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  1. An update...



    (acasim x6...yes 6!! :) (ice13-333) (laval k-9) (2golfers) (pennyandkona x3) (bennieboys x3) (e&cplus3) (ashallond) (model citizen x2) (yemon yime) (greenish x2) (themoopalong) (scificollector) (atlantagal)



    (atlantagal x3) (crowesfeat30) (greenish x5) (pennyandkona x2) (drneal x2) (themoopalong) (tadpole379) (acasim x2) (doc256) (scificollector) (mauison) (modelcitizen) (laval d-9) (the4Fs) (eleanor)


    I just love Christmas....I mean the Math Trade. :P

    Thank you everyone!

  2. Thanks for trying to do this famjun. I also recently received 2 different little cache hoppers and tried to find some information on them. There's not much out there!


    However, one that I received isn't on your list for either minting. It's a dark blue on silver (nickel) with white toes and no gritty backside. Wait...that didn't sound right...but you know what I mean. :P


    I don't see blue on your list and it's definitely NOT turquoise.


    I also have a green on silver (nickel) with black toes. They are cute little guys...


    Edited to say...

    After taking some photos for famjun, I see that they both have the gritty (textured) metal. (Couldn't see that at all on the blue one with my naked eye.) I think I have a Blue Poison Dart but I don't know about the green one. It does have the textured metal, kind of a lime green color with black toes and eyes.

  3. I received my BEAUTIFUL Dawning Hope -- Sea of Tranquility coin today. I LOVE it! Although I haven't seen the ones with enamel in hand (and I'm sure they're gorgeous, too) I'm SO happy with my all metal edition. Stunning! :D

    Thanks Gregson :wub:

  4. Mine all went out today. We're supposed to get the ice tomorrow. BE CAREFUL everyone!!



    (acasim x6...yes 6!! :) (ice13-333) (laval k-9) (2golfers) (pennyandkona x3) (bennieboys x3) (e&cplus3) (ashallond) (model citizen x2) (yemon yime) (greenish x2) (themoopalong) (scificollector) (atlantagal)



    (atlantagal x3) (crowesfeat30) (greenish x5) (pennyandkona x2) (drneal x2) (themoopalong) (tadpole379) (acasim x2) (doc256) (scificollector) (mauison) (modelcitizen) (laval d-9) (the4Fs) (eleanor)


    14 out/15 in :)


    Got my first one yesterday (see above). Thanks John! It's even better than I thought it would be. :D

    I'll send one photo of all coins after they come in.


    BTW...why can't I edit my original post? :unsure:


    Edit today: Got 2 more packages! It's like Christmas all over again. :P Thank you Neal and Greg!

  5. Both images AND your avatar pic are unavailable on three different computers on two different networks. But I can see that others have no problems. Strange...


    I can't see them either :(

    I saw the design on FB and was very impressed. I'll be watching!

  6. Had another great day at the mailbox, but I seem to have misplaced my camera. :(


    Team Myth Quest for the Big Five gold

    Saffier and Stekelsteef Diving Helmet antique silver

    Twin Peaks antique silver

    Pi Math Puzzle red


    Nice! I have the Twin Peaks gold...never saw the antique silver. Hope to get a Pi coin someday. ;)


    Congrats on that rainforest frog, too. I love that coin.

  7. Very cool topic. After the Math Trade, one of my top wants is fulfilled, so here's my new ones:


    COWWS Joker's Wild Poker Chip - RED!!


    Guardians of the Cache - Antique Bronze

    (I need the snake, spider and bee...I have the wasp)


    Beach Ball Micro (with red/blue/yellow/white on front and GC logo on back, in gold)


    Lotus Compass - Anubis


    and...oh yeah! a Tranquility would be nice...or not. I've never seen one, so that would be nice. :P

  8. All orders have been shipped!(domestic and international)


    I was amazed that every single person who placed a reservation sent me money within two days. Not one person changed their mind and said that they did not want them after all. The number of orders was rather large and it took me a LONG time to get them all processed. I went to the post office several hours ago with a giant box full of mailers. I put the larger orders (for instance, eight coins) into two separate packages, because it reduces overall shipping costs, so if you get just one package with half of your shipment, the rest will be arriving later.


    The custom icon is showing up for activated coins, but for some reason, the coin's name has not yet been entered into the system, so it is listed as "TBD Coins". Groundspeak is currently working on this.


