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    Thanks keewee, I had a strange feeling the 'Tranquility Curse' might show up after posting the links, it usually does. Must be some pretty frustrated Tranquility collectors about. Personally, I blame CM for not producing enough to go round :)



  2. Yesterday, I received a special coin in the mail, special not only because of who sent it, but because it reminded me of a happier time.




    This little angel, dressed in green, immediately reminded me of an angel my wife and I had purchased while on our 10 year anniversary trip to Italy. One of the tours was of a Murano glass factory in Venice. We purchased a small glass angel that we actually had watched being made. Kathy's favorite color was green.


    Thank you for sending me such an important geocoin! Below I added a picture of the coin with the statue, and a picture of the coin and statue on a special base, on which it rests. There's an optical illusion where you either see a vase, or a person's profile. The stand you see pictured was made using a lateral profile from a picture I have of Kathy...the profile is hers.




    Congratulation. :D It's a beautiful coin...and that's a gorgeous wooden stand!

  3. I finally got my wish. I received in trade a Mystery Turtle black nickel and white. I wanted to do cartwheels outside but there was too much snow so I just jumped around the house like a crazy woman. I am so thankful to have received this awesome coin. Thanks for the trade!


    Yay!!! I'm SO happy for you! I've often wished I had one just to be able to fulfill your wish!!


    Congratulations. Perseverence pays off!! :D

  4. "The eye rolling is getting more intense with each new coin that comes in."


    :lol: Ain't that the truth! Wait till you start hiding the bubble envelopes...and saying "What, THAT one? Nah...that's an old one"....


    It's a terrible, wonderful addiction and the only cure (and it's only temporary mind you) is to go caching!

  5. The corrections are being minted ASAP, they were started over a week ago. I will be allowed to purchase the errored coins, but a price hasnt been decided yet. I will post with news as I get it :)


    Very cool. Put me down for one??? Please??

  6. another long gone favorite returning home. last purchase for a while - at least until kzb's ufo coins come in.




    i got this one not too awfully long ago, but it has taken forever to get it shot. the one and only, well, one of 15 tranquility, blood in the ocean. same as the USA gold but with a red center.




    hmmmm, still need a better shot to show off the gold continents.


    Two BEEEAUTIFUL coins!

  7. I was wondering if there is a log book for Geo Coins, kinda like bird watching in that you can mark them off when you find them and then send them on their way but still have your log book of what coins you have found and what coins are out there....perhaps there is a book for each year?


    If not do you think this is a good idea?


    I like it! ;) I'd love to be a part of compiling a list of all the coins minted...but I'm still kind of a newbie. There are SO many coins that I don't know about.

    Hmm...maybe that's a good thing? :blink:

  8. img9025.jpg

    It's not usually my practice to buy a set, but these were so nice looking.

    Ooh! Awesome! I can't wait to see the ones I ordered. I will be keeping the two you have on the bottom for sure. The other three will be potential trade or sale items. :ph34r:




    The better half ordered me a set for christmas, these look amazing! Impatiently waiting, lol


    Got mine today, too!!! :D Not a single dissapointment in the bunch.

  9. i couldn't help myself .... so much for going on the wagon for geocoin collecting. used to have this one and wanted to have it back, SO ...


    an ebay purchase, one of two this past week. hello, my name is lara and ...




    Beautiful...and very high up on my wish list. Congrats!

  10. oh sorry! I originally posted that in the mailbox thread and realized this was the more appropriate location and then I just cut and pasted my post. So it's quoting a post from "What's in Your Mailbox?".


    Apparently they have started to show up in mailboxes so I am hoping there will be someone interested in trading. I took a break from purchasing (to my husband's relief! lol!) but need to now catch up on getting some of my favourites!


    Ahhh...now it all makes sense. :)


    I just went out to my mailbox and guess what was there???!!!!! :D

    I hope you find someone to trade with. I wish I had purchased multiple sets. They're gorgeous!


    It's not usually my practice to buy a set, but these were so nice looking.


    Ok, so I didn't buy a set of these - I ususally do cause I love the Compass Rose series. Anyone interested in setting up a potential trade for one? I would prefer an (antique) silver/nickel one but am open...


    Trade list is in my signature...



    Did these start shipping yet??? I haven't heard anything, but I have a whole set coming too. Can't wait to see them! Sorry...I only bought one set, and I believe I'll be keeping them.


    BTW...I can't see Gregsonvaux's post at all. <_< Don't know where his quote came from, but I'm glad Eltada commented on it! Those coins are beautiful!

  12. My Satin Silver set arrived today. They look great!! Wish I could've afforded the Satin Gold set, too.

    I love coins that are all about caching and that's just what these are! The colors are beautiful and the satin finish really looks elegant. Love the icons, too! I think the purple mystery coin is my favorite, but I'm not parting with any of them. Thanks Mike and Jackalgirl. :D

  13. These are not jut icon coins, check out the artwork on in behind the icon as well as the artwork on the back. Trust me when I say these are beautiful!


    Oh...and did I mention if you use discount code "CACHETYPE" you get free shipping on orders of 5 or more of these coins?

    No you didn't. <_< If you had, I would've. :( Can I do it now??


  14. Got this on Friday as part of The Great Train Race


    Took him out to visit a few caches today


    VERY nice! ;)


    I fibbed a little in Lorca's winter Mission for today when I said I only got Christmas Cards and Bills...I didn't see this envelope at first...Not my Winter Mission but I did get my Prize from Team Kizb's Cointest a while back...


    Thanks Team Kizb...We love the coin...My measly collection is up to 4 now...its a slow addiction but its building!...T.


    I LIKE this one. :D It's on my wish list. Congratulations!

    ...and what Team kizb said...."you'll be wondering how your 4 turned into 40" :blink:

  15. <snip>


    At any rate there is only ever one official event coin made by the GeoWoodstock committee at each GeoWoodstock.



    Don't know if my ramblings helped or not. And I hope that others will add to them.


    It is confusing...


    Ok, that's what I thought...but I really thought the 'hippy' style coin was the official version. Your ramblings helped immensely. :D Thank you.


    If you want to see the official GW coins from the first one made - GW III on up (both attendee and the volunteer edition) you know where I am at... <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />


    Yes, I do!!! But now you've thrown another monkey in the works. :blink: There's an official attendee AND and official volunteer coin? You got pictures? I'll have to try googling the volunteer coin for GW5...

  16. So the coins from 2003, 2004 and 2005 were trackable as well? I wonder how many of those older coins still exist.


    I'll be watching for these different versions. Maybe I'll run into a certain someone on the trails...and just maybe he'll have one or two in his pocket. :blink: That would be cool!


    Thank you for your help. This has been very interesting. My coin does have the 6 character code beginning with US.

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