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  1. That's a cool looking coin. Anyone know how old it is?
  2. Geowoodstock was an amazing trip for me. First...life's been a little difficult lately and I didn't think I'd be able to go. Then my awesome fellow cacher/coiner Aimee said that she and her husband wanted to go and we decided to make the trip together. Best decision ever!! I met so many wonderful people and witnessed so many acts of kindness, respect and consideration that it soothed my soul. I saw Chris Mackey and his family. They parked right next to my car at the motel and I was so star struck that I wasn't able to say hello! I met YemonYime, and TMA and Mike from Cache Addict. I met drneal and all the forum friends that were there that night at his weenie/marshmallow roast. I met so many names that I know...and I was thrilled to see you all. I saw the most amazing collections of coins at the midnight madness event and traded with people I never thought I'd meet. I saw all 4 versions of moun10bike's coins and a real life Eartha coin! THEN!!!....when I got back to the motel and dumped out my treasures, look what I found! Thank you mystery giver. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. Nice photo of the Mars coin, JackHoe. After seeing that, I think I like it!! Congrats on the Bora Bora mamoreb. That's a beauty! This was in my mailbox yesterday from Math Trade 7.
  4. Nice haul, NOSNOW. Can't wait to see the closeups. Congrats on the poker winnings kini_ont!! Any chance you'll shoot some closeups of your favorites? @ gardengorilla...I hope it doesn't change your mind about the coin, but I believe they're whales on the back of the Peace Day & Night coin. I wish I picked up some extras. That is my FAVORITE new release coin For sheltiedogshowlover... Trading at the campsite The doves I still need 7 more doves, then I'll have them all.
  5. It was such an honor to meet you drneal. The weenie roast was my favorite part of the weekend, just because I got to meet some of the nicest people I've ever known. (Followed closely by the geocoin madness event on Saturday where I was on a geocoin high that I'm still coming down from!) Congratulations on the Eartha coin!! I saw one Saturday night, as well as all the versions of the moun10bike. A feast for the eyes that place was!!
  6. Received from LewisClan77 and mamoreb. Thank you!!
  7. Bushwhacking makes me Thorny ~ seen at GW IX
  8. My first GW and I was in heaven. This was in my registration packet (although you had to trade the little ones for other cacher's little ones to get all 6 different ones): Then I found some vendors (although the bottom 4 were purchases at MGM3 when I ran out of traders): These came with those other things: Then I traded during the Meet & Greet, afterward at drneal's weenie roast and again at MGM3: ...and that's not all!
  9. Gorgeous. What a beautiful keepsake.
  10. Received in person from: drneal NOSNOW Thank you!
  11. Holy Moly! Nice bunch of coins here! Congrats on the monster sized month JackHoe. That panda makes me smile every time I see it. I love those little fairies and HAVE TO HAVE that owl by NOSNOW & Shadow's Friend!
  12. Got it! Now I need to regroup after my mad purchase/trade weekend and see where I stand. Thank you!
  13. Nikon-ing

    Kathy's Coin

    I feel honored to have received one of your beautiful coins. Thank you drneal. You're truly one of a kind. It was great meeting you this weekend. I hope to see you again someday.
  14. I did! At Geowoodstock. It's small...but it's AWESOME!!
  15. All coins delivered in person to -Eleanor-, six little spookies and drneal. It was SO wonderful to meet you all
  16. From the Math Trade Thank you!!! Now I have 26 different Mini Doubloons.
  17. Received from GoldBugGirl yesterday! Your colors look fantastic (it's now one of my favorites) and I loved the card & extra Thank you!
  18. I don't mind that I can't activate it...I just want to know what those letters mean, or why they were chosen. Is this a sample coin? or do they have some other significance?
  19. I received a silver v1.5 recently, but I'm confused... Where the tracking number would be, there's just two letters: LE What does that mean?
  20. Ok. Thanks for all the info. Interesting...
  21. I'm so very sorry for your loss. How terrible. I'm sure you did the right thing and I hope all the wonderful memories you have will help you through this sad time.
  22. Thanks for all the great photos! There's a lot of great looking coins showing up.
  23. That's not a sentence you hear every day...
  24. All coins packaged and mailed today. Sending to manu luq, mamoreb, yanagi and keewee/rattusbaggus. -Eleanor-, drneal and six little spookies...I'll see you at GW9!! Edited for spelling...
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