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  1. It isn't dead... it's pining for the ffjords!!!
  2. I get mine from http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk Click on "products" and scroll down to "accessories" and then "geocaching". The Travel Bugs are on page 2 of 3. The service is excellent. Don't pay extra for the next day delivery though as they usually come next day anyway by first class post.
  3. Personally, I try not to hang on to a TB longer than 2-3 weeks. Certainly, if it doesn't have a specific goal and just wants to travel from cache to cache, I will release it again very quickly. If I am able to help it achieve its goal by holding on to it a little longer, then I will do that. With regard to the TB in the Oz Bug Race... you could always email the owner of the TB and ask them whether they would prefer you to release it as soon as possible or whether they are happy for you to hold on to it in August and take it to Crete. I wouldn't NOT pick up another bug just because I already have one waiting to be released. When I've come back from a cache meet, I may have at least half a dozen in my possession! Edited for typo!
  4. I am female and do most of my caching alone and I have to confess to feeling safer when I have the dog with me. The trouble is, our dog is so friendly she'd either lick someone to death or beat them into submission with her tail! I don't know what she'd do if I was attacked though and I hope I never find out. I always try to get someone to come with me if I'm going to remote caches, more in case of injury than for fear of being attacked and I never cache alone after dark. Hubby usually accompanies me if it's the weekend but more recently I have teamed up with Seasider and not only is he good company but with over 1,100 caches to his name, it's unlikey I'll have a DNF if I'm with him!
  5. Many thanks to Harrogate Hunters for a very well organised event. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, complete with surprise caches, lots of TBs and I even managed to cross a couple more caches off my N Yorks list. I rounded off the day nicely by having supper at The Nelson (on the A59) with Seasider and Adrianjohn ... finally crawling in my front door at 11.30pm! At least hubby was warming the bed up for me.
  6. Hi Rutson Tomorrow is the second "meet and greet" in the area in the last month or so. There was another one just south of Leeds a few weeks ago. Keep your eyes peeled for others as they do seem to happen quite regularly and they're advertised as a cache page and usually in the forums too.
  7. There are at least 16 cachers attending the meet tomorrow (Saturday) near Harrogate. Some are local and some will travel many miles to attend. Some have met before and some will be meeting for the first time. It's a good opportunity to meet fellow cachers, whose names you see regularly in log books and in the forums; whose caches you may have been to yourself and whose travel bugs you might have helped on their way. You can pick up hints and tips on hiding caches, playing the game, clues to those "hard to find" puzzle caches and all over a pint or two of beer (or whatever else might take your fancy). Everyone is very friendly and will welcome you (we all understand that it can be hard to attend these events the first time and especially if you're on your own), so why not come along and make some new friends.
  8. Could number 11 (the hat) belong to Pharisee?!
  9. Wot? To make it "compulsory"? It would, indeed, be futile.... I "done" it already!!!
  10. Congratulations! I've often seen your name in log books and am looking forward to meeting you on Saturday.
  11. I spent yesterday afternoon caching with Seasider and managed to clear up another 8 caches, so I've got it back down to 13 to find. Then I noticed that "From Enigma to Echelon" has come back online, so more code-breaking required. I was secretly hoping not to have to do that one as part 1 (The Code) isn't in N Yorks but part 2 (The Stash) is!
