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  1. Thank you all for your help and support. Nevertheless Coinfest events turn to be a problem for special, nice looking coins. I had more than one coin which where hold by owners for months because they wanted to show my coin. Does this really make sense? I would argue that such events only show coins which have not been activated and/or belong to the presenter. To show a coin which belongs to another person and which should travel from cache to cache sounds strange to me... Regards WWERNER
  2. Hallo zusammen Geocoin Feste und ähnliche Veranstaltungen werden immer mehr Mode. Ich möchte auf einen negativen Aspekt hinweisen. Es gibt Owner, die schöne Coins sehr, sehr lange zurückbehalten, weil sie sie an solchen Veranstaltungen ausstellen wollen. Ein Beispiel ist http://coord.info/TB3BEHB der von Benjamargi herumgeschleppt wird, ohne ihn seinem Ziel entsprechend in weitere Caches zu legen und herumreisen zu lassen. Mails haben nichts gefruchtet. Meiner Ansicht nach sollte es möglich sein, dass der Owner eines Coins wählen kann, ob sein Coin an solchen Veranstaltungen gelogt werden kann. Gruss WWERNER
  3. You must be using a voice other than American Jill. Any other voice will not work. The Dev Team know about it. Cheers, Not even Jill is working. Garmin fixed the non-TTS voices in version 2.6. 3 Things to check. No offense if they are obvious to you, 1) Make sure to check the following settings under "Tones" in the setup menu. 1) Tones=On, 2) Tones Output=Auto. 2) Make sure the volume is set to something audible (not ZERO). 3) Try a pair of headphones pluged into the units audio jack. If the voices work there then there's something wrong with the auto cradle. Good luck! Is it possible to adjust the volume of the cradle? Where can I do that?
  4. Don't know about that, it's not like they have any competent competition. Garmin clearly owns the handheld GPS market. Well that is actually not true. The competition comes from the Mobile Phone markets. About half of my colleagues use their iPhone or Android for caching. Some use just a basic or old Garmin and the mobile phone in addition. I think Garmin needs to speed up if they want to keep the marked share. WWERNER
  5. No Wherigo app on the montana. At least not in the initial rlease. Werner
  6. Thanks a lot!! WWERNER
  7. Hi all. Unfortunately I can't speak the Poland language. I have a question. I heard there is a special Polnish Geocaching Logo. Is that true? Can you send me this logo? Hallo zusammen. Leider spreche ich kein Polnisch. Ich hätte eine Frage. Ich habe gehört, es gibt ein Polnisches Geocaching Zeichen/Logo. Kann mir jemand dieses Logo zustellen? Vielen Dank. Thanks a lot! WWERNER
  8. The 1 for 1 rule is not something which is defined by the game owner (Groundspeak). I have seen such caches from time to time. As you said, such a rule should increase the attractivity of a cache. You may or may not follow the rule.
  9. OK. I'm not German. Nevertheless I have to say: Would be nice, if US people will start learning at least a second language in order to understand other cultures as well. Thanks.
  10. Delete the file .../GARMIN/geocache_visits.txt This file holds the founds. Every time you log a Cache as "found" the cache will be added to this list (paperless caching). Regards Werner
  11. Not really. I know this feature. I would like to produce a map including all my coins with their current status and the route they followed with a press of a "single button".
  12. Hi all Is there a tool to show the travel route for all my coins in a single map? Thanks. Regards Werner
  13. Hi all I try to - convert data from PC Mapsource to Mac - load the maps on the Mac to the Garmin Oregon I was able to convert the maps but I cannot load them to the Oregon or a SD Card. Is there anybody who was able to transfer the maps from the Mac to an Oregon (I had no problems with the 76csx). Thanks. Regards Werner
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