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  1. Beautiful presentation! Nice haul...and thanks for the names. Saves me from asking.
  2. The spirit of giving must be in the air! Congrats to all ...and sorry to hear about the truck drneal. I trust no one was hurt?
  3. I forgot to mention on this thread that I received my set. Absolutely beautiful in hand. The AC is hands down my FAVORITE!!!
  4. That IS gorgeoous. Your photo REALLY shows the detail. Congrats on that one!
  5. Got my Thurus set today Love, LOve, LOVE!! the copper version!
  6. I've been busy the last two months. My latest purchases/trades:
  7. Count me in! Sending email....
  8. Mine is all paid for. Can't WAIT to see them!
  9. Nikon-ing

    I'm done

    I've always done that, too! Glad to see I'm not alone. It's too easy for novice players to think they just found some cool 'stuff'. Placing it in a bag with a mission statement gives it a chance, I think....I hope....well, I try anyway....
  10. Got my set today (AND my eplace purchase) !! Thanks Jacqueline. These coins are stunning!!! Edited to say....No, not THAT one on the eplace! I can only WISH I got that one! LOL I did get a good one, though. I'm very pleased with my package today. Thanks!
  11. Please send that trade list my way, I'll see if something catches my eye If not, another eBay sale is not impossible... I'll send you a note when the time comes! Email sent
  12. Wow! Good sale! Guess I'm gonna hafta trade for the purple one.... .....Anybody? I have a nice trade list.
  13. Finally! The Monsters are for sale on Geocoinshop.de. I've been waiting a long time for these!
  14. I have a few 10 10 10 New Jersey coins to trade. I'm not looking for other versions, but here's my top 5 wish list: JOKER'S WILD POKER CHIP - RED!! Beach Ball Micro - the small one with the GC logo on back (Gold) Best Friends - Red/Gold or Blue/Nickel or Black Nickel/White Glitter or Purple/Satin Gold Elements Compass - Earth (Gold only) Guardians of the Cache - Antique Bronze - I have the wasp...I need the other three If you're interested in the NJ coin, let me know and I'll send you the rest of my wish list. I have lots of other traders as well. Thanks ~
  15. NICE!! That was definitely one of my top 3 choices. Congrats AlliedOz!
  16. Congratulations!! I had a REALLY GOOD day!!!
  17. I love this cointest idea. Very generous of you! I've never designed a coin so I don't know anything about trans/hard/soft or platings. I do know about the pantone chart though, so I used the following colors: dark 'purple' = #511 light 'purple' = #5145 dark 'blue' = #534 light 'blue' = #536 I think a silver or nickel type plating would be best since that's my preference for blue coins...and I'm never opposed to glitter so I wouldn't mind that at all, but as I said...I don't know what I'm doing. I just like these colors and LOVE your design. Thanks for the cointest.
  18. Being a *new* coiner, there are lots that are on my wish list, but right now these three are what my heart is truly wishing for: RED Joker's Wild Poker Chip Beach Ball Micro in gold Elements Compass - Earth in gold I have lots of traders...just ask!
  19. Reservation made. Thank you
  20. A definite MUST HAVE! Anxious to see which versions you'll be minting. The AC looks like a keeper!
  21. How about a Joker's Wild Poker Chip in RED ? Anyone? If you have one you're willing to part with (activated or not) let me know and I'll send you my updated trade list. Thanks ~
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