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  1. Im sorry, i just cant see being charged twice to use the same website, thats basically all your doing with the App is accessing the website.
  2. I already pay $30 annually for a premium membership and dont think premium members should have to pay to use the app. for a website that we have already paid to use online....and how is anyone suppose to know if an APP "scrapes" a website or not.?. and who said anything about a stolen candy bar, where the crap did that come from, if there are 2 services that offer the same stuff and one is free and the other you have to pay for then dang right im going to choose the free one, what red blooded person wouldnt?
  3. According to section 5 of Groundspeak's terms of use, "You agree that you will not use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Site for any purpose without our express written permission." The c:geo app scrapes the geocaching.com site. According to info posted on the feedback site, Groundspeak is working on a public API. Once a public API is released, if the author of c:geo stops scraping the geocaching.com site and switches to the public API, then you can use c:geo without violating the TOU. The app is called "Geocaching" and I can find it pretty easily on the Android market. No. There are other third-party apps that respect the TOU. Before I switched to the Groundspeak app, I used GeoBeagle, which works both for spur-of-the-moment geocaching (with a data connection) or for geocaching with PQ data (with or without a data connection). GeoBeagle respects Groundspeak's TOU, and is free (both like beer and like speech). Im sorry, I mistated what I meant to say, when I said that geocaching does not have a mobile version of the site....what I meant was there is not a FREE app to use, it cost 9.99 and C-Geo is FREE
  4. As Luke Trocity alluded to, the C:Geo app violates the terms of use of this website. Using it could potentially result in your account being banned. Why does C-Geo violate the terms of use for this website and what can be done to correct this so that we may use this app, because it is an awesome app since geocaching.com does not currently have a mobile version to use that I have found.? Does it violate the TOU because your not buying geocaching.com App and there loosing money? I think the app from geocaching.com should be free to premium members since we already pay a "premium member" fee!!!
  5. Same problem here also, cant log or modify one of my caches
  6. Disregard, I finally figured it out. Thank you. I cant beleive that it isnt in the instruction manual how to turn the backlight on and off
  7. I just purchased a Garmin RINO 120 and it does very well, the only thing is I cant figure out how to turn on the backlight. I went into the setup menu and to the display area and set the backlight to the "stay on" position but I still cant get it to come on. Is there something else that I am missing, I have pushed every button on this thing to get it to come on and the manual says nothing about either, except how to set the backlight time-out time. HELP, get old having to carry a flashlight around just to look at the screen.
  8. Thanks everyone for your response, I had to decide between a garmin rino 120 or the megellan explorist 210. I was leaning towards the megellan and not the garmin but I wasnt sure if you could download cache info into them off of geocaching.com. I only had to pay shipping to get it here, my wife and I are greenpoints members and had enough points to get either of the 2. After reading somemore on the forums, I see Garmins are the GPS of choice among the group so I choose to get the garmin rino 120. Again, thanks for everyones response.
  9. I have searched through the different forums, I am stuck between purchasing 2 GPS units and cant decide which to get, one is the Garmin RINO and the other is a Megellan Explorer 210. Can you still down load cache info to a Megellan unit with out being a premium member?
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