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  1. Thanks for all the cool ideas. I've been to five events and i like the raffles so i'll try that and the bingo game that sounds fun as well
  2. This applies to caches only, not to trade items or travel bugs. Not that I disagree exactly, but at some point doesn't this become absurd? I mean at some point don't the contents of the cache, become the cache? Obviously I can't name a cache "Get Right With The Lord- A Micro" or "Spend All Your Money On Nike Brand Shoes Earthcache". And I couldn't get listed if my cache page had the Ten Commandments printed on it. But if I place a ammo box in the woods all fill it up with fliers asking people to "Vote For Mr. X" and top it off with buttons, car magnets, posters, and bumper stickers for that same canidate would I not also be placing a cache with an agenda? Being a cacher it is sometimes interesting to see different things in a cache but i think you can make any kind of cache commercial. I have a Transformers TB Hotel. That could considered commercial. Look at the stargate series that seems to be commerecial. If i saw some political ads in a cache then i would just ignore them.
  3. He was a betatester You are the FTF A betatester is a cacher that goes along and gets the coords ahead of time so he can still log a find without having to go back to the area after the cache is published. But he does not get to claim FTF. Congrats
  4. You cannot place a cache within .1 mi of another cache even if there is a major freeway in between. Same thing happened to me when i was trying to place my first cache.
  5. That would be really awesome. I would put one out for it after it got rolling. Great Idea.
  6. Membership only lasts a year. Have you had a membership longer than a year?
  7. Within a mile? That really specifice? A mile which way would have helped a little
  8. Within a mile? That really specifice? A mile which way would have helped a little
  9. Me and my brother are putting on an indoor event with about 40-50 cachers attending. And besides a raffle are there any other cool ideas for an event?
  10. We talking caches, or his age? Sorry Harmon, couldn't resist. You da man, I only wish I could hike the places you do if I ever approach your young age. way to go Harmon 4000 That is AMAZING!! You go Harmon? Need another rest stop now? Congrats! Thanks all, I appreciate your support. Jodi's Rest Stop for Harmon was almost my last find. Fell face down into a pile of rocks from a stable standing position. I suspect that my fall was Janie's fault but I can't prove it. I've been saving #4,000 until Sandy is able to be with me. Thing is that she spent the past week in Arizona with her mother and her sisters. Imagine ... that close but no cigar until she returned. Maybe today with Sandy but certainly not on a mountain-top due to her rebuilt big toe that's coming along nicely but still mending. Finally I owe most of my find-count to the Geobabes and since those days to my super hiking pal Janie of Splashette fame. Janie badgered me up more mountain trails than I can recall. My final push toward 4,000 included Guatay Mountain, Mt. Wood- son, Mt. Miguel, Sweetwater Reservoir, north of the fifty-two, and most recently Barber Road. Thank you all for the many hides on county power trails. My only regret is that 4,000 finds aren't even half of what is respectable in San Diego County. I suppose that tagging along behind Geocaching super-stars is the best that an old man can hope for. Your pal, Harmon p.s. I've started a list of local Geocachers that haven't expressed congratulations for my amazing feet. Oops, make that feat. Congratulations Harmon!!! Way to go! We think 4000 is very respectable! (Now don't forget to cross our name off that list...) Foothills Drifter ... Check The Fat Cats ....... Check Me too, me too! Congratulations, Harmon! You are a great role model for all those folks that say they're too old for this game! Here's to your next 1000! P.S. Where's the picture with the funny cool hat this time? O.K., add me to the list of folks that have congratulated you on the fine accomplishment of 4000 finds. I think that both of us were in Coronado today but I didn't get to enjoy an ice cold beer and lunch at the Coronado Brewing Company. I think I had a Clif bar and some Gatorade for lunch while on a little bike ride with Miragee and Auld Pro. Congratulations again and may you find many, many more. Congrats on 4,000!!!!!
  11. Yep he's one of the eight or so
  12. I would rather have a food container any day of the week than a micro!
  13. I've only been caching since Feb and i have over 500 finds. Events: I go to everyone i can make. I love the trips out caching after parties as well. TBs: I love taking them and moving them around i have quite a few and i have coins in circulation as well i only keep two of my favorites. Hiding: I have almost a 1:10 hide to find ratio. I love creating different series of caches. It get people who find them more involved Forums: I try daily I love this sport. I have done a few 8pm to 1:30 am runs and love the numbers but i alos love the views when i have the time to hike up a nice tall hill. Micros upset me when i find 20 of them and no regulars in one day. But otherwise i don't mid them as long as there is a cache along the way to put stuff in.
  14. Me and my muggle friend were wondering if anyone out there has gotten in a car accident or near accident trying to get a FTF? I know out here in lakeside, ca we have about 8 cachers that are out the door really quick. Most of the time if a cache is within 2-5 mi it will be found by 2-3 cachers within an hour.
  15. home depot sells something like this 28 key cabinent
  16. It is a quick event, maybe 15 to 30 min. You usually have a log, TB exchange bucket, and maybe one more quick event. Then leave to go caching. Thats it. Sometimes they'll have post-mob events but those are usually figured out at the Flash Mob
  17. Duncan on Fire Chuy has a friend that made it all the way up to carlsbad!
  18. man that would be so awesome to go get that tb but i have found zero of the caches on the list and i dont think a note for picking up the tb would be smart
  19. CONGRATS TO JABRIDGE FOR 300 CACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Check out this new event "GC1EH0H Dctalk007 is heading off to PHOENIX!!!"
  21. Check out this new event "GC1EH0H Dctalk007 is heading off to PHOENIX!!!"
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