  12. For The Lake District... The Britannia Inn at Elterwater. Excellent guest beers (some at 8%), however small rooms and very popular with fell walkers so need to book well in advance. Dogs are welcome. Excellent full English breakfast and the whole Lake District on your doorstep for some excellent caches. http://www.britinn.co.uk/ For Yorkshire Dales... The Wheatsheaf at Carperby. Not actually stayed overnight here but visited recently for a pint (Masham ales) and noticed they accept dogs overnight by arrangement. I can recommend all of the caches in the Yorkshire Dales!!! http://www.wheatsheafinwensleydale.co.uk/ For the Home Counties (and possibly London)... Redcoats Farmhouse Hotel near Stevenage, Herts Owned and run by good friends of mine, they have dogs of their own so appreciate it if you don't let yours wander around the grounds off the lead! Accommodation (with dogs) is usually in the converted stable block rather than in the house. Excellent food but pricey. (I persuaded their chef to give me his ice cream recipe). Best ale is Adnams, drawn directly from the barrel in the cellar. http://www.redcoats.co.uk/ Apart from those, we often use Travelodges as they are relatively inexpensive and accept dogs but the accommodation is basic and breakfast is extra at the Little Chef. They are also all over the country so we can usually find one near to where we want to stay. http://www.travelodge.co.uk/ I hope this helps. You could always try typing "pets welcome" into your web browser and see what it comes up with!
  13. Anywhere, in particular? We have a dog and regularly stay in Travelodges and Inns which accept dogs, so might be able to help.
  14. Many thanks, Seasider, for starting this topic with your infectious humour and thank you to everyone else for your congratulations. As you may be aware, I have set myself the goal of finding every cache in N Yorkshire before I move south in August. At the time, I had forgotten that N Yorks is the largest county in England and that I would need to travel from coast to coast (almost) to find caches. A couple of weeks ago, I got it down to only 12 to find but then, last weekend, the Harrogate Hunters, YanksinYorkshire and Sleepless42 "upped" the challenge by adding a further 9 new caches between them to my list!!! Aaaaarrrrggggh! Life is pretty hectic at the moment with many social events and packing up the house in preparation for our move etc., not to mention the fact that my brother and sister-in-law have just invited themselves to stay for a week in July, so it's going to be a challenge finding the time to finish them all in the next few weeks. Still... I rise to the challenge as I hate to leave goals unfulfilled, so watch this space and PLEASE don't place any new caches in N Yorks for the next couple of months!!! Then it'll be a case of "look out West Country... here I come!"
  15. I guess that could be quite "humer(o)us" in a sadistic sort of way!!!
  16. It works for me but you only need to cut and paste this much into your browser... http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/42c02...21a16df4e88.jpg Edit: See Haggis Hunters previous log!!!
  17. I also use this web site to order my TBs and can confirm that they provide an excellent service. I wouldn't bother paying the extra for the next day (courier) delivery though as they dispatched my TBs by first class post and I got them next day anyway! But then... they are only up the road from me in Teesside!
  18. Also... don't leave unopened cans of fizzy drink in a hot car as they can explode too, leaving a horrible sticky mess all over the inside of the car, which we found out to our cost once!!!
  19. This was posted on the Geocacheuk.com website on 24th May.
  20. I use an Olympus digital camera and download the pictures directly onto my PC. I then use Paint Shop Pro to resize them for attaching to logs. I usually only add photos to a log if I'm FTF or if there aren't many other photos already illustrating the cache. I also try to add a photo of a TB if I can, particularly if it's requested by the bug owner.
  21. ***WARNING*** geocaching can be highly addictive!!! Congratulations on your first 10 - I bet we'll soon be congratulating you on your first 100!!!
  22. Well done and big congratulations. I have only done two of your caches so far and I enjoyed them both, partly because they are near to my home town in the Herts/Beds area. It's always nice to go back to old "stomping grounds" and relive some happy memories of my youth!!! (Yes, I really AM that old - it's the big 40 in August!!! )
  23. Hi Deego I just emailed my stats for May to your email address on the geocacheuk.com cacher of the month web page. (I just had a look at the Ben Nevis pics on your personal web page. My profile pic is of hubby and me on top of Ben Nevis in May 2001. Sorry it's such a small pic - I haven't yet worked out how to make it appear bigger - but if you click on it in my profile on geocaching.com, it opens it to full page size so you can see it better There was plenty of snow up there even at the end of May!)
  24. I know several single army officers. I just need to introduce them to geocaching now!!!
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