    I hope everyone enjoys the coins.


    A testament to how beautiful this coin is...and how your attention to detail is appreciated. :D

    Can't wait for mine!

  9. Mine all went out today. We're supposed to get the ice tomorrow. BE CAREFUL everyone!!



    (acasim x6...yes 6!! :) (ice13-333) (laval k-9) (2golfers) (pennyandkona x3) (bennieboys x3) (e&cplus3) (ashallond) (model citizen x2) (yemon yime) (greenish x2) (themoopalong) (scificollector) (atlantagal)



    (atlantagal x3) (crowesfeat30) (greenish x5) (pennyandkona x2) (drneal x2) (themoopalong) (tadpole379) (acasim x2) (doc256) (scificollector) (mauison) (modelcitizen) (laval d-9) (the4Fs) (eleanor)


    14 out/15 in :)

  10. Just throwing this out there. This is what's left of my trader's list after the math trade. They are all trackable and, unless otherwise noted, unactivated.

    I'd love to do more trading so send me your list if you're interested and thanks!


    10 Years of Geocaching Multi Event - Roulette (Gold)

    10 10 10 Powers of Ten Multi Event - New Jersey

    Baby Dragon Cache Slayer Geocoin - Light Green

    Bashed at Midwest 2007 Geocoin - Silver

    Butterfly 2010

    - Silver/Pink

    - Silver/Blue

    - Copper/Green

    Cache Hopper Geocoin

    - Blue

    - Green

    Celtic Circle of Life (aka Celtic Spirit) - all activated and adoptable

    - Body (Purple Gems)

    - Spirit (Blue Gems)

    - Life (Dark Green Gems)

    Celtic Treasure - Polished Gold/Dark Red - activated and adoptable

    CVC Cachers' Geocoin - Copper

    Davy Jones Locker - Peaceful Seas - Gold/Aqua

    Four Corners Benchmark Micro

    Four Elements - Polished Gold

    Geocacher's Star 2009 - Antique Gold

    Geocaching Virtues - Gold - activated and adoptable

    GeoWoodstock VIII

    GC&P Club June 2010 - Cool Caching

    GC&P Club July 2010 - Take a Bite Outta Caching

    GC&P Club October 2010 - Black Widow

    GC&P Club November 2010 - Caching the Slopes

    Geocoin Club October 2009 - Pathtag Puking Pumpkin

    Geocoin Clup December 2009 - Mindbender

    GCC November 2008 - Harmony Series Karma - 21 Deeds - SE (Green) - activated and adoptable

    Harmony Series - Serenity - activated and adoptable

    Huntin' Caches - Gold

    Lifejacket Geocoin

    Midnight Madness 2010 Geocoin

    Obsessed - Team Alamo

    Travel Case V3 World Cities Edition

    - Antique Silver

    - Antique Copper

    Pathtag Emissary:

    - Aristocrat

    - Lithograph

    Schleswig-Holstein Geocoin

    Seals of Solomon

    - Antique Silver w/ purple Swarovski crystals - activated and adoptable

    - 10th Anniversary edition w/ 4 different Swarovski crystals - activated and adoptable

    Spirit: 2010 - Copper w/ Puau Shell

    Team Legend4 Geocoin - Nickel

    USA Geocoin 2006 - V-1b

    WDD 2007 Commemorative Diabetes

  11. Congrats on all the great coins!


    E&CPlus3...I'm jealous about that Ketelbinkie! I've been looking for that (and the others in the series)!


    drneal...LOVE that first one! It's on my wish list now.


    I won't post another pic, but I got my Forest Kami set today, too. Very nice coins. Not sure yet which one I like best, but I love the sentiment on the reverse.

  12. I received my "Winged Disc" aka "First Civilizations" coin from the club yesterday. Although my favorite coins are those that are all about geocaching, this one is very beautifully done. I like the color scheme, the detail and the mix of enamels on the back...perfect! :)


    Congrats on a beautiful first coin. I'll be watching for more from you!

  13. famjum...23 nice ones! ...and congrats on the tranquility!!! It's gorgeous.


    Cicero...aren't they beautiful? I got the satin silver finish, too...so elegant. I'm still hoping to get the satin gold set.


    drneal...you're always getting coins I've never seen before. Thanks for posting the photos :)


    As for me...I got a new mailbox and a new package!

    Geoswag C&P club:



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