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  1. I liked the Alphabet Challenge - round Dartmoor, lots of good views. (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=e4a2ffcc-9ad9-4bac-b9e4-3717fd67385c)
  2. I'd volunteer, but as I have a speaking voice best described as "Joyce Grenfell with a heavy cold" I'm not sure the results would be fit to broadcast!
  3. New puzzle cache, been live since the weekend, no FTF yet, people appear to be having some difficulty with the puzzle (which was, of course, the whole point in making it a puzzle cache in the first place :). Now I could make life easy for people and give them a hint/tell them how to solve it . . . but imagining some of the annoying sods who get the FTFs on *everything* struggling with it is *fun* (ok, that probably makes me an evil git. :) I'm not going to give a hint *yet*, because there's one bod who reckons he's sussed how it works and if he has then he deserves a chance at the FTF, but if no FTF is forthcoming, how long do I leave it?
  4. Powers on Ok, appears to be working correctly, and then a hundred metres down the path I look down and it's turned itself off again. Is it knackered, or is this a "feature" I should be aware of? (And yes, I have tried new batteries, and yes, they are in the right way up!)
  5. If you search on this page you will get the correct results. That is because this search pulls from our database copy and not from Google. The other two search methods use Google's Maps API, which is wrong. Try your search there and you'll see what I mean. We sent a bug report to Google and have not heard anything back yet. In the meantime you can use the search in my first link above. Many thanks for the clarification on (a) . . . any ideas on (?
  6. Two issues that still seem to be in evidence: (a) Searching on the full postcode "B91 3BB" returns a location somewhere in Germany - it should be on the outskirts of Birmingham. If it's possible for postcodes to be interpreted more than one way, maybe the postcode search needs to get the user to specify the country? ( If viewing a list of search results in less than full-screen (which is *very* desirable when you're at work and want to make it less obvious that what you're doing isn't work :), the left side of the page is missing. (I have a screen print of this but can't work out how to add it to the thread - maybe the help topic on this needs to be more obvious?) PC is a pentium 4 running XP Pro SP2 and IE6.
  7. Same problem, and bottom scroll bar missing.
  8. Only seems to be doing even that rather intermittently, I'm afraid. Started by trying to search on B91 3BB, got the "location cannot be determined" error message, tried just "B91" and got the same thing (and nothing else), tried it again and got the same error message but then when I clicked Ok it returned the usual list of caches but centred on a point slightly different from the usual. Sorry . . . I know intermittent faults are a pig to fix. :( As regard the different versions of Intergit Exploder, it's probably worth being aware that quite a few people will be on here on their work PCs and hence won't have any choice in which browser they use!
  9. It might also be worth noting that if you've the paper map for the area (and if you're walking/geocaching in the area, you probably do), it's possible to construct a vernier romer that will give you an 8-fig ref . . . that brings you down to 10m, which still isn't perfect but rather closer to the limits of the GPS. For example: http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/forum/forumme...es/mps/UTN/5082 Not quite an answer to the same question, but may be of interest? (Doesn't, of course, do anything to help the highly irritating PITA that is trying to geocache, letterbox and navigate in two different co-ordinate systems at once. Ggggrrrrrr.)
  10. Ok, yet another whinge. Quarrying. In a national park. Sat on fairly hard by local planning dept. Decision overturned by High Court Judge who appears to have missed the point and, presumably, actually *wants* the picturesquely wild bits of the Uk to be blighted by big holes in the ground. Nice precedent for the rest of our National parks. Not. Ggggrrrr. <*bites*> (http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/t.php?t=295649&v=1#x4383625 http://www.thebmc.co.uk/News.aspx?id=2512 Btw, if you're at all interested in hill-walking, the BMC *is* relevant - they don't just deal with vertical rock, walking's within their remit too! I have a regular camping spot within sight of Longstone Edge, have walked over it many times and seen the quarrying getting more and more extensive, well hacked off.)
  11. Way back in the dim and distant past, I did a year as secretary of a uni sports club. One of the things I ended up doing a lot of was sending emails containing (relatively) essential information, and then dealing with various issues with people who just looked at the subject line and went "club email, not important, bin without reading". One day, when I had something I really *needed* people to read, I changed tack and titled it "And so endeth the sad tale of Harry the Furry Squid . . ." And yes, people read it - even the club chairman, who wasn't pleased and delivered something of a bollocking by return email. Harry the Furry Squid then became something of a running joke. I'm more usually known online, both on UKC and the letterboxing forums, as "Wingnut", but geocaching already has at least one wingnut and I needed something more unusual, so . . . Harry the Furry Squid rides again! :)
  12. About 200m east of Hare Tor on Sunday. *Very* wet and with rust appearing on screws, appeared to have been there at least overnight and possibly longer. Not working, but may do when dried out or could just be flat battery. If you've lost one in the area, get in touch with a description of the camera and case.
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