't waste time finding lame caches? Maybe this is a subscription-only service? I have a hard time believing that such a feature doesn't exist on this website...
  9. Joe Geocacher, Now that I re-read my message I see how you got confused I'm having trouble finding difficult geocaches online... to search for. The ones rated difficult had not been that difficult.. We wanted something with outrageous intellectual and physical challenge (something on the wavelength of.. Need to have an IQ of 175 and Mensa member to figure out and be able to bench 300 pounds to get to). Have gotten some interesting suggestions which we may have to follow up on!
  10. BrianSnat, Thanks for the detailed info. I'm obviously new to geocaching, but I have enjoyed the more difficult geocaches (the 4-star ones). I just don't find the 1-star and 2-star ones worthwhile. I am disappointed when I go to a 4-star one and it appears to be easier than a 3-star one that I did. That's why I was sort-of interesting in finding out if there was any way that the finders could rate geocaches, but I guess not. I still can't figure out how to search for ONLY 5-star geocaches in my general area. Thanks..
  11. Well, there's my problem.. I don't know how to do a pocket query for 5-star caches.. I'm going to have to figure out how to do that.. Cool and thanks for the tip!
  12. I have only been geocaching for 2 weeks. I have found 16 caches, and am having trouble finding challenging geocaches. I have done several 4-star difficulty, 4-star terrain geocaches which have not seemed all that difficult for me. Is there any place where geocaches can be rated by the FINDERS rather than the HIDERS? I need more difficult geocaches! Distance from me, time, and cost are no object. Thanks!
  13. I have a Magellan SporTrak Color. My friend has an ETrex Vista. In the intense geocaching conditions that we've encountered (inside caves, under thick tree cover, etc. etc.) my Magellan holds the signal a LOT better than my friend's Garmin. If you're not planning on going under extreme conditions, it probably doesn't matter much.
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