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  1. I received a Partners in Caching ZEPHYR coin in a trade. I also have the Carwyn coin and dhenninger's personal. (I believe the 2 dogs belong to dhenninger, correct?)


    My question is...when I enter the tracking number for the Zephyr coin, it tells me that it's an Oakcoins Sample Geocoin. Do sample coins really come with true tracking numbers? I have other sample coins, but the area is blank where the tracking number would be.

  2. Congratulations on the park. What a wonderfully fun and touching tribute! I'll be watching for that coin. I had hoped to get Kathy's coin in the math trade, but it just didn't happen. I didn't realize that you had so few left! Looking forward to the new one.

  3. All mine check out just fine. I traded 25% of my offered coins and got 2 of my most wanted top 5!! :D I should be able to get mine out in the mail before leaving for GW9.


    Thanks for running it this time Ashallond and best of luck with your family issues. :wub:

  4. ...I'll keep the contest open for a few weeks to get a good selection and then short-list them based on what will work with the new coin design...


    Based on these few already, I think you're going to have trouble picking just one! :)

  5. Haven't posted photo's in a bit. Got a handful of both trackable and non-trackable coins in the mail last month.


    Coins on the left are non-trackable, coins on the right are trackable.


    Ooooh! The Team Maddog coin! I LIKE IT!!

  6. This arrived awhile back but I couldn't find my camera cable, so we have a delayed posting...


    I think that the idea of the proxy chipmunk is very cool and I also think that they way they used regular translucent to get chipmunk depth was very well done...


    And I love drneal's wooden nickels. The GW9 drop is awesome!




    Yes, the chipmunks are adorable! Love the wooden nickels, too.

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