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  1. Ok. I'm so confused about these GW coins. I thought this one was the official GW5 coin, but then I saw this one. You say my triangular one is the official 'attendee' coin? What's the difference between them all??
  2. Wonderful! Thanks for your help. If anyone can remember why USA Geocoins did that, I'd be interested in knowing. Thanks for the pics drneal. That was the difference I'd seen. Since the back reads "Used with permission..." I worried that my coin was a copy of some sort...or something like that.
  3. Here's another one I received in a grab bag. Can't find any info on it, though. Thanks again
  4. I received this coin in a grab bag, but can't find any info on it. Entering the tracking number labels it a "USA GEOCOIN", but that's all I can find on it. It looks like another coin I've seen, but has subtle differences. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Received your email and replied. Thanks Tsun
  6. Oh! I forgot to reply here. Coins received and much appreciated. Thanks!!!
  7. Received mine the other day. Nice selection. Thank you!
  8. me, me, me!! <raising hand wildly and jumping up and down> email sent through profile
  9. Congratulations to EVERYONE for all your wonderful pets and thanks for this awesome cointest. Special congrats to the winners of the coins. VERY nice
  10. OMG! Whack a Kitty 2 is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing this.
  11. ..and if I may...I just wanted to post these for you to see. Jessie playing with her spider toy: and Roxie at "This Ain't Maui!" GC1CWC5: I miss my caching buddy...
  12. Great photos. I'm loving them all! Here's Roxie, being the greatest dog ever. The big blue bed is hers...the smaller green one is Jessie the cat's: My vote today is for dogs!
  13. Awesome! Congratulations. That was great of that person to send you the link. Makes us all one big family, doesn't it?
  14. seriously? we have what is basically a pathtag that are traveling advertisements for a product? next thing you know they'll be advertising orange juice and luggage. like the last thing i want to find in a cache or in my collection is something equal to a newspaper ad. really? rsg edited because i really can't type. Agreed. I don't like it either. I'm a capitalist and believe on making an honest buck, but I don't like caches or travelers going in that direction. I am NOT a fan of those eat sleep play chips either.
  15. Cats again today. Meet my Pizzy Cat: ..and one a bit more festive: I lost Pizzy this past summer to kidney disease. She was 14 years old and my shy little lap kitty.
  16. DITTO! This thread is my favorite smile for the day. Today I vote for dogs. My beloved Roxie who passed on in January, and every other dog who is loved and missed as much as she is.
  17. Mine are in....hope I did it right. It looks right to me
  18. OMG! I've loved seeing all your photos. I am equally in love with cats and dogs. Today I vote for cats: Mouse at full speed: Mouse and his brothers, Takota & Chase (left to right:)
  19. NICE!! Wow...What a wonderful feel good moment. Thanks for letting me share in it.
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