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  1. Yes there is a limit of 20 bookmark lists. but sometimes it allows 21.

    Hmm...I currently have 22. And I agree with TotemLake...that should be noted somewhere on the site...like in the Premium Member features or on the Bookmark page itself. I just spent quite a bit of time looking for a restriction like that all over the site, logging out and logging in....very frustrating. Being able to create bookmark lists is one of the main reasons why I became a Premium Member.


    Do the "Archived" lists count in that tally or are they gone for good once they've been archived?

  2. I checked several locations, but could not find anything telling me what the season was on stupid politicians. Does this mean that it is always open season like with other predators?


    I think it should be. Especially those who threaten to take away our state parks. :laughing: Let's start with them. Anyone want to introduce a new law? It shouldn't be too hard. They LOVE to pass new laws.

  3. Sorry! Forgot I posted this question and never came back to thank you all for your help. Found someone at work who lives to hunt, so I'll check with him on proper dates. In the meantime, we've decided it's best to stay safe, so we wear bright clothing and talk a lot (although that does scare aware the wildlife) and even picked up some cheap blaze orange vests from Cache Advance.

    I appreciate your help. Didn't know about no hunting on Sundays and yes, turkey season is coming.

  4. Hi fellow cachers. First we want to thank you all for the dedication some of you put into this awesome sport.


    We're new cache-addicts and are realizing all new aspects to the game every time we go out. Yesterday, the subject of HUNTERS came up. We heard gunshots not too far in the distance and I realized that I don't know when hunting season is. How can I know when to wear ORANGE? Is there a good, reliable resource out there that will tell me the dates of the different hunting seasons in my area?


    I checked out the Division of Fish & Wildlife site, but couldn't find a schedule of when the different hunting seasons begin and end. I'd appreciate any help.

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