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  1. Congratulations one and all! Looking forward to seeing one soon.
  2. If not now, then when? If not me, then who?
  3. I received a Partners in Caching ZEPHYR coin in a trade. I also have the Carwyn coin and dhenninger's personal. (I believe the 2 dogs belong to dhenninger, correct?) My question is...when I enter the tracking number for the Zephyr coin, it tells me that it's an Oakcoins Sample Geocoin. Do sample coins really come with true tracking numbers? I have other sample coins, but the area is blank where the tracking number would be.
  4. Nikon-ing

    Kathy's Coin

    Congratulations on the park. What a wonderfully fun and touching tribute! I'll be watching for that coin. I had hoped to get Kathy's coin in the math trade, but it just didn't happen. I didn't realize that you had so few left! Looking forward to the new one.
  5. "There's no crying in baseball!" - Tom Hanks - A League of Their Own
  6. All mine check out just fine. I traded 25% of my offered coins and got 2 of my most wanted top 5!! I should be able to get mine out in the mail before leaving for GW9. Thanks for running it this time Ashallond and best of luck with your family issues.
  7. Always give without remembering and receive without forgetting.
  8. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
  9. Where do we get the activation codes? Never mind...found it at Landsharkz I do love this adorable little coin.
  10. My most absolutely amazing friend gave me one of these today! I LOVE it! Thank you Aimee
  11. Want list sent. It's great having over 1000 coins offered, but MAN that's a lot to look through! Fingers crossed that I did it all correctly and THANKS Josh, for doing this.
  12. “Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before” - Dalai Lama
  13. Ah yes, I know...but I'm going through a major life change and there's no more money for coins. <sigh>
  14. This is the strangest life I've ever known.
  15. Based on these few already, I think you're going to have trouble picking just one!
  16. Very nice. I hope to get one of those 10 years someday.
  17. You can't change the wind, but you can adjust your sails.
  18. VERY nice trades Those nessie3d & YnKa coins are adorable! Thanks to everyone for posting the great pics. No new coins for me lately, so I'm just gonna drool over all of yours!
  19. Ooooh! The Team Maddog coin! I LIKE IT!!
  20. Yes, the chipmunks are adorable! Love the wooden nickels, too.
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