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  1. This is my favorite thread. Love seeing all your coins. Here's some of my recent trades, purchases and gifts.


    oooohhh!!! Very Nice. Mr. Gray, Darkest Before Dawn and the letterboxing coin. Was that from that Eplace? I have been trying to get that coin for a while. The mail has been good to you.


    Not a letterboxing coin...that's The Great Outdoors in polished gold and black nickel, but yes, the mailbox has been VERY good to me. Thanks! :D

  2. :D Got mine today!! :D

    Doing the happy dance here in New Jersey :P


    Thank you Jackalgirl for ALL the work you did. It was great to get all my coins AND all my trades in one terrific package. Thank you Irwin for all your hard work organizing THAT! Everyone's doubloons turned out so much better than all the artwork we saw!

    Thanks for all the help in picking out my colors, too. This was a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I hopped aboard. :wub:

  3. Hello out there! Here are a couple of images of my personal coin. I have only given them away or traded them. I am interested in getting any of the year of the rabbit coins in exchange for one of my coins, if anyone is interested. They are antique gold/green or antique silver/blue, all are trackable. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks.


    I don't have what you are looking for but I do want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your coin!!!!


    Ditto! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this coin!!

  4. I'm looking to put together a complete collection of Geocoin Nerds version 1 (the non-trackable ones). If you've got some you could part with, send me an email through my profile and let me know what you want for them.


    The Nerds I have so far are:

    orangUcool: orange, BN

    Renegade; black, shiny gold

    sweetlife: dark purple, shiny gold

    Mama Cache: red glitter, nickel

    Avroair: light orange, BN

    Ble68: green glitter, BN

    SOC: teal glitter, BN

    CC: blue glitter, BN

    CC: purple glitter, BN


    I've got extras of CC: purple glitter and Renegade:black to trade or I'm willing to buy them.


    Even if you don't want to sell or trade your Nerds, go to the Revenge of Nerds thread and make sure yours are on the list.


    I only have one and I can't part with it. I understand your desire to collect them, though. When I got mine, I felt that urge :P Didn't think it was possible, so I decided to just hang on to any that I was lucky enough to receive. Mine is tadpole379's green glow. :)

    Good luck!

  5. Hi everyone,

    I am searching for a Pink Yime geocoin and Pink Mickey Diver geocoin for my collection.


    Have been diagnosed with Breast cancer in march and soon start treatments, I felt in need to own those 2 particular coins.


    I have 1 XXLE Turlutortue v2 Bella Terra and 1 Turlutortue XXLE v1 available for trade

    for those 2 coins or something else you need instead.




    Thanks in advance


    Jacqueline/ Turlutortue


    I'm so sorry to hear this Jacqueline. My thoughts are with you in hopes that your treatment is successful. When it is, I'm sure you'll come up with another awesome design to celebrate the fact!

  6. Hello, since 8 weeks i wait for my purchase of the Celtic Tree of Life Geocoins. I'm afraid that these package with the coins are lost on shipping. I wrote to scavok and he have nothing of these coins left for another sale. :(


    So i'm searching for:


    Celtic Tree of Life Geocoins


    - Shiny Silver on Gold

    - Shiny Gold on Silver

    - Satin Silver on Gold

    - Satin Gold on Silver.


    If anyone have these four coins left please tell me. I will pay for it, also i have some Coins for a trade, but not much, so is better i pay for.


    Also i have some of my Figure Eight Geocoins for trade (LE1-LE3)


    Look here:


    LE1 - Blue Copper Edition - antique copper / blue letters / details in blue/turqouise - glow in the dark enamel (limited to 125 pcs.)


    LE2 - Blue Gold Edition - polished gold / blue letters / details in blue/turqouise - glow in the dark enamel (limited to 125 pcs.)


    LE3 - Blue Nickel Edition - polished nickel / blue letters / details in blue/turqouise - glow in the dark enamel(limited to 125 pcs.)


    But note, i prefer to trade these coins for the celtic life of tree geocoins first.


    Greetings, Heiko


    I'm sorry I don't have any of the coins you're looking for, :( but I've got my fingers crossed that your package arrives eventually. Good luck!

  7. Please count me in for two. I've never had the pleasure, but the stories and the love for rivercacher has touched me.

    ...and...it's a beautiful coin!


    Just to clarify...I'd like one Version 1 and one Version 2.

    They look great.


    Today I grabbed the package that was stuck at the customs. It was from Nikon-ing. Unfortunately they made me pay about $25 of taxes... That's another thing I need to remember in future trades -- asking that bigger packages are split in smaller ones (Avroair did that -- clearly a wise decision ;))


    Anyway, I'm very happy that the coins arrived and I'm grateful to Laura. Thanks a lot for the coins!!



    Yay! I'm so glad they arrived. Sorry about the customs thing...I didn't know that would happen. I never sent overseas like that before. Good lesson to learn for next time. I'm happy that you're happy with your coins. :D

  9. I just want to say...as I'm cataloging my coins...that this is absolutely one of my favorites. I love personal geocoins (and hope to make one of my own someday) and this one just makes me smile! :)


    I love the shape, the silly expression, the hand drawn design, the beautiful metals and the encouraging sentiment on the reverse.


    Just thought I'd say that. :)

  10. The month of February was one of the hardest times of my life...but the geocoins coming in was a comfort to me.

    The Math Trade started it off, then I made a nice trade with TMA for lots of non-trackables as well as a few that are trackable:





    Row 1:

    Evil Chicken; Fire Elemental; kd&prettierhalf; FlyinV; Team CoyChev; Panowege Kids

    Row 2:

    Team Sand Dollar 2005; Double Dragon sample; Camp Explorer 2006; Camp Explorer 2005; Geocacher University; Randaddy 2007

    Row 3:

    March 2006 GCC Cache Hunters; AtlantaGal 2007; Mrs. Moops; LoriDarlin 2007; Graylling 2006; 4Musketeers Micro


    My random purchases/trades rounded things out:





    Dawning Hope 2010 - Sea of Tranquility; GC&P Club January - The Winged Disc and February - Mardi Gras Masquerade (w/ pins); Forest Kami set; 3 of the Cache Rewards coins; and 2 of my geoheart's desires, the Red Joker's Wild Poker Chip and the Beach Ball Micro.

  11. Pictures as promised:






    Row 1:

    Pay It Forward V1; iCache V2; Hiking Coin; Partners in Caching - Carwyn; Jangor Micro Kitties; Cache Dragons; f0t0mm; Anthus Decoder

    Row 2:

    Cache the Fever; Caution Frequent U Turns; Dragonfly Talisman - Bucket List; The Great Outdoors; Geomuse 2007; Round TUIT

    Row 3:

    What Was in Your Mailbox V3; Yemon Yime V2; Avroair 2008; Fantasy Butterfly - Royale; Laval K-9 Cache Around the Clock; Great Hides Great Finds

    Row 4:

    Pay It Forward V2; another Yemon Yime :); Have You Seen Me? Cacher Alert; Little Star; Easy Cache


    Thank you everyone!

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