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  1. Beautiful presentation. Well done. Nice coins, too!
  2. OMG. This kid is entirely too cute! Thanks for the cointest and congrats to the winner!
  3. Done. Two nice contests in one! There were some very nice photos there, but I love the expression you captured in yours. Good luck.
  4. I'm looking for a few coins. These are my most wanted at the moment, but I'm VERY interested in personal coins as well: RED Joker's Wild Poker Chip Beach Ball Micro - Gold only Elements Compass - Earth - Gold only Guardians of the Cache - Antique Bronze (I have the wasp...I need the other three) Lotus Compass - Anubis I have quite a few to trade. Here's some of them: 1 Million Geocaches - Antique Gold with 6 spinning icons 4musketeers Cavalier - Copper/Green (with matching velvet bag) Astro Geocoin - Black & White Backyard Bird Series #1 - Hummingbird - Antique Silver (activated) - Antique Gold ( NOT activated) Butterfly 2010 (most all of the colors) Elements Compass - Air - Gold - Silver Elements Compass - Sun - Gold Joker's Wild Poker Chip - Purple Odyssey Voyager - Trojan Horse - Poseidon (Glows) Pathtag Emissary - Aristocrat - Woodland - Lithograph Looking forward to trading!
  5. You're talking about the qr version, correct?
  6. I can attest to that Got all my coins today. The colors and metals are beautiful! Now I'll have to watch for that orange one on ebay. I have some extras in case someone wants to trade.
  7. Whew! Now I can rest until we get word that the others have arrived. Can't wait to hold them!
  8. I emailed C&P and they replied saying that they reloaded the codes. I was able to go in and get mine. Thanks so much for the replies. I love this coin
  9. When we filled out that survey, it said that although it wasn't a binding order, we WERE expected to buy: I DID expect to buy!! Now I may not be able to? I am NOT happy.
  10. Will those of us who filled out the survey be receiving any of these GS versions?
  11. I had the same problem. Website didn't work and Derek never replied to my emails. I had to contact Groundspeak and they were very helpful. Check your PM.
  12. I was told it could be found at coinsandpins but all I get is a "Please try again" message. Can anyone help before I bug GC about it? Thanks ~
  13. Email sent and fingers crossed
  14. Are they heavy like a solid coin? or do they feel lighter because of all the air space? Just wondering.
  15. Excellent answer. This is my philosphy exactly
  16. I just acquired the gold version of the Twin Peaks. Can't wait to see it!!!
  17. Yes, I realize that and will give him a few more days to contact me, but it's good to know that I have another resource if I never do hear from him. Thank you again AtlantaGal.
  18. Since you all were so helpful in my finding the code for the Journey coin, maybe you can help with the Mini Seashell? dwprods has an activation code area on his site, but it doesn't seem to be working. The code is supposed to be sent to your email, but I'm not getting it. I contacted the owner (Derek Wong) and I've received no response from him either. What now??
  19. I've never received a mystery coin, but I did win a cointest and I treasure that coin. I also received an award coin for completing the Tour de Cache - NJ County Challenge. Not long ago, I saw that coin for sale on ebay and wondered why someone would want to buy an AWARD coin? Makes no sense to me.
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