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  1. I'm just a bill, just a lonely old bill... You are absolutely right. If the bill makes it out of subcommittee, it goes to committee. If it makes it out of committee, it has to be voted on and pass in both sides of the legislature. Typically, each side will make changes to it during the process. If it passes in both houses, it has to be reviewed by a joint committee to iron out the differences. Once this is done, it is sent to the governor who either signs the bill or vetoes it. If he signs it, its a law. If he vetoes it, the bill goes back to congress and must be approved by both sides of congress by at least a two-thirds vote. It ultimately will be in the hands of the legislators and Governor. Seems to me it's not too early to start making a positive impression on these people. And local constituents are always more effective than outsiders. Someone in SC begin organizing a grassroots campaign to get SC people to contact their Senator and Representative, and everyone can contact the Governor. Good Luck.
  2. Below is my log entry made March 22nd for "Namesakes are Forever" a cemetery cache in Arkansas. Feel free to us it if you feel it would help: March 22 by Geezer_Veazey (132 found) I've been wanting to find this one since I did not yet have any finds for a topkitty/markrocks cache. All the comments about the container camo had me further intrigued so today I went after it. Found it with no trouble and signed log. While there I took a stroll around the area. There were numerous veterans of various wars there. Misters William Parsons and Silas James were members of Co. A, 50th Arkansas Militia, Confederate States of America. What turmoil there must have been in the minds of Americans who had to take up arms against fellow Americans. On one grave of an Air Force veteran a flag spoke to me. It waved vigorously symbolic of the turmoil of war this vet went through. Then it stood stately and peaceful symbolic of the peace we enjoyed for a period of time after having put down the enemies of freedom. Then it went through the cycle again symbolic of other enemies of freedom rising up. Wars and rumors of wars - an endless cycle until Jesus returns. As one of our forefathers said, the price of freedom is eternal diligence. It is always interesting to read the phrases carved into the stone of the different memorials. There were many of the usual ones - asleep in Jesus, rest in peace, beloved husband and father, etc. One veteran who was only 25 when he deceased had this: "His spirit smiles from heaven's shore, and softly whispers, weep no more." One can only wonder what caused the afore weeping and take comfort in the sorrow ending. A visit like this with evidence all around us that we must one day meet our maker, and with the quietness and serenity gives one pause to consider his standing with the Creator. Thanks for bringing me here and God Bless You, Topkitty98, and Rest In Peace, Markrocks. My favorite of all the phrases I saw today was this one: His words were kindness, His deeds were love, His spirit humble, He rests above. May it be said of me someday. Geezer_Veazey
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