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  1. Geowoodstock was an amazing trip for me. First...life's been a little difficult lately and I didn't think I'd be able to go. Then my awesome fellow cacher/coiner Aimee said that she and her husband wanted to go and we decided to make the trip together. Best decision ever!!


    I met so many wonderful people and witnessed so many acts of kindness, respect and consideration that it soothed my soul.


    I saw Chris Mackey and his family. They parked right next to my car at the motel and I was so star struck that I wasn't able to say hello! :P I met YemonYime, and TMA and Mike from Cache Addict. I met drneal and all the forum friends that were there that night at his weenie/marshmallow roast. I met so many names that I know...and I was thrilled to see you all.


    I saw the most amazing collections of coins at the midnight madness event and traded with people I never thought I'd meet. I saw all 4 versions of moun10bike's coins and a real life Eartha coin!


    THEN!!!....when I got back to the motel and dumped out my treasures, look what I found!




    Thank you mystery giver. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :wub::wub:

  2. Nice haul, NOSNOW. Can't wait to see the closeups.


    Congrats on the poker winnings kini_ont!! Any chance you'll shoot some closeups of your favorites?


    @ gardengorilla...I hope it doesn't change your mind about the coin, but I believe they're whales on the back of the Peace Day & Night coin. I wish I picked up some extras. That is my FAVORITE new release coin :)


    For sheltiedogshowlover...


    Trading at the campsite




    The doves :)




    I still need 7 more doves, then I'll have them all.

  3. I left out all of the duplicate coins I had gotten for others, so a smaller table worked just fine...I'll do a better job of posting smaller groups of pictures here or in the mailbox post (yes, I placed them all in my post box before bringing them in from the rv!)


    Lots of trades, lots of purchases, but much more importantly, got to meet some geocoin people from the days of yore (when was yore?) and some of the very best newer posters. The hot dog and marshmallow roast pre-trade gathering will be my favorite memory of GW9.


    Anyway, the coins...


    the shirt and hat are also trackable!


    oops, almost forgot one of the coins I came home with...........


    where did it go?


    Oh, here it is!




    It was such an honor to meet you drneal. The weenie roast was my favorite part of the weekend, just because I got to meet some of the nicest people I've ever known. :wub: (Followed closely by the geocoin madness event on Saturday where I was on a geocoin high that I'm still coming down from!)


    Congratulations on the Eartha coin!! I saw one Saturday night, as well as all the versions of the moun10bike. A feast for the eyes that place was!! :D

  4. My first GW and I was in heaven. :P

    This was in my registration packet (although you had to trade the little ones for other cacher's little ones to get all 6 different ones):





    Then I found some vendors (although the bottom 4 were purchases at MGM3 when I ran out of traders):





    These came with those other things:




    Then I traded during the Meet & Greet, afterward at drneal's weenie roast and again at MGM3:





    ...and that's not all! :ph34r:

  5. My new top 5:


    Elements Compass: Earth - Polished Gold (w/ the enamel on the back)

    Guardians of the Cache - Antique Bronze (I need the wasp, snake & spider. I have the bee!)

    Canine Cachers 2005 1st Edition




    Got it! Now I need to regroup after my mad purchase/trade weekend and see where I stand. Thank you!

  6. I feel honored to have received one of your beautiful coins. Thank you drneal. You're truly one of a kind. :wub: It was great meeting you this weekend. I hope to see you again someday. :)

  7. All coins packaged and mailed today.

    Sending to manu luq, mamoreb, yanagi and keewee/rattusbaggus.


    -Eleanor-, drneal and six little spookies...I'll see you at GW9!! :D


    Edited for spelling... :P


    All coins delivered in person to -Eleanor-, six little spookies and drneal. It was SO wonderful to meet you all :)

  8. My hearts desire at this time is any coin with an Australian Shepherd dog on it! I am not sure if there are any like this out there! I had to put my Aussie to sleep yesterday after 14 years together. :-( She was diagnosed with a aggressive nasal/ sinus tumor last month and was steadily going downhill fast. I could not allow her to suffer. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in 50 years.


    I'm so very sorry for your loss. How terrible. I'm sure you did the right thing and I hope all the wonderful memories you have will help you through this sad time.

  9. All coins packaged and mailed today.

    Sending to manu luq, mamoreb, yanagi and keewee/rattusbaggus.


    -Eleanor-, drneal and six little spookies...I'll see you at GW9!! :D


    Edited for spelling... :P

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