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  1. Thanks for the reply. I tried emailing, but no response yet.
  2. Where do I get this? I went to coincodes.com and got the dreaded "We were unable to locate any of your tracking numbers. Click here to try again."
  3. Hmm...wondering the same thing. It's been about a month now since I received mine. Should we be contacting Hogwild?
  4. Received mine yesterday. Nice variety. Thanks!
  5. I installed Firefox just to be able to view Jackalgirl's site. It works perfectly.
  6. The first place I saw it was GeoCoinShop.de, but it was already sold out.
  7. A 3" coin?!! I'd buy it! The price wouldn't allow me to buy as many as I'd like, but yeah, I would. I LOVE this design, too. VERY nice.
  8. OMG you've made my nice day absolutely AWESOME!! I never win anything (just one of those people, I guess) but that's ok. It's fun to play. Now I know it's even funner to win!!! Thanks so much for this cointest. I loved reading everyone's haikus. We have some very talented people here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  9. Congrats to all the winners! Many of the coins mentioned here, I've never seen. It's been educational looking them up and I've added some to my gotta-have list! Thanks for the fun cointest.
  10. The OP said: ...so I would say those are the only 2 subjects allowed? Oops...you ARE the OP! So I'll ask...both subjects are allowed, correct?
  11. I got my set early, early, early this morning. Just got lucky and looked through the sites I like...and there was this coin! Can't wait to get my hands on them.
  12. I hope you make them. I love this design and would definitely buy a couple.
  13. I love this! Thanks for the cointest Title: Involuntary Reaction A snake on the trail? I cannot control my fear. Now I've peed my pants.
  14. VERY COOL! Awesome. Way to go, people!
  15. I just saw a photo of the Snow Wolf in gold...gorgeous! Could you, would you part with that one? Hmmmm.....
  16. Congratulations to all the winners! Got my fingers crossed that we bumped the Ranch up enough to make a difference.
  17. I LOVE this coin and the reason behind it! I'd have to pick V2 as my favorite and I would love the green/gold combo. That's one of my top three favorites. I like the larger star on V1, but it messes with the wording too much. V3 just annoys me with the tilted star. I would always be displaying it 'straight up' which would put the tracking # off...and that would mess with the OCD part of me. (Same problem with V4.) I wouldn't change a thing about V2 - PERFECT! I hope you do make them. I'd buy a set!
  18. I'm wondering if you'll give up the Northern Planisphere Geocoin. I'd love to see that one...and I don't even care if they're activated. I think it's cool that they have a history.
  19. How about a Come Together - Yang coin? THAT would awesome
  20. Hmm...how about 128 finds; 11 dnfs Have a wonderful trip. We haven't been able to travel and cache for awhile now. I envy you! Good luck and cache on!!
  21. I'm thinking a Guardians of the Night coin. That would be GREAT! Thanks for this cointest!
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