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  1. I no longer have the option to search by the wonders. I can see it on my profile page and I can see them if I click on on individual caches, but my filters no longer have the option to search by wonders, we need the filter back
  2. Is the Wonders of the World still active or has it ended? I noticed this morning when I signed on that I can see it but when I try to filter by the Wonders, the filter option is no longer visible for the Wonders of the World
  3. Same here. was working on the Natural Wonders and should've logged two but nothing showing. it worked fine last weekend
  4. If your're geocaching, how long does it take before the your profile updates you found one of the wonders of the world? Last weekend when I geocaching, they showed up as soon as I logged the geocache, but today its not giving me credit for any of the wonders but instead I'm getting a popup about the Rockets of science or something
  5. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm currently using a basic membership and looked up some cache sites online. they show online as non premium but when I go to the locations and try to use the Geocache phone app they say I need to upgrade to a premium membership due to it being a 2.0 or above. Why doesnt the phone app match the online version of what I can see with a basic membership?
  6. Is anyone else having issues with the Geocaching app not working? Mine hasnt worked in a few months and its super annoying. It can locate my location where I'm at but NEVER brings up any geocaches in the area and there are quite a few. I've tried several stops and the same issue over and over thanks
  7. I hate the new app. Unless I tell it to search the current location every single time it doesn't update or show me caches. What an idiotic requirement! I want it to show me the local caches no matter where I am without always having to switch to a different screen and select "current location" for it to search. Of course when I do find caches that way they are always 1.2 miles away until it finds it's brain. If you tap the crosshair icon on the map screen it will center on your location (and initiate a new search if necessary) without needing to switch to a new screen Today is Saturday October 29th and I"m still having issues. I havent had any geocaches show up in a while. its getting super frustrating... it would be nice if the app actually worked. worked ok last weekend for the most part but not perfect. and yes I have a connection. mine is a Samsung too. although I noticed that there was an update that my phone downloaded for the app the other day, not sure if that has anything to do with it
  8. Hello. not sure if this is the best or right spot for this ?, but I received an email from Geocache.com stating a CO had deleted my log. but when I go to the log my visit is still listed. does anyone know how a deleted log works or a msg from Geocache abt a deleted log. not sure why the CO deleted it either. all it said was "TTF #41" and I had signed the log Thanks
  9. I believe I read somewhere today that the WA STate Park Centennial GeoTour is now officially over..... is this correct? of course cant find the link of where I saw it either. did see a link abt all the finishers. even if the official geo tour is over will the caches still be left to find?
  10. thanks everyone. whats funny is today we used the car's GPS as a handheld and sure enough worked wonderfully, 3 in a row. except for one I should've been literally on top of it. but that was out of town a ways. then in town it wont work or zoom it.. its like seriously make up your GPS's. also need to remember to read the prior finder's msgs as they sometimes have addl hints on where they're located at.
  11. has anyone else been using the Geocache app and noticing its sensitive. or hypersensitive. I use the free trial one. was getting really tired of it fast because it'll tell me go so many feet in a direction, I do that an nope now go 10 more ft in a different direction, now back 15 ft past where I was. it was getting ridiculous. no matter I couldnt seem to close in on the location Alexie
  12. for the geocache listings it says "send to phone". I do that. and I have the GeoCaching app... now how do I see what I sent to my phone? I have a smart phone but no built in wifi. so of course when I leave town I lose my geocache wifi link. is there some other way to see the visit. I cant event figure out how to see the geocache locations I sent to my phone, from my phone thanks, Alexie
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