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  1. We had our Tax Returns in last autumn. The IR invoice was sent out to us before Christmas but naturally, we waited until the end of January before we paid it!!!
  2. Wow! Hooked after only 1 cache! I expect to see you top of the Cacher of the Month table in February then!
  3. May I recommend that you use THIS MAP to help you plan your caching trips. It can take a while to load, especially if you're using dial up, so be patient. If you click on one of the dots, it will open the cache page for you and you will be able to plan your trips more easily. When I was living in N Yorks, there were over 150 caches and more have been added since I left in September 2004, so there are plenty for you to find.
  4. Hi Mandy You go ahead and ask away. There are many people who frequent these forums who are only too happy to offer their help and advice. With regards to Catterick, I know the Sunday market to which you refer, which is held at the racecourse. There is a cache just yards from the car park which is an easy one to find - click on this link to take you to the cache page. There are 5 other caches in and around Richmond, namely... Easby View Roaming Round Richmond Leoness' Yorkshire Den - I had to mention this one!!! Jagger Lane and Willance's Leap None is a virtual, which should keep your kids happy.
  5. No idea about caravans as I don't own one! Looking at the caches Us 4 and Jess have already done and comparing that with the interactive map on GCUK, there are plenty more left in the Co Durham area to keep them quiet for a long while yet! Having no idea what their preferences are, it's difficult to recommend anything specific. Why not set a goal like I did, to find every cache in Co Durham, for example. That way you get to know your home county pretty well and get to experience a wide variety of different types of caches, as you have to find them all (rather than sticking to the easy ones!) Naturally, I can recommend most of the caches in N Yorkshire and there are some very nice ones in the Lake District too (you don't HAVE to be a fell walker to get to some of them) although I wouldn't recommend towing a caravan up Hardknott Pass!!!!!! (I think they're banned anyway) PS: I had a long, lazy lie in this morning and now my body clock has slipped and I'm not feeling sleepy!
  6. Miniclip should keep you quiet for a while!!!!! (I've got loads more when you're ready)
  7. I'm warming my hands as we speak!!! (oops, wrong forum!)
  8. Hi Si The TB page doesn't specify precisely where. I think it will be easier for me to get it to Paul who is reasonably local to me than it would be to get it up to Derby. But thanks for the offer.
  9. It's YOUR CotM table - so go ahead and do what YOU want with it! By the way... when you say a TB has to be "moved" to score... does that mean it has to have been placed in a new cache by the end of the month for it to count or can it actually be in one's posession and still count? I guess that if you have it in your posession, then you must have "moved" it!
  10. Hi Paul Yes! I picked a TB up today which is trying to get to the east cost of America. I live near Swindon - how can I get it to you?
  11. A very valid point and one which I had overlooked. My apologies. I'll just go and crawl back in my hole now and shut up!!!!
  12. I agree with Stuey... does that mean you like me too?!!! For what it's worth, my £0.02 ... 1) only UK caches to count 2) no TPs at all 3) only TBs moved and new ones released to count You could score difficulty and terrain according to how the cache owner has scored it on the cache sheet i.e. you only score points equal to the difficulty and terrain scores of the caches you've found. So two people finding 5 different caches each may have different scores according to how difficult to get to or to find those caches were. I appreciate that this would be a nightmare to verify but if it's done on a trust basis then I'm sure when the results are published, if someone's tried to cheat on their stats claimed, any number of other cachers will let them (and the rest of the caching community) know about it!
  13. Are you sure it's not part of a multi or offset cache where the provided co-ordinates are not those of the cache and therefore, would not show up as being anywhere near your cache.
  14. Why not use this TB hotel and then cut cross to the M1 from Hitchin to Luton J10.
  15. I own a cache which is a lovely dog walk, in National Trust park land, where many people walk their dogs. However, accessing the cache requires climbing over at least 1 stile (depending on direction of approach) which has sheep fencing either side and so dogs can't get through the fence and have to be lifted over the stile. I have explained this in the cache description so that dog owners are aware of a potential problem. So... do I use the little dog icon or not? I say yes, because I've covered both bases!
  16. I think that Phillimore Clan have a very valid point in that the symbol only states that dogs are permitted and not necessarily that the walk is dog friendly i.e. no stiles. I guess, if you're unsure about a cache and how friendly it might be for your particular breed of dog, a quick email to the owner asking the question before you set out might be one way around the problem.
  17. I find the little dog icon particularly helpful as I do most of my caching with my Black Labrador who is rather too large and heavy to be lifted over too many stiles. I have done a lot of caching in N Yorkshire where they have ladder type stiles to help walkers/ramblers get over dry stone walls easily and some of them are quite high. I had to turn back on a couple of occasions because I couldn't get my dog over them. They don't show up on OS maps and unless the cache owner has mentioned them in the cache description, there's no way of knowing if you're going to come across one or not!
  18. This is what Babelfish came up with!!! "Description changed. Only logging with photo possible. For Cacher without camera have I no idea as I the log release to at present realize could"
  19. Try this TB Virtual TB Wow! It's even "travelled" over 93,000 miles!
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