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  1. Voted from daughter's pc. She had a pig. I see that the Animal Rescue Site is affiliated with PetFinders.com. I work at a veterinary hospital and when any of the staff is looking for a new pet...PetFinders is where we go! One of the techs just adopted a 15 year old, beautiful lab named Zoey who is near the end of her days, but her owner had to give her up due to a life change and moving his residence. This makes my 3, but I'll be sure to let others know about this today. Fingers are crossed that this works for you!
  2. Voted from hubby's pc. Saw a cow!
  3. Voted. I hope it works! Mine was a lion.
  4. I love micros. I set two free and they both disappeared. Broke my heart. I really want my beachball back. Micros are cute and generally cheaper than full-sized coins.
  5. Nikon-ing

    Coin ID

    Thank you both.
  6. Nikon-ing

    Coin ID

    I saw this picture and can't find the name of the coin. Can anyone help? Front Back I saw it HERE TIA
  7. That was it. Thank you! Wanna help me do some puzzle caches??? Just kidding...
  8. Does this coin go by another name? I bought a pair off ebay and they came with a Hogwildstuff.org card in the flip, but I can't find the name of the coin in their database. Googling didn't help either. Can someone help me solve this riddle?? I'm no good at puzzles....just check my stats.
  9. Thank you! Email sent, but here's the pic (in case anyone else is interested) It's the polished silver with the translucent green enamel on the back. It's a great coin. I'm wondering when the next one will be out.....?
  10. I have one of these (purchased off eBay) that came with an activation code, but the code doesn't work. Yes, I've tried every configuration of o's; I's; 8's; etc but it won't work. I went to coincodes.com and the coin is listed in their database under Elements Compass - Earth, but when I enter the tracking number, I get the following message: We were unable to locate any of your tracking numbers. HELP?
  11. I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties redroast. 3 months later and still no service?!! That's shameful! Our replacement is still doing fine. We've had zero problems with this unit.
  12. Update We called Garmin on Monday the 23rd and were very pleased with their phone support. They had us try different things with pressing multiple buttons in while hooked up to the pc but nothing worked, so we shipped it out to Kansas that same day. Just received the brand new replacement!! I have no reason to think this new one will give us any trouble but if it does, I'll let you know. Thanks for your help...and for anyone else having this trouble, CALL GARMIN!
  13. Ok, did that. Hold upper right button & joystick 'enter' in and press the power button. The screen came up asking if I was sure I wanted to delete all info, I said yes.......it crashed again. Now when I power up, my personalized greeting is gone (as expected) but it still crashes and shuts down before I can do anything further. Thanks for that help. I had hopes, but.... Any other thoughts? or do I have to send it to Garmin?
  14. Anyone have any words of wisdom for me? It shut off after adding a waypoint out in the field. Couldn't get it started again. Brought it home, hooked up to the pc, it doesn't get past the start up screen then shuts off again. I can't clear the memory, check for updates, etc if it doesn't stay on! Bought it brand new from Amazon last September. Thanks for any help you can give.
  15. After starting another thread on this subject and being kindly directed to this one, I need to add to my name to the frustrated. It's good to know I'm not the only one pulling my hair out over my favorite feature, the bookmark list. I don't use PQs much, but I LIVE by my bookmarks and they are so inconsistent and unreliable.
  16. I have 32 bookmarks in a list. I want to see them all on one page, so I drop down the menu on the upper right side that gives the option to see 10, 15, 20, 25 or 50 caches on a page so it says 50. The page refreshes and it only shows 3 listings!! If I leave the menu on 20 (the default), and use the links at the bottom to navigate to the next page, it doesn't always work. It shows me the same caches, but tells me that I'm on page 2. Or it shows me some caches from page one and some from page two. This is not a new problem. This has been going on for a long time. I use Bookmarks a LOT, and there are always inconsistent issues with this. Sometimes I add a cache to list and it doesn't show at all. The page says I have it saved in the right list, but when I view the Bookmark List it's not there....until maybe tomorrow, then it shows up! Is anyone else having such issues?
  17. Ok. I didn't think there was a difference, but that ad sure is confusing. Thanks for your help.
  18. Geoswag has them listed as two different items at different prices. What's the difference?
  19. Hey guys. Thanks for the welcome and it is nice to finally 'speak' to you all. I'm glad tigerboys started this thread. Although it may be like beating a dead horse for you old timers, it's a new topic for me and a problem I've been struggling with since I really want to share my coins! Athough I'm new to the game, it's my impression that the majority of cachers are easy-going, fun-loving people and if you don't like the copies, just leave them for someone else. If you don't mind them, then take them, log them and let the owner know how much you appreciated seeing them. That sentiment seems to be exactly what you all are saying. If you're brave or rich enough to send them out there, thank you! If you're more like me (chicken and poor) then take a look at tooey's idea or the Vermont coin I recently found. (I have to agree with some of you that a laminated photo just wouldn't do it for me.)
  20. As a new cacher (only 4 months old) and a newer coin addict (2 weeks!) I don't know how much my opinion will matter, but here it is. I LOVE finding TBs and coins in caches. I LOVE checking their pages and seeing where they've been and looking at photos that cachers have taken of them. However, after sending my first TB out in the wild and having the first cacher not log his miles properly, I'm already disappointed in that. As for the coins, I REALLY don't want to lose mine so I won't be releasing my favorites. And I think that's a shame. I have a beautiful Dark Side of the Cache coin and a Proximity coin and the cutest glow-in-the-dark Found It! and DNF micros (just to name a couple) that maybe some people will never even know exists because we're all afraid to share them. Are the real coins better than paper? You betcha! but as Bhob said....."Given a choice between a copy and nothing at all, I will take the copy every time". I picked up a very nice Vermont proxy coin the other day and although I would have preferred the real thing, I enjoyed seeing what it looked like. There have been a LOT of coins minted. Please send copies of yours rather than hide them away. I want to see them ALL!! I might even decide to buy or trade for one based on seeing a copy. Tooey, you did a nice job with yours. Although I'd love to see the moun10girl for real, I'd appreciate finding this in a cache, and the time and effort you put into sending it out there.
  21. I just noticed the addition of the bookmark limit on my bookmark page. Very nice! It tells me how many I have out of how many I'm allowed. Thanks for listening and making the change so quickly. You guys rock.